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  2. Dogofwar

    The Mod pack is up to date with all current mods
  3. Dogofwar

    I'll update it a soon as possible
  4. Nova

    mods on the server are different to whats on the collection. theres like 8 mods missing from the list if it could be updated
  5. Dogofwar
  6. Nova

    where can we get the IP to the new server?
  7. Dogofwar

    It'll still take 2 mins there only really small mods
  8. Nova

    theres like 50 mods there
  9. Dogofwar

    Hi Engineers, The new server has a few really small mods, it`ll only take 2 mins to download. Heres the mod pack so that you dont have to download them every time you join http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1163438553
  10. Dogofwar

    A must have mod is the Nanite Factory http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=219757726
  11. Rogmantosh

    01 Oct 17 2000 AWST; The aforementioned problem has been rectified.
  12. Dak Commstar

    30th September: We have identified the problem with the server, being that it isn't finding the last save file and loading it. The problem should be fixed soon and we should be able to have the server run consistently.
  13. Dak Commstar

  14. Unit_3397

    @Dak Commstar I think you should let me test the integrity of your lander there dak. ;)
  15. Hello Engineers. Post your Lander images here to show off your modifications/ builds. My ship is now one with the speed force. 4x assembler, 2x refinery, all with SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!
  16. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    Here are a few of the mods I often use in my games, gathered as a collection so you can view them easier. There are 66 of them in the collection. I don't expect you to put half of them in, but I thought I'd shine a light on some I like.
  17. Dak Commstar

    Hello Engineers. The Server has been reset by the looks. Fortunately through the magic of Blueprinting, the SG crew have rebuild the Server Hub station and are working on a new project. The implementation of mods is being looked into and hopefully that will be worked out soon. Until then, continue to build, drop landers and remember to blueprint your ships. Blueprinting will help in the event of another server reset, allowing an admin to restore all your progress with a single click.
  18. Dak Commstar

    The server is up all the time, it pauses itself when no one is on.
  19. Dak Commstar

    I can add this yeah.
  20. Dak Commstar

    I've been showing Lucky Beef some of the mods that I use and would like on the server. I'll be posting a collection of mods on the workshop and will link it to you guys. Here's the mods I have selected:
  21. Noordo

    nvm lol, im blind
  22. When will the server be up? Im craving some good multiplayer space engineers right now
  23. Noordo

  24. Ora209

  25. Post any suggestions for SE server mods here