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Anyone else feel like chicken?


  1. What's new in this club
  2. Good work guys Proud of you all i have 0 kills
  3. your 7 kills, 11 kills and 10 kills is very nice, however not good enough. Losers.
  4. PUBG with Sam01, Cables, Martin (Martin Gold)... When your cut off and trapped and have no other choice...
  5. LuckyB33f

    This is true... good old uzi...
  6. More of a refusal to die and luck than a clutch :P
  7. It was at this moment.... I knew.... I ****ed up and didn't reload. Moments leading up to the screenshot: https://streamable.com/m2ti4
  8. I made a couple of PUBG montages a few months ago that I'm proud of highlighting some of my random kills that I got shadowplayed. Very basic editing If anyone would like to play with me in a DUO or squad, I'm more than keen I took quite a big break from PUBG because it got quite boring playing alone and I've only started to get back into it again now. The stronger video is quite bad because each video was only about 3-4 games one after the other and some are multiple of the same game and I was just wanting to upload another video because I was enjoying at the time. AND Harsh criticism welcome, I hate the four times scope, I just don't shoot well with it, literally rather anything else.
  9. Get literally one-upped ;)
  10. LuckyB33f

    Nah landed 2 others with m16... But thats not the point... I have no idea how i lived that... was getting shot from 3 different places as i crossed... Just needed to suppress as i moved...
  11. Only shots you hit in the 2min vid were the ones in the last 5s
  12. Rogmantosh

    Why not get the ball started with this one from tonight...
  13. Post up a screen shot of the most kills you've had here.
  14. His mind was blown... Nothing but mist...
  15. and then he missed the shot
  16. It was at that moment, he new... He fucked up...