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    Cup Weapons , Mas Vehicles & Weapons , RHS any Weapons Pack or Vehicles Pack everyone likes would be good. Give us more assets even gives the enemy more assets and more things for zues would be good too.
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    High risk, high reward. Jets cost $120k (high risk) and can be very 'OP' and can get you loads of kills (high reward) but all it takes is a decently skilled player to shoot down a jet...I understand it could be annoying to die but honestly play it stealthy, get to a gun store, get a AA launcher and fill a quad with AA missiles go hide and when he flies over take him down. Not hard. Yes, I myself have died many times to Blue Eagles jets...makes my blood boil.
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    Aww thank you guys for all the warm welcomes! Feeling very loved, thank you x
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    Hey Soul nice to meet you in the Altis Life Radio, Welcome to the community.
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    Hey mate, welcome to the community!
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    You would be silly not to get it! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
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    2 years we have had Wasteland servers no one has ever ever complained as soon as blue eagle starts playing then people come out and sook too bad he's good at what he does suggest you go play invade and annex or just practice in single player on how to fly a jet or even shoot one down or ask eagle him self for some 101 tips which I'm fairly sure he has already posted up the crying is real.. That is all