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      I've recently been playing on Strayagaming Altis Life again. A lot of what I might say could be biased or misinformed due to my lack of game time in recent months or due to my affiliation with rebel gangs. These suggestions have taken inspirations from other servers so I'm not claiming credit for the entire suggestion. I do understand that these suggestions might be unrealistic to development due to a lack of a dedicated developer but this is just something to think about over time, maybe one or two suggestions might be implemented. There's a lack of rebel gangs on the server with AoW being the dominant gang and Sequel being close behind. There's a bunch of smaller gangs with a few people together but apart from that there's not much going on. There needs to be some sort of incentive for those little gangs to group up and form a bigger gang because right now the combat from my perspective is between cops, Sequel, or a few random rebels. Instead of having this forced gang war where you had to arrange a fight, why not have an application to apply for a gang base and give it out to every active gang with benefits tweaked and a proper terms and condition of maintaining the gang base. The gang menu should also be changed to compliment the gang base changes. These suggestion will benefit current and new gangs in the server as well as provide some more activities for police. Gang Menu Changes The current gang menu is outdated and is need of updating. A hierarchy system would be useful in managing certain aspects of the gang while in game. Would also be great if things like gang bases could be done without the need of whitelisting by a staff member and shift it towards being a permanent member of the gang. Gang Founder: Invite/Promote/Kick members Full access to Gang Base Gang Leader: Invite/Kick Members Full Access to Gang Base Gang Member: Temporarily invite a member to the gang, will expire upon aborting to lobby. Limited access to Gang Base Temporary Members: No access to gang base Design of the Gang Base: I'm not great with map editing or have knowledge on the limitations of the server's mission file but I'll leave the guidelines to the more qualified people. The gang bases should be designed by a member of the gang unless a member of the staff team is willing to design a gang base for them. Maybe even have a default gang base to work from if a design can't be made. Benefits of the Gang Base: The ability to spawn at the location once an hour (to prevent soft logging and spawning there for certain benefits listed below) Rebel, Cartel, or Contractor market, clothing, weapon, and vehicle shop. Gang Shed/Warehouse that holds a large amount of virtual and physical items. Gang Vault (essentially gang funds). Gang Shed: Very high amount of storage compared to houses. Allowing gangs to store gear and items to share among the whole gang. The shed has to unlocked by a Gang Leader/Founder either via an updated gang menu or windows key at the shed. Can be raided by the police if they have a valid warrant on at least 3 members or the gang founder. Gang Vault: Gang members can store money in the vault to share around with other members. Capture zones can periodically add money into the vault. Maybe some sort of taxation system where a small percentage of money gets added to the vault 50% of money from Westpac could get added to the vault. The vault can be raided by the police once a day or once every three hours for different gangs. Cooldown would be included with Westpac/Fed/AGL to prevent multiple major crimes happening at once. Every cop online would get money if successful (something like 250-500k per person). Terms and Conditions: Gang Activity: 15 Registered Gang Members Activity Quota (something like 50 hours combined from all gang members in a week) Actively contributing in the forums either in discussions, videos, or suggestions. Active in Teamspeak (Most gangs use their own discord/teamspeak, encouraging gangs to use their official gang channels could be a good thing) Gang Behaviour: No Toxicity in any of StrayaGaming's services. Following the rules, avoid getting watchlisted/banned. Avoid Excessive Shit Talking of other Gangs or towards the Police Force. (Excessive because one line shit talks could be interpreted as friendly banter) Three strike system. Gang leadership will be held accountable for the actions of their members. If a member is constantly breaking the rules or being toxic without being punished by leadership, their gang base is at risk. For the gang base to be maintained, the leaders would have to remove any excessive rule breakers/toxic players to be safe. Final Statement: The server is a combat server. There's multiple opportunities for rebel vs rebel combat but when there's a lack of rebel gangs, there's not much to do other than to pester the Police with Westpac or other major crimes. This is the only Altis Life server in the region that is more skill based than weapon/vehicle based which is why some people enjoy it more than the other server. My opinion is that the server direction should be leaning towards improving rebel vs rebel first, then slowly overtime overpower the cops so it's actually a challenge to take Westpac or Fed. Rebels don't need to win all the Westpacs and Fed if they have a decent combat experience to rely on elsewhere like rebel vs rebel. The reward from Westpac isn't worth much, and if the server reaches a point where the cop force is dominating, the reward should be significantly increased.
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      Imagine bming people trying to better the server
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      It’s pretty sad that you are making memes about people with genuine suggestions for the server but your too ignorant to listen to anything being said because your a cop and anything suggested by rebels must have a sinister intention to ruin the server. How about reading what is said given that there are major issues with both factions.
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      This is pathetic, @Daywalker I have to agree with you partially mate. Yes we are aware that at the moment there is some fluctuation between both rebel and cop whether it is considered a “major isssue” is another thing. Fluctuation is a key part to the server and it has happened for the past 3+ years, rebels have had highs, cops have had highs and both have had dramatic lows. But this is quite forwardly just stupid and immature, if you want something changed, don’t like something that is currently in the server or have a reasonable suggestion for an addition than nothing is holding you back. But seriously if your talking shit because cops didn’t respond to a couple of banks, or rebels have 2x numbers and only hit banks late at night, than so be it, if you don’t like it don’t play at those particular hours, OR, you could give a reasonable suggestion to how this could be fixed rather than turning a simple GAME into a whiny, shit talking group. Altis life staff are here to listen, here to receive feedback and here to better your experience on the server so if you have something constructive and productive to say then say it.This is a game people are here to have fun, some people take it more serious than others, but at the end of the day we are all here to have fun whether your a rebel, cop or a bloody medic. I think I’m speaking for the most of us here we are sick and tired of it. Banter is one thing but shit talking is another, I’m not going to stop you from shit talking, I’m not going to restrict you from shit talking, but seriously grow up, shut up and play the game.
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      Sergeant Expression of Interest Note: By placing this expression of interest you are not in-titled to Sergeant and can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Do not bother anyone about your application, if you do it will be hidden. Name: Maverick Callsign: [K23W] Training Completed By: Robert Hill List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Rippa, Samuel, VirtualSeahorse, Hobo, Spycee, Haider Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) When i was a pub slot my only goal was to reach sergeant, then i got into Academy and Detective, If i can become sergeant I believe it can enable many benefits for me, for example I am one of the late night cops because i am currently in a different time zone, where many Australians are either at school, or work, or asleep. And at that time there are normally civilians doing illegal stuff and there are no sergeants to place charges. I believe if i get sergeant I will be able to add charges to criminals and make sure they are dealt with probably for all there charges. I also believe that it will also allow me to help pub slots and higher ranking officers as it can expand my knowledge. In Academy i have learned even more how to help people, and in Detective I have learned how to work in a team better as we do ops. I have not done many inductions before, but i am starting to increase my efficiency as well as doing many training's and interviews as Academy. I have also taken CO whenever it was required or when i was free, or the slot was free, As sergeant i would love to help new Senior Constables learn how he/she can become a better and more efficient CO, and I would also like to learn how to Operate and lead a bank or any operation. Who would recommend you for a promotion? LM, Omuia, Delta, Dandoo, Keeno, Sebastien, Phatzball, Loxton, Michael Phelphs, Nick, Johnny V, Luke, Iamjack, Chris Shaw. And I guess anyone else that likes this post Edited July 24, 2018 by Mitch
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      Name: Daniel Wallace Callsign: [K05W] Training Completed By: [S24E] iamjack (cheers to the legend) List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Laeffy, Ajax, Billy Winsor, Bobert Jones, Chris J., YassySassy, KingCalleja, Keeno, Officer Joe Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) The time that I have spent within the APD has taught me alot, and I've learned plenty of new things and talked to some mad legends during my time. For real, I think that all this experience and time that I've dedicated towards the police has made me a better person and a better officer overall. I believe that becoming a Sergeant within the force would grant me with new opportunities and learning experiences that will aid me and the people around me in the future. I also think that becoming a Sergeant will almost definitely make me more productive and helpful for others that need assistance that I might've not been able to help if I wasn't a Sergeant. Either way, if I do become a Sergeant, I will strive to be the best person I can be, in order to do what I can to help others - and, as cliche and edgy as it may sound, I will try to be a good role-model for the people around me so that eventually, if they reach for new heights, I can help them get there. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Not sure, maybe a couple people, but honestly I have no clue - and I'm a detective!
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      NOTE: THIS IS TO APPEAL THE DIVISIONAL STRIKE - NOT THE ONE MONTH PROBATION __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: LM Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): N/A Date of Disciplinary Action: 09/01/2019 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: One month probation (Don't wish to appeal) and a Divisional Strike Who were you Disciplined by: Big Kev Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: "Torpedoing a SDV into bank" (Not great context) Why the appeal should be accepted: [50 Words] I believe this discipline should be appealed due to the following reasons: This does not break any PolAir nor APD protocol thus why I don't think it should hinder any Altis Police department proficiency and/or rank in such a server way being a 1 month probation and a divisional strike. As explained when taken up regarded this issue the objective of this was to roof insert an officer onto the roof of the bank via a SDV and to my knowledge the damage module was not functioning correctly (After doing some research into it this the SDV damage module and various other small fixes regarding it where resolved during a Bohemia Interactive Studios "SITREP" for Arma 3 approximately 2 months ago or so). The reasoning behind this plan was due to a hostage situation just a few kilometers south of the Westpac bank where this issue occurred was warped up as the Bank was triggered. As a result of the velocity and the trajectory of the SDV not being accounted for, the SDV unintentionally pitched it's nose 70° down to the ground and exploded not causing any collateral damage to buildings or players whom where not the 2 (including myself) involved with the failed plan in which we intended to drop in straight down onto the roof. Any other information: N/A _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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      Ehh It would be nice to see a cop update seeing the last one was a few months ago both sides need stuff added and I feel as tho cop has been kicked to the side for the last few months.
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      Name: requis Callsign: [K28W] Training Completed By: [T07S] LM List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: i have done two so far "Keanu" and "Mad Rassy", much more to come Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) i feel like i deserve a promotion because of the hard work i have put into the APD since i was off that blacklist. i have put in 100% effort into everything i have done within the community and the APD, yes i have had some slip ups but me and corey have talked about those. since i rejoined i have climbed greatly and quickly within the police force, my skills as being CO and communication between all players are very good but there are some things i could work on, i think being a sergeant will teach me a lot about different values within the APD and different skills / tactics for banks or robberies, as well as general GD or POL AIR duties. The life i currently have outside of the community will greatly assist me as a sergeant (army), i know and have learnt values for use within a hierarchy system as well as tactical duties. I would be a great addition to the APD and the community as a whole while playing the role as a sergeant. i am a great player and most people within the community like me apart from a select few hehe, good day gentlemen Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Luke SRT Man @silentkiller
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      You can continue with the memes but if it escalates to drama between the two factions, I will lock this thread.
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      Circlejerk: CAS prosecution authority and ability to seek, identify and neutralise. Unjerk: Had a discussion recently with a few people including SNAF, Decibel and PK, about the issues of CAS rolling into AO with a UAV and essentially being their own first strike wave. As realistic as that may be to a real world campaign, this needs to be all about how much fun the infantry are having (and supporting the numbers on the servers) The suggestion was that the rules be altered that CAS cannot request to strike, and then waiting for ground forces to approve. Rather, they can only engage when ground forces initiate the request. Thought?
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      @Daywalkerreally well said mate
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      OK Now this is Epic @Jake. have a look at this and tell us if is possible.
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      That was discussed amongst staff a week or so ago, I'm just taking my time implementing it
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      Sergeant Expression of Interest Note: By placing this expression of interest you are not in-titled to Sergeant and can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Do not bother anyone about your application, if you do it will be hidden. Name: Michael Phelps Callsign: [K22W] Training Completed By: Kmart List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Edand Inducted Jack Lingard Inducted Barker inducted Charlie inducted walmart inducted Delta Inducted Anthony Gray (RE)inducted Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I believe I deserve a promotion because I dedicate my hardship, time and dedication into the APD in which I have moved my way up to ranks to Senior Constable which I have been in position for 2 weeks now. I wish to further work in my current division Academy and move up the ranks to Cabinet in the APD. Furthermore, I believe the position of Sergeant would suit me because of I'm also a cadet about to go onto a lance corporal in the Australian Army Cadets which has taught a lot of leadership skills that I wish to further in the APD to help new recruits and people moving into the constable and senior constable ranks, to rise up to the challenge of taking CO and guiding and training them to make it an enjoyable experience for the officers on GD and the CO commanding them. Finally, I believe that the Sergeant role would suit me because it brings more responsibility onto me in which I can be a mature individual of the APD who can handle this responsibility to the best of my ability and be a key person for fellow officers to come to if they have any problems or concern. Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Tino1113 @Sparrow @Zarco @Omiua @Critters @Kmart and Coles @Ash
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      // ON HOLD @K.McConnell Unfortunately your application has been placed on hold for one of the following reason(s) Needs to complete Maturity Standards Test Senior Academy - Sergeant Omiua
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      Hey Guys, This update is our monthly gang skins update coupled with quite a few changes people have been asking for, hope you all enjoy. As always feel free to offer any feedback on the forums and please report any bugs you find
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      Also inducted Roach and soulgamer11
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