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      Hey All, As you are most likely aware, StrayaGaming opened an Exile Server in December of 2018 This server was a project run and managed entirely by @webbie At its launch, the server gained a small, but regular playerbase. However over the past month there has been a visible decline in the playerbase, with an average of 1-2 players. As such, we have made the decision to shutdown the Exile Server, effective as of 6PM AEDT 5/4/19. We would like to thank Webbie for the time and dedication he put into this project, and the community members who supported this project.
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      Detectives FarmerGeorge 76561198312218367 Daniel Wallace 76561198087329728 Dandoo 76561198804599039 PhatBallz 76561198839679150 citric 76561198145807701 Holski 76561198077457911
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      StrayaGaming Community Video - Operation Bitter Redemption Video Here is a small video showcasing some of the highlights of the recent Operation Bitter Redemption event. Please Enjoy! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Video Made By: @Asnee ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SGAUOfficial ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/strayagaming... ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Straya_Gaming ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/SGAU
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      It has been an honour and pleasure to serve as a server moderator for this server.
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      9 Lives Armando Wolff - 76561198109250682 Ukami - 76561198161195975 Tuna - 76561198077735349 Skyfise- 76561198056354988 Carlos - 76561198158694440 Daywalker - 76561198162413351
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      Battle Of The Best The Altis Life Senior Staff team will be hosting a Team Deathmatch event Saturday 13th April 2019. Battle of the best is a tournament where different teams will fight to see who is the best. Fights will happen between teams of six with equal equipment supplied by staff at OG Arms. How It Works: Infantry only, one team will be spawned on the northside of OG Arms (Capture Point 1) the second on the south, teams will battle it out in a best of 3 format (5 minutes rounds) with the winning team progressing. The winner of the event will take the entire buy-in and 6 tokens. On top of this event we will also be running a side event with the bracket predictions feature, people will be able to place predictions 24 hours before the event and the person with the most predictions will win a prize. On The Day: All teams must be in Teamspeak 10 minutes before the event starts. Each team will have a sub channel in the Altis Life events area. Registration: Reply to this post with a team name (keep it clean) and a list of player with Steam64 IDs. Members of all factions are welcome. Registration closes midnight 11/4/2019 Sydney Time. Details: Date: 13/04/2019 Time: 5pm Sydney Time Buy-in: $1.5 million per team Team Size: 6v6 (No Vehicles) Prizes: 1st.: Entire buy-in & 6 Tokens, 2nd.: 2.5million, 3rd.: 750k // 500k to the overall prediction winner // 50k to the first blood in each round DISCLAIMER: We require even numbers of teams to run this even. The event will round down to the closet even number if required. All players must connect on civ to play in the event. Event Idea from @luke_
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      EVENT NAME: Operation Seafood GAME: Kahoot PLAYER COUNT: 3 Teams DESCRIPTION: One person from each team will be nominated to play as a kahoot user, the kahoot match will ask questions about the strayagaming community, aswell as arma 3 based questions, and common knowledge questions of modern society (or whatever), the team to win the kahoot match should win valuable items/ currency from their server e.g. Straya AL- weapons or cash. There should be one team per server, teams should consist of 5 people. The way teams are picked should be based on their interest of the event. Aswell as community vote for each server. LENGTH: 1 Hour
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      Name:Nova Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted):76561198162245681 Date of Disciplinary Action:25/2/19 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you:blacklist Who were you Disciplined by: Drone Boi Reason for Disciplinary Action against you:Give EMS car to Dandoo Why the appeal should be accepted: [50 Words] i feel like my appeal should be accepted because ive learned right from wrong i know what i did was wrong i loved being a cop ive seen that i missed out on so much for what i did and i accept why i have but ive learnt that what i did was wrong i see that i made the wrong chose and im here today to say sorry and the i understand if im blacklisted for good Thank you for your time Any other information: