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      The Holiday Season is upon us, and we have many exciting things planned for StrayaGaming this December! Starting today, we will be running the StrayaGaming Christmas Advent Calendar, filled with special events on all of our major services. For every event you participate in, you will gain 1 entry into our Christmas Raffle. CHRISTMAS RAFFLE PRIZES: There are THREE prizes to be drawn, and each event you participate in will give you ONE entry into the draw for each of them: First Draw: $50 Steam Gift Card, plus StrayaGaming Donator Perks on Altis Life, Invade & Annex and Wasteland servers for one month and a TeamSpeak Event Winner Tag. Second Draw: A 3 month Xbox game pass, 3 months' of Discord Nitro, StrayaGaming Donator Perks for a server of your choice for one month and a TeamSpeak Event Winner Tag. Third Draw: $20 Steam Gift Card and a TeamSpeak Event Winner tag. The draw will be held on Christmas Eve and the winners announced via our forum and Discord. THE EVENTS: There will be two events run on each of our major services this month for you to participate in (Altis Life, Wasteland, Invade & Annex and Space Engineers) during the Christmas Prize Draw Promotion: Wasteland The King of the Hill - Sunday 15th December The Wasteland Derby - Sunday 8th December Altis Life Storage Wars - Saturday 7th December Battle Of The Best - Sunday 22nd December Invade & Annex RHS Weekend - Saturday 14th &Sunday 15th December Hamburger Hill - Saturday 21st December Space Engineers Demolition Derby - Thursday 5th December T - Faction Wars - Thursday 19th December Information for each is available on our forum calendar here, and make sure to check the relevant discord server channels for updates and timing for each event. Good luck and have fun!
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      Gang Base War Gang Base Information Name of gang initiating war: Invictus (7S) Targeted Gang Base: Gang Base 1 Date preferred for gang war: (must be minimum 5 days in advance) Whenever Members partaking in the war: (max 15) Depends on the day Tag all Altis life senior staff when you make the application. @Asnee @bouda118 @Kat. @AceWinchester @John ^ Best staff member right there
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      Ingame Name - dez Hours on Arma3 - 2200 Age - 58 Short description on your play style - I like roleplaying as an eski. I'm almost 60 so I comb my hair with a shammy. Love a good root. Solid worker. My mates call me fanny cause im a massive ****.
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