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    TWO VERSE TWO SECURE THE PROWLER INFORMATION Sunday 19th of January at 7PM AEDT The First of the AL Tournaments will kick off this Sunday (19th of January) at 7PM AEDT where Teams of 2 will face off trying to capture a prowler placed in the middle of an arena and drive it out of the arena. Teams will be spawned in the arena opposite of each other with 1 qilin provided to each team. Teams will be required to register before the event. RULES All Gear will be provided No NLR - Teams will be respawned and teleported back to the starting location to re-gear and re-enter the fight until times is up or a team secures the prowler. Each Team will be provided with ONE QILIN each round which will not be re-spawned or teleported Single Elimination Bracket and Pick-Em Tournament with Bracket announced the day of the event THE ARENAS Federal Reserve, Koroni, Police Checkpoint 1, Salt Field, Ruins (coast near phrama), Gang Base 1, Old Illegal Dealer THESE ARE NOT IN ORDER & YOU DO NOT GET TO PICK THE ARENA REGISTRATION Teams will be required to pre-register here. Registration closes at 12am Sunday 19th of January. Bracket and Pick-Em Tournament announced by 6am Sunday 19th. Any questions can be directed to @Armando Wolff , @Mr Chu or directly to AL Senior Staff.
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    Altis Life Tournaments To start off the new year on Altis Life we're introducing fortnightly tournaments that will be run by @Armando Wolff and AL Senior Staff. The idea is that every fortnight a tournament will be held on the server where groups of people who have registered for that coming tournament come to face each other off for the prize pools. The tournaments will be primarily PvP based but we want the community to suggest ideas for what each tournament will be based on. Keeping in mind that we do want the competitive feel to be there but not feeling restricted resulting in every tournament just feeling the same. HOW WE WANT IT TO WORK Every Monday on the fortnight a forum post about the coming tournament will be posted giving details, rules, prizes etc. On the said post this is also where you will be registering your team. There will be no rules about how teams work (e.g. you DO NOT have to be in the same gang/faction). The starting bracket of teams versing each other will be determined by skill level. Two weeks later on the Sunday the tournament will be held (the time will be decided on the post), all teams will gather into a channel on TeamSpeak for a roll call and debriefing then be free to use their desired choice of communications. Groups will then verse each other until there is a 3rd, 2nd and 1st placed group, those three groups will then be invited to a channel on TeamSpeak to claim their prizes. PRIZES - BONUSES - PREDICTIONS All prizes for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place will be stated in the said tournaments post and what the prizes are will be determined by AL Senior Staff. As well as prizes there will be bonus goodies for all to claim, for example most frags and biggest brain play. Like usual events with the bracket system predictions will be open and possibly rewards for correct predictions. TOURNAMENT SUGGESTIONS All tournament suggestions can either be sent to @Armando Wolff or AL Senior Staff. FIRST TOURNAMENT The First Tournament will take place this Sunday the 19th of January with more information to follow tomorrow!
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    Space obstacle course fly from one platform to another but having to go around things. Catch being is the ship used only had a cockpit 1 engine and a gyro so need to spin around to change direction or slow down