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    This game is worthless to me without the challenge. The challenge is why I drive kilometers each server block. It is my challenge and I need no praise or glory for it. I need no sympathy for failing it. Upon server reset it begins and the variables that will stop me from completing this challenge are uncountable and have no pattern to learn from. The challenge in writing sounds simple enough but it is different for every person for everyone holds themselves to their own standards. Justify your use of the Tank in a server where you are completely unnecessary, obsolete, and old tool. There is an abundance of talent in the straya server. Master pilots, master HAT troops, master snipers, master rifleman, master everything is in this server, and your all making me work my ass off every server reset to justify it. yes u are all variables in the way of my challenge and I find myself in a desperate competition against CAS and all other support vehicles. I wouldn't have it any other way though, it wouldn't be fun if it was easy. My tank will be the tip of the spear and the soldiers behind me will be the base and together we will plunge ourselves through the heart of the frontlines. If you your petty like me and keep checking the score board you may have thought this was about tank kills. Its part of it yes {a tank should prioritize the killing of other tanks} but that is not good enough for me. I will be the bane of enemy vehicles and ill do it while being the wall between our medics and hell. You will find me near the wounded not because I want to be your hero, no I am your slave driver and I will drive u relentlessly through the AO until it is done so I can get to killing the next fleet of armored vehicles. This is my challenge and though I have received praise from the server, my challenge is far from over. It may never be over for at the end the end of the game I look at the scoreboard and say "i could of done better"
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    The life of a tanker is definitely a difficult one, distance to travel, fuel requirements and the constant need for resupply; not to mention the near on immediate destruction from a stray missile. Tanking can be a lot of fun especially with other members. Good luck in your tanking adventures!
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    General Duties Inspector EOI Name: Kristian Davis Callsign: S03M Assignment: General Duties Why do you deserve a promotion?: In the many months of being in a supervisor role within GD, I developed into a better and more mature person, I believe my strengths, experiences and knowledge in leadership and tactics for GD/Operations has proven me as a capable commander and advisor. Being an easily approachable and active Senior Sergeant has allowed me the opportunity to teach and assist the lower ranks with their queries and point them in the right direction while also dishing out constructive criticism or minor wake-up calls. My attitude towards the APD and it's officers has always been one with respect and unquestionable dedication, with that being said, I'm always up for the challenge that could not only benefit myself but those around me so I take this opportunity to apply for the future command team to assist those who I serve with. Who would recommend you for a promotion?: Nuggy, Smith, Miller, Fedora, Aza, Mudman, Weaver, Andrew, Luxus, Metallic, Carreck, Sparrow and whoever else likes this post. Note: By placing this expression of interest you aren't entitled to the rank Inspector and it can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Don't bother anyone about your EOI, if you do it will be denied.
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    Sergeant Expression of Interest Name: LuXus6 Callsign: K11W Assignment: GD/General Duty's Training Completed By: 04/02/2021 List all Recruit Inductions you have done: Konvict, Timothy, Nahla, Kayne, Pyramid head Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I believe that I deserve a promotion to become more of a leader in the APD, My influence was a Man called Fissionable. I heard story's that Fissionable was a great leader as he got to Assistant commissioner at a very young age and thus I wanted to be a Strong and mature leader as Fissionable did, I believe I am a very capable CO and keep everyone in order. I Often take CO and do Inductions when possible. I take CO not only on GD but also when banks are hit. I feel like the APD is missing a few mid ranked people so i would like to fill this gap. This is why I think I should become a Sergeant in the APD. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Dallas, Roddy, Carrick, Prophecy, Sparrow, Nicholai, Smokey, Wasabi, Aiden, Fedora, Jewbaca, Kristian Davis
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    +1 Over the past couple of months I have personally seen a dramatic increase in this mans ability to command and his eagerness/willingness to learn and improve himself is definitely why he deserves my recommendation.
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    Metallic's Sergeant EOI Name: Metallic Callsign: K14W Assignment: General Duties Training Completed by: AceWinchester List all Recruit Inductions you have done: vince1, Lenny, Forged Lyze, Amber, Carthew, Caresinten, Wiseoldman, Varius Benson, SNAZZY_BOI69, Coco_Nuts, 1sgPerkins, Skynet, Shorty, Leon Woods, SGT Salt, Main User, Jack.H, XBunj, SmO, Waynekerr, St peterburg, CHUM, Goya, Seriga23, PanSu, sun, IceyTundra, rip & Miki, 29 inductions in total. Why do you deserve a promotion?: I am fully ready to undertake leadership roles and regularly try to advance elements of the APD in every way. I always try my best to propose new ideas and concepts as well as produce new content for the APD like new skins/PD. When I can, I would take the position of CO and I am easily capable to take control of a situation to increase the odds of the APD's endurance in any scenario. I endeavor that police power becomes within public representation and presentation of our numbers. When market becomes west Detroit every night, I do not order people to run from it, but to use proper strategies control and ensure the lives of innocent civilians. I have always tried my best to improve the experience, especially for newer recruits, whenever that’s checking if they are okay, bored or happily occupied with a task which incredibly increases their chance of returning and perhaps- becoming a full time officer. More recently, I’ve taken initiative as an academy officer in ALL aspects of Academy, ensuring that all trainings are going smooth and delivering friendly but constructive feedback to the trainer after their session is over. I’m also the first one to mark inductions down I’ve also advanced my skills into detective and stepped up as now a senior aviation officer with the intention of implementing and thinking of better ways to operate as a team. The time has come, I’ve proved I’m eligible for my promotion. Metallic for Sergeant!!!! Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Dallas Edgar, @Roddy, @Sterling, @ItsDanielFTW, @Prophecy, @FedoraTheExplora, @Miller., @whiteknight, @Antho, @Mrmudman, @AceWinchester, @xTaZeDxBrOx, @Jot, @Smith, @Sir_Nuggy, @Nicholai46, @Ash_, @Andrew Authento, @Citric, @Jacko177, @The Real Beast, @Alfred Zero, @luXus6, @HAMME, @Lzybum, @James.05, @Nicholai46, @Scion Of Iron & @_Aiden_ - includes anyone else who likes or +1 comments this thread.