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    Player of the Week 28/3/2021 Your Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @DeeVy! Consistently one of the best players on the server who has been consistently wonderful throughout her time on I&A. As per usual, this week she devastated OPFOR and maintained a helpful and approachable attitude whilst doing so. Always helping, always lending a hand, always stacking bodies. Not someone you'd want to fight against but a very valuable asset to have on your side. Thank you for staying you Deevy and being great! Honourable Mentions: @tissh820 - Third HM in 3 weeks.. I think its almost time for the multirole monster to get his POTW.. next week? @Ozzy - I think I know why there has been such a medicine shortage, this bloke uses more ketamine and breaks more ribs than any practitioner, your the bane of my existence.. A good great medic, smashed it out this week once again. Keeping that frontline patched and moving is hard but you managed to do so this week whilst still clearing buildings like nothing, good effort. Weary Dig - Another repeat offender, Mr TowerNoMoro. Came through this week as he always has for the multiple years he's been around, blowing up objectives and securing others, easily one of the most switched on players we have and I'm sure the AO's lifespan is cut short by a multitude of minutes each time you join. As always, a good effort from Weary Dig.
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    Player of the Week 21/3/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Monkhead This week Monkhead has collected 27 Gold Teeth for a sweet street value, and revived over 208 players. This is the battlespace dominance we love to see here. Monkhead is the guy to push forward, and take names. That kind of consistent multi-role play makes you extremely capable and a true asset to the team. Stellar work mate! Congratulations MONKHEAD. Honourable Mentions: Black – Our rising star of a Medic, Black this week got 217 revives! The medic role is one of the most demanding, but also feeds back the best into our overall warfighting capability. A true force multiplier. Such a score shows a level of courage and dedication that speaks volumes to the players character, one who values others, and the mission, above their own self. Next drink is on me mate! Weary Dig – A true veteran player, we have all seen Weary Dig going above and beyond. If there is a recurring theme, playing the objective is one that keeps coming back, as it’s the fastest way to take an AO. This week Dig took down 8 towers, more than anyone else. Considering the risk of approach and the challenge due to mine density, this lad is down to destroy. Legend! @tissh820 – Tisssh was a HM last week for all the same reasons. He has accrued 137 pilot points this week and filled a number of rolls. A true all-rounder. I have personal experience of rolling with him side by side, the two of us, in Livonia. He’s competent and dedicated. A calm temperament and a smooth gunshot release. Can’t wait to raid some more Polish forests with you! @Stephen – At the time of writing, Stephen had 365 transport points, which is nothing to shake a stick at. What we love here at SG is that Stephen is a veteran player, who’s come over to the aviation side. The aviation element in IA is a huge hurdle, there’s lots of rules and skills to learn, and you have the responsibility to do your job well and not kill everyone onboard. Both myself and Ratso are stoked with your development as a pilot on the server, keep it up, I'll see you on the pads.