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    Community Event!! As most of you should know this weekend we remember the Anzac and all other veterans. @Invade & Annex will be holding an Anzac day ceremony at 1830 Sydney Time on the 25th down at the Cemetery in Pyrgos. The ceremony will take approx 20 minutes. The server has a population of 80 and I hope we can have a full turn out. There will be no dress requirement; however, if you have the DLC parade uniforms are encouraged. There will be transport arranged or you can drive down. I&A staff will be on hand should you have a slight accident on your transit. Should anyone have any questions please drop me a message and I will attempt to cover them all.
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    This game is worthless to me without the challenge. The challenge is why I drive kilometers each server block. It is my challenge and I need no praise or glory for it. I need no sympathy for failing it. Upon server reset it begins and the variables that will stop me from completing this challenge are uncountable and have no pattern to learn from. The challenge in writing sounds simple enough but it is different for every person for everyone holds themselves to their own standards. Justify your use of the Tank in a server where you are completely unnecessary, obsolete, and old tool. There is an abundance of talent in the straya server. Master pilots, master HAT troops, master snipers, master rifleman, master everything is in this server, and your all making me work my ass off every server reset to justify it. yes u are all variables in the way of my challenge and I find myself in a desperate competition against CAS and all other support vehicles. I wouldn't have it any other way though, it wouldn't be fun if it was easy. My tank will be the tip of the spear and the soldiers behind me will be the base and together we will plunge ourselves through the heart of the frontlines. If you your petty like me and keep checking the score board you may have thought this was about tank kills. Its part of it yes {a tank should prioritize the killing of other tanks} but that is not good enough for me. I will be the bane of enemy vehicles and ill do it while being the wall between our medics and hell. You will find me near the wounded not because I want to be your hero, no I am your slave driver and I will drive u relentlessly through the AO until it is done so I can get to killing the next fleet of armored vehicles. This is my challenge and though I have received praise from the server, my challenge is far from over. It may never be over for at the end the end of the game I look at the scoreboard and say "i could of done better"