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    Player of the Week 30/5/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is JFE Congratulations . @JFEActively plays and is one of reliable medics who constantly gets to those in capped. Lately has transitioned his medical skills and taken the sticks of the helis with good success. A long-term player who is actively and consistently on the server and great to acknowledge that when in the heat of the battle and you need a touch up, he will get to you if possible. Well done JFE on your commitment to the server Honourable Mentions: @tsarmonkeybomba:-An international player who plays a lot on the IA server and engages in a variety of roles including medic. Of late has climbed into the cockpit of a heli and is doing a great job getting troops into where they need to go. Like every new venture, gets better each time and is getting the job done. A very competent medic and long time player, you are sure to find him running around reviving players. @JBOB:- Frontline player specifically targets the objectives strategically who is known and was observed to assist new players regarding the rules and intricacies of the IA server. Known to carry explosive to take the tower down and carries the right gear to engage whatever tries to get in his way. A player who also has been around for a while is a @YeomanMaple – aka known by Ratso as The Professor, gained from tweaking and experimenting with various Armas 3 roles and equipment to gain the knowledge to use it to its maximum efficiency. Often seen ploughing through a town in a slammer wreaking mayhem upon CSAT, in the skies as very effective and competent UAV or streaking across the map in the CAS ruining CSAT’s day. Need info regarding a particular role or its armament, just ask Yeoman, if he does not know the answer, he will definitely find out with experiments to sustain the facts. BoSon – Another player who likes a variety of frontline and specialist roles. Known to plunder though the AO in Tanks, Bobcats and amongst other thinks very handy also in the mortar role. A recent reoccurring player that helps others and has made a good first impression on everyone in his competency and friendly nature, we hope you stay a while. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
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    just wondering if its possible to take out small diameter bombs from enemy cas jets as they are a bit over powered, if your a tank and have driven 10km already to a new ao just to get bombed in the middle of now where with really no chance of defence, i dont mind getting enaged by cas but as soon as that bomb is dropped there is no way to survive beisides dumb luck. thank you