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    Player of the Week 6/6/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @Appu Congratulations Appu An Active member of the community that has always contributed positively. Often seen in the UAV role providing competent lasing and sending swarms of medical drones to AO. Appu has shown great dedication to his role as he applies himself and with very good results Honourable Mentions: Alexi: a recent member of the straya gaming community but has made a considerable impact as a dedicated transport pilot. He has shown great improvement in his flying ability and is always in the TeamSpeak chatting it up. He has made a good first impression on everyone and has shown some great promise. And for this Alexi has stood out to be one of the most willing to learn member of the community. Keep up the good work and we hope you stick around Groovy: Groovy’s Astrology degree has come in handy as he heads to the skies as a dedicated and competent transport pilot. His recent addition to the transport roster has seen him play a lot and increased his skills exponentially. His determination to be on top of the leader board has seen disturbing results and has topped it a few times. Groovy has also shown some good communication skills in the role and is always communicating with others on the info of the AO. @Reggie: you have most likely met regie at the end of his medkit as he roams the AO picking up the wounded. A dedicated medic he has seen a lot of action as one of the veteran players of the server. Reggie has also shown some great leadership in directing the main group in AOs and in side missions and always brings a positive attitude. When he is not holding the medkit he is holding the joystick also being one of the safest pilots and you are sure to have a safe trip with him. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.