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    Never mind, apparently this is normal behavior. The server attempts to mimic the temperatures of the actual IRL island, thus thermals are significantly affected. This isn't easy to replicate in the editor, hence why I thought it was a bug. This is further compounded by the rather sudden shift in Thermal view performance, while we would instead expect a more gradual change in thermal performance. Perhaps this is something to consider? In any case, since this is expected behavior from I&A scripting, it's best to close this bug report. Case closed, pack it up, boys. Go home. Its effects are manageable, I'm sure we'll all be used to it sooner or later. (In other news, Tanoa and Livonia are largely unaffected. Join us there!)
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    Are you saying that your radar is on and the diamond is indicating that the missile is fully locked, but once fired it doesn't track towards the enemy? If so, the only time something like that has happened to me is when I'm too close or pass the enemy too quickly. I have noticed they are able to flare or evade the missiles much easier lately. This isn't something we have control over though. Missile tracking is on BI's side of the fence. There are no scripts in the mission that affect missile tracking or target acquisition. It could be related to desync or something similar between the server AI and the players though
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    Better late than never.
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    Sorry for the slight delay , all of those types of messages will be hidden after 5-10 seconds now.
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    if you aim on it and click it, it'll die
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    Yep all fixed for me too. Thanks Fitz
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    Damnit, you son of a gun, you did it Fitz!
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    What if you enable it for everyone but leave it ticket based, that way even if the FOB is right next to the AO the pilots still have to run supply’s for it to keep working. Also having unlimited tickets when the server population is low might not be a bad idea.
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    Random spawn should be a safe pos now. Can't do much about it spawning in the gap though.
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    Fix will be included in the next update (1-3 days).
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    I also seem to be having this issue, with vehicles and with the creates that you can edit the load. Did anyone find the solution?
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    NVM I turned off the Dynamic Simulation option, and now it is fine. Thanks.
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    Thanks! The fix will be in the next update.
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    Probably the kavala mission. Have heard it does the same to jets. Will look into it
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    I'm guessing this works now?
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    It's been removed, too many people aren't using it correctly.