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    if 1 or more veterans join ironside, itd be cool if a t140 K variant spawned; that could only be activated by veterans if possible. It would have a respawn timer of at least 30 minutes.
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    I have the option of using the 'Edit Inventory' option but the result doesn't stick. When I drive up to the editing area, I can select the option and the editing menu pops up. I wait for it to initialize, select a different tab, go back to 'Current', it's blank on a new vehicle (even on a fresh spawn with default inventory). While the 'Clear' option works, even adding items to the edit inventory will not u pdate the inventory of the vehicle after pressing OK. The RPT log will always contain a small snippet exactly like this: Only person that seems to have this problem is me, always reproducibly but only me.
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    Can a similar way of teleporting to side from base get added to the FOB seeing as the only way to currently spawn there is to have been killed, requiring you to run out of base into a field and blow yourself up, which doesn’t even work half the time because of Robocop.
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    As the title suggests, the contrast in thermal viewing modes has changed quite significantly. Before, landscape elements could be made out somewhat easily, showing rock walls, buildings, the ground etc., as well as "Hot" entities, being their usual White/Black hot colours respectively. Now, all you see is a sea of black, with hot signatures being slightly harder to see at a distance, but certainly contrast the sea of black. This is definitely a server-side issue, as in the editor I was not able to replicate the same view we get in I&A Thermals. (And no, the weather does NOT significantly contribute to the Thermal viewing experience.) I've even got some pictures to demonstrate. This is Lakka, a town just outside Base. This view is from the southern hill, so not the "Military Hill" everyone knows and loves. This is the Thermal view from the ENVG-II NODs, notice that while landscape elements aren't exactly crisp, they can still be made out somewhat. This image was taken inside the Eden Editor. Now, this is the Thermal view from ENVG-II's currently in I&A. As you can see... SEA OF BLACK. The heat signatures on the bottom of the screen are rabbits. It's so black, you can't even make out the edges of the actual viewing lenses. As you can see, not exactly ideal. This has affected all Thermal sights, such as gun optics, Tank optics and even further. I highly doubt that this is intentional, as there were no patch notes and despite thermals being the usual culprit for blue-on-blue incidents, this ain't exactly a solution. This came about a few weeks before the 2.04 update and the fact that it's normal in the editor further indicates a server-side change. While this isn't some game-breaking bug, it would be very nice if it returned to normal.
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    There is an issue that prevents UAV Operators from exiting transport helicopters. Each attempt to Get out, Eject or Fastrope results in the operator clipping back into the seat. This seems to happen when the UAV Operator uses the Terminal while being a passenger. Admins and Pilots are unable to manually eject the operator from the aircraft
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    I have had this issue since I came back which was 2 weeks ago, this issue is apparent as having a viable AAA defence is very much required for Pilots to have a breeze while flying. This issue has been repeatable from AA launchers, jets mid and short range missles, Cheetah and Nyx AAA assets. This is based from what I've encountered Helicopters I have no issues with AAA tracking (so far), jets from Gryphon upwards have a high chance of missiles not tracking and only tracking either 1 out of 4 shots or 1 every 6 fired. The buzzard is repeatable from 1 out of 2 would track, this is based on using a Nyx and Cheetah. Onto the Mid and short range jet missiles these are so stupid its put me off using CAS as it shits me sideways, I have used CAS on 2 occasions one being a Buzzard and 1 having access to a Blackwasp twice, the buzzard short range throughout this session had issues with 1 of the 2 missiles not tracking and due to having to deal with a Gryphon I found that the only missile tracking would always be flared off, thus I logged out of frustration being shot down from not being able to fight back. Lastly the blackwasp session was very similar I had encounters with a Buzzard AAA and multiple Gryphons, I had a basic load-out of GBU's, 4 mid and 2 short, all of the mid didn't track at all and I watched them on the map as they flew towards nothing, the short however same issue 1 tracked (flared off) and the other didn't track at all. This from what I've seen is repeatable for me but from other CAS pilots have seen or heard no issues which doesn't make sense.
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    Can you shorten the timer on the popup box when you get into a mortar or move it so you dont have to wait 3 min to see what rounds your firing and at what range.
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    Enemy CAS continues to spawn up to approx 3 jets between AO and Base. Does not seem to be affected by the following a. Friendly CAS is occupied b. Enemy Radiotower is up c. Presence of friendly zeus'd in AA assets d. Presence of friendly AA tanks Has gotten to the point beyond active annoyance visible in side chats, pilot TS and general in game chat. Mod's such as BigRed1, Noskire and Simon have been known to place friendly assets at base and even in between base and AO in order to reduce the pure skull****ery received. Enemy CAS is also highly likely to "flare off" every attempt at a missile, MR or SR or even from AA assets and seem to have never ending flares and missiles. Friendly CAS is often met with peril when locked, having at a guess 30% chance of flaring off incoming missiles from enemy CAS - if they can get off the runway. Something IS broken. Enemy CAS shouldn't spawn frequently if there isn't a friendly asset to kill it, let alone 2-3 within a few moments of each other and it should not be that difficult to kill them.
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    When the side base prowler is left in the middle of nowhere, when it eventually respawns (Or teleports back) the prowler still has the same damage and fuel consumed as before.
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    I've been working with some players, and every time we call Arty onto a target (using guided rounds with a laser active), but even when observing through Zeus, no rounds ever impact. My thinking is maybe the round is made inert by some bug with the weapons safe on base, or perhaps its not firing a round at all. This may take a fair bit of testing to find a solution.
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    One Hunter's spawn is within parts of the factory. The two quads next to the main bunker self-combust instantly after activation
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    It may have been reported, but we have some issues with FOB ANZAC. Essentially the FOB activation terminal and some vehicles will spawn inside the warehouse/factory looking vehicles. The building is not enterable so the FOB cannot be activated.
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    When a medical pelican is assembled/landed at FOB, just like most medical vehicles, it pops up with a message saying the FOB has been resupplied. Since the amount of seats within the vehicle (or similar) is equivalent to the amount of FOB tickets gained, the Pelican shows up with the message but has no passenger seats. Therefore you will get messages such as the one below which pointless. Possibly remove the ability and/or the message showing up?
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    If a UAV Op is at the FOB and either of the stompers die, the stomper respawns at the FOB rather than main base. The UGV's appear to spawn at random locations in or around the FOB. In the first image, the UGV RCWS spawned in area that it can not leave (The gap is not big enough) and in the second image, the UGV spawned within the HQ building. From personal experience, only the UGV RCWS (Armed one) has had this issue but unsure if the unarmed variant suffers too. This has only been tested at FOB Forlorn Hope (Top Left of map)
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    I know it's been mentioned before, but is it possible that this can get fixed? Lost numerous things like Kajmans, blackfoot and whatnnot because of it.
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    On a few rare occasions at the HVT missions, there will sometimes be a soldier that is unarmed that spawns in with the mission. I've seen this happen rarely on both Altis and Tanoa
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    Commander was not at HQ. Due to his proximity from HQ, the commander was invulnerable so he had to be captured to stop him from killing players. Unsure if commander wandered or spawned there. Have only seen this happen on this single occasion.
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    Somehow i think the jet was broken when i entered the Buzzard with an P07 9mm, i'm guessing that i broke the jet when i got the pistol and got in the jet at the same time and broke the jet
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    When a UAV Operator respawns they spawn without a UAV Terminal or a Radio.
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    As the description says, the enemy UAV's, in a defence will spin around like they are in a Tornado. They descend slowly and eventually hit the ground. This only occurs after the first UAV in a defence is destroyed. Other people have said it happens sometimes, but i've always seen it occur, at least when i'm at the defence in my Cheetah.