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    Player of the Week 19/9/2021 After an overwhelming week and the previous week, it has been a tough decision to narrow down a specific player. So rather than instigate an aneurism, we have identified three players who have come to our attention that need to be identified and commended for their efforts. Your Player’s of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team are Weary Dig, Sky Monster and Lt Toad Congratulations Weary Dig, Sky Monster and [L11] Toad Weary Dig – Another great example of a player who knows the objectives and approaches the objectives with a tactical plan. An auto rifleman who plays throughout the day and has been a part of the Straya family and community for some time. Well respected and always willing to help and engage with other players. Extremely handy to have when in a firefight with CSAT. One should never dismiss the ability of a 5.56 when in the hands of a competent Autorifleman. @Sky Monster– A regular player with the IA Community and well respected. Was identified for his efforts in assisting, providing guidance to new players and for his approach and targeting of the side missions. We are always very supportive of players who take the time out to provide any assistance to new players, it builds repour and respect and this week Sky Monster has excelled at that. Well done and well earned. [L11] Toad – Plays as a medic and also been flying the helis. Has come to notice over the past few weeks and continues to play his role well, engages well with other plays and knows what is needed to gain the upper hand and more than happy to work towards it. Made a great impression and great to see players diverse into multiple roles and gain experience from different perspectives. Honourable Mentions: @Deagle – Another long-term player and plays the role as a HAT. Very handy to have when faced with the CSAT armour, especially if there are more than one. Makes every effort to even the odds. Plays early morning and into the day and has earned the respect of players and staff. Great to see players with this calibre leading by example. Hansolo – Plays as an Auto rifleman, slinging a 9.3 beast and does a damn good job of it too. Very handy in a defend to reel off lead into the advancing CSAT or laying down cover fire while sprinting to the next objective. A good player who helps out where he can, well done, bring it on. Roki – a rifleman that has been a constant player on IA for sometime and has proven to be a good seasoned player who communicates well and also knows the objectives and tactics to engage CSAT. Still collecting gold as he goes and known to carry explosive, multi skilled as he targets the CSAT towers and has managed this week to excel at the latter. Communicates well with players and staff, and likes to also play the Tanoa server. Top effort Roki. Newman – A player who has come to light as a reliable medic, one who definitely plays his role well, and knows the responsibilities and what is crucial in ensuring players are back on their feet to ensure they gain the advantage in finalising the objectives. Weaving across between the towers in a defend making every effort to get to those who need it. GauRus – One of our international players who has come to the attention of staff for his medically skills, always there in the heat of whatever CSAT deals, slithering across on his belly to get players up. A complete disregard to CSATS onslaught, makes the effort and albeit sometimes is unsuccessful, regardless makes the attempt in any case. Awesome effort and better to try and fail than do nothing. A fantastic week, an increase of new players and a lot more players adopting for the pilot roles and the learning curve that comes with it. Really great to see those wanting to learn in all roles, be guided and shown by the senior players on the server. You know who you are, thank you, your efforts have been noted. Again Congratulations to the Player’s of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
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