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  1. hated this cvnt anyway

  2. Dear Straya Gaming, It is with a heavy heart that I write this message but, myself and also speaking for @John Paul are formally announcing our resignation from Straya Gaming. After two and a half years of service with one of the best Australian community's (And still is). To the current/retired staff: I like to think that I earned your respect over the years and wanted you to know you've earned mine. I will remind you all to perform your duties as best you can, but with some parting advice: Do not follow blindly, stand up for yourselves and make sure you express whatever differences you have and stick to your beliefs. Remember, mean what you say and do what you say; HONOR, INTEGRITY, and RESPECT cannot be purchased at ANY price. And if you are to be damned by anyone, be damned for who you are. To the members: You guys make up this community as a whole. How Straya Gaming proceeds in the future is up to you. Take measure of what you have here currently and do whatever you can to make this a better place. Stand up for yourselves and your fellow members. As for me, I feel that I possess neither the constitution nor the strength to remain here. I think back on the times I've had here, the friends I've made over the last two years, the people I've met, and can't help but to wonder if anything could have been different to prevent me from taking this course of action. I concluded the answer is no. I like to think I've been able to help the people in this community and have helped make the community better as a whole. My hope is Straya Gaming can continue to produce quality, respected members throughout the gaming community. I would like to thank all of the members in Straya Gaming for their continued support. I will no longer wield the power to command. As I leave you all today, I wish to say the honour was to serve, both as a leader and as a member. Take pride in this community; for it is what you make of it. Totally relates a bit of a laugh on the way out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tO3OTlBqfWM - ʝ17 (الجهاد) - John Paul
  3. ʝ17

    Just had a look need next available forum administrator to change permissions for all donator groups so application center is viewable again for all donators.
  4. Happy Birthday Bud!

    1. Cpt. Duck

      Cpt. Duck

      same birthday as Kanye West, ;) happy birthday J!

    2. ʝ17


      Thanks boys <3  xoxooxox

    3. Lachlan


      happy birthday one mouth late sorry bae :x

  5. ʝ17

    Hey mate, Been plenty of these topics posted and so far at this point there is no plans to be opening any modded Arma life servers we are trying to start to focus abit more on other games which don't limit us to what we can and can't do. Cheers
  6. Happy birthday brother don't get to silly, have a top one mate :))

  7. ʝ17

    Defiantly not my sheep mate, to the farmer who lost them I hope they where taken back home, or maybe fell out of the truck on route to the slaughter house..?
  8. Happy birthday to you @CoherentStorm hope you have a rocking one!

  9. ʝ17

    Just done a speed test, thoughts?
  10. ʝ17

    Let's try and keep altis life to another topic unfortunately, as you know that dedi was crap (What's a server without DDoS protection..?) However we are gonna be looking into other options for the altis life server to take it from second in aus to first.
  11. ʝ17

    Everything went as planned last night within 5 minutes everything was back up as normal and now forums and website should be running smoother than ever. Thanks to all for being patient
  12. ʝ17

    My god are you a lucky one! Always been a problem with ARMA that one worst in a car or truck checking the map and all of a sudden your steering wheel magically gets yanked to the left... not fun at all but a great save good job mate.
  13. If there was a Sydney Council that crater in the road and the rest of the damage caused to the road and surrounding houses would be more than enough to make the Commissioner happy with the fine he would be proposed with.
  14. Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.