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  1. John Paul

    Sure is the 32bit integer limit. If you ever reach it we just go up to 64 bit integers.
  2. John Paul

    @Tiggati With the change of a data type in the database. We can put this to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 or 9.2 Quintillion or 9199999999.999998 Billion! Let me know know when you hit that @Lono3107!
  3. John Paul

    We have tried to release Exile servers twice now both leading to the death of the server due to the lack of players. There are other Exile servers within Australia that you can play if you really want to checkout Exile anyway!
  4. John Paul

    @Leopard Not at this stage because I haven't even downloaded the Tanoa pre-release branch and don't plan on downloading it. Got half way through the 6GB download and they did a update so I had to start again... So I will wait for official release and begin work on it then!
  5. John Paul

    @Leopard There is a Tanoa wasteland coming very soon! @kristiankar67 No money will not transfer over.
  6. John Paul

    The wipe has been ran. Around 25,000 vehicles were deleted. They shall be missed...
  7. John Paul

    If you could possibly upload that to Youtube rather then a file download from Dropbox. External link removed.
  8. John Paul

    We have recently had a look at the inactive gangs and have removed the inactive/disbanded gangs. We currently have no rebel channel and no cartels available. If you are interested in getting a gang you must put a roleplay story of your gang in the gang talks forum which will be linked here. Once posted the post will be reviewed then you will be notified that you can put you donation forward to complete the gang channel creation. Also on a side note any overdue gang channels will be followed up and if not paid will be removed.
  9. John Paul

    Another amazing video. Have put the video in the featured video widget on the sidebar. Maybe your next video could be rebel 1/2 spawn or a drug dealer/field/processor
  10. John Paul

    Hello, If you would like to send me PM about your experience in Space Engineers server hosting. As we currently don't have anyone that has experience in space engineer servers. You could be a great help to us so we can make the best possible Space Engineers that the majority of the community enjoy.
  11. John Paul

    Comes down to when someone is online that has access and can wipe it. But I do have a admin panel system coming soon that may solve this issue and can automatically delete objects.
  12. John Paul

    Hello, If you could please reply with your GUID or ingame name.
  13. John Paul

    Here is a vote for the new server expansion, seeing as the old one bugged out with the removed options. Vote away!
  14. John Paul

    Its a bug that happened after the update of the forums and is being looked at.
  15. John Paul

    Wasteland Update #5 Added: R3F 3.1 - New building system and towing system. Object placement is now fully free and you can place it exactly where you want. Towing now requires the car to behind the towing vehicle to hook it up. New admin tools. Objects are automatically deleted around any mission in a radius of 300 metres. Watermark screen logo. Multiple new mission convoys added. Store movements - Vehicle store moved from Strogos Bay to Camp Maxwell. Gun Store east of Air Station Mike-26 moved to Kill Farm. One side mission - Resupply Mission - Find the laptop and it will call in a Huron lifting a crate. Changed: Sell Vehicle script changes. Updated Teamspeak IP on map. Mission changes Mobilised vehicle - Is actually damaged and sometimes needs to be repaired. Added listing of rules in diary entries on the map. Price changes - Attack helicopters and jet prices changed. Still subject to change Things to come: Redesign of player interaction menu. Coming Soon Bounty system. One Day More Tweaks of gun-store and gen store. More new custom missions and changes to mission convoys, including the Coastal Patrol. Extra skins for supporters. New Support system. R3F 3.1 Video