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    1. Mann

    2. Mann

      General Misquoti! You are a dumb one.
    3. Mann

      The clothing is near perfect. Just replace the night visions with thermals and fill your bag with RPG rounds only. You can also improve by changing class to medic and rush into the middle of AO and you will become the perfect I&A player whilst looking perfectly suited for the role. Hope this helps!
    4. Mann

      Should we go get the bad guys, maybe? Just a suggestion.
    5. Mann

      "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
    6. Mann

      The sky is the limit
    7. Mann

      Find vehicle of choice Go to Vehicle Inventory area Find the ammo boxes within the barriers Load the ammo box full of mortar tubes and bipods Drag/carry the crate and load it into the vehicle (Scroll-wheel option) Drive to mortar position Unload crate Take tubes and bipods out of Inventory of ammo box Setup mortar ??? Profit
    8. Mann

      Unarmed soldier at hvt

      On a few rare occasions at the HVT missions, there will sometimes be a soldier that is unarmed that spawns in with the mission. I've seen this happen rarely on both Altis and Tanoa
    9. Mann

      Ugv fob respawn

      If a UAV Op is at the FOB and either of the stompers die, the stomper respawns at the FOB rather than main base. The UGV's appear to spawn at random locations in or around the FOB. In the first image, the UGV RCWS spawned in area that it can not leave (The gap is not big enough) and in the second image, the UGV spawned within the HQ building. From personal experience, only the UGV RCWS (Armed one) has had this issue but unsure if the unarmed variant suffers too. This has only been tested at FOB Forlorn Hope (Top Left of map)
    10. When a medical pelican is assembled/landed at FOB, just like most medical vehicles, it pops up with a message saying the FOB has been resupplied. Since the amount of seats within the vehicle (or similar) is equivalent to the amount of FOB tickets gained, the Pelican shows up with the message but has no passenger seats. Therefore you will get messages such as the one below which pointless. Possibly remove the ability and/or the message showing up?
    11. While carrying an Incapacitated person, (I think) it shows the nearest medic with a light blue indicator that shows their distance and name. I've noticed that it does not only showed friendly but also included some enemies (who I believe are most likely to be enemy medics). I've personally only seen this instance once and not attempted to reproduce the "bug". The first image shows the medic marker I mentioned (Left half). It shows that there are a few nearby medics by the enemy-occupied HQ. It may be hard to see that they are enemy in this image, but at the time, I was able to identify them as CSAT. (Off the image, friendly medic markers also appear along with the enemy ones). The second image is just shows/proves it was enemy occupied.
    12. Mann

      @pkisbest I have too much free time...
    13. Mann

      As you can see from this video, CSAT has introduced their next technological breakthrough and applied it to their commanders. Introducing the Bullet Evasion Retroject Expediter Thing. Or simply commonly known as the BERET. This advanced piece of headwear bulwarks the user and covers the complete surface area of the user extensively to become almost immune projectiles fired from long distances. This elusive device (to our understanding) is designed to protect the user with a limited number of nano drones that "orbit" the suit in a particular pattern at unmeasurable speeds that is able to cover every piece of flesh of the target. The drones are equipped with a form of Active Protection Protocol (APP). This is where the nano drones are able to spot incoming projectiles via the APP. so that the nano drones are able to spot, predict the point of impact and interdict/intercept the projectile to save the user from any harm. As the projectile hits the nano drones, the projectile is retrojected the way it came from which often shatters the projectile and creates an unknown optical illusion that resembles a "mist of blood". As seen in the above demonstration, it appears that the commander is immortal at a range of aprox. 950m. This range is perfect for the nano drones to intercept the threat comfortably. There are a few solutions to deal with such a technologically enhanced foe. These solutions involve: A 120mm HE-T Tank Round (Because there is no such thing as overkill...) Capitulation (So you can take him to GITMO so we can study the design of the BERET) Tactical Assault (Our Infantry are often masters at this. The closer range will mean that the nano drones won't have enough time to react) Overall, any of the above tactics work fairly well. Do not be fooled by such primitive headwear, for as it is more advanced than you think. Sadly the device only works with CSAT individuals. The NATO alternatives do not conduct the same function but still allows you to fight with style.
    14. Mann

      Turn off the mic... + you can always mute the "Harassers"
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