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  1. Senna

    You still get kicked off when you try to stabilize the IDAP guy, i tried 3 times and got some other people to try, all were kicked straight away
  2. Senna

    Are you able to tell us any of the mods which will be allowed?
  3. Senna

    Just confirming, the normal I&A server will still be up during this time?
  4. The lase was on Fitz and from the point the bomb was dropped it was about 1-1.5km away and didn't have a lock on. The only reason it selected his lase was because the UAV lase didn't pick up so when I pressed R it locked onto Fitz, I hadn't realised I was on another lase as I was focused on free bombing the kuma. idk why it tracked sideways, especially since it hit dead on and it wasn't locked, but it was hilarious at the time
  5. Don't worry about Fitz, the Russians invented a new GBU that ignores gravity and travels sideways seeking out Fitz. I got to try it out last night with the Wipeout in I&A
  6. Senna

    I reckon there should be a mine layer class, where they have a map marker that CANNOT be erased on map to mark minefields, we had a problem where people were deleting minefield markers for the mine dispensers which don't show up on map.