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  1. Fubez

    Tokens should be a valuable resource and the 10 player kills is fair, However very rarely do you see someone with over 100 AI kills per restart especially during peak times and they are focused on pvp and every mission gets camped. So my vote is for 10 player kills per token and 100 AI kills per token. cheers
  2. Fubez

    All I see is these so called 'good players' spamming wipeouts every night against newbs at gunstores lol it is not fun for them and after the 5th or 6th death they log off. pretty obvious the direction of the server id headed. One group of players has all the toys and so happens to be a crew full of the admins. Funny I see 6 jets fly off the carrier but never one HVT on the map. yeah I know everyone has them in their garages right? a new player on the server gets killed over and over by these OP jet spammers until he/she rage quits never to return. This is the only Australian wasteland server and personally I don't want to see it die. Its all good tho the big boys can have their toys and force everyone else over to the ****ed up US servers.
  3. Fubez

    Money doesn't really matter when you have zeus
  4. Fubez

    the problem is that only a select few have accesss to the high end vehicles and use said vehicles against players that simply do not have a chance to gain access to them. also 20 tokens to gain 1 additional garage slot for your stored vehicles. there is no need to encourage pvp on the server as it is always going to be full pvp except on the late night/early morning money making sessions. when more then 3-4 are online it usually turns to pvp pretty quick. Granting token rewards for 100 AI kills will give the less elite pvpers something to strive towards besides getting owned by a 'top player' in his wipeout. but as I replied to invictiis, the elite little group can have all the toys and give the common man nothing to play with. GG
  5. Fubez

    money shipments are quite easy and I guess it depends on who you are killing if it is easy or not. its fine though, you can keep it so only a select few can afford the OP vehicles and have the advantage over the common man.
  6. Fubez

    The only reason it is leaning that way is because no one votes on shit besides your little group. Lol my last post referred to a new player who is lucky to get 10 kills per sitting because he gets smashed every time he goes to a gun store. I don’t think you could understand and it’s useless arguing a point toward deaf ears. Your group are the admins so do what you want but eventually it will be only your group on the server bullying fresh spawns on their first day on the server because there is not enough reward for the little guys.
  7. Fubez

    I think you are over estimating how many people get on everyday haha I have not seen 40 people on the server since before I come back to the server. The only OP vehicles that are on the server belong to the big boys yes but let’s say there is a little newb that wants a wipeout to fly around in. He grinds for 3 days to get the tokens and money required and he is so happy. He takes off from the airfield only to be shot down in 2 minutes by a Tigris on a heavy money or someone with a titan. His grind has been destroyed in minutes and he rage quits and does not return to the server. These end game vehicles are not invincible and should be more easily accessed by newer or let’s say ‘less skilled in pvp’ types of players
  8. Fubez

    Highest AI kill count in 1 sitting I have seen so far is around 300. That was going pretty hard for near a whole restart. So the grind like that to gain 3 tokens is warranted I feel. You can cap your bank rather easily, it feels that the ‘top’ players are a little egotistical and do not want newer players to get access to end game content. I know these guys see me as one of these newbs lol no I don’t average 8-10 tokens per day but I do get 4-5. I usually run solo if I’m on Indy or team up on red with randoms. So I can’t sit on the carrier with Tigris and rhinos with my mates lasering targets for me. I also don’t go for ‘easy kills’ so to speak as when the ‘top players’ get on I find it a good challenge to hunt them instead of flying around in a jet bombing the newbs. But each to their own. Obviously this suggestion is being thrown aside and will never become to pass so let’s just keep grinding and having our little wats between each other.
  9. Fubez

    ok well this seems to be a battle I will not win so I will just end it here. This was a way for the newer players on the server to have a goal that is achievable. to get some extra storage for vehicles or maybe get that jet they have wanted for a long time without playing for a month to get it.
  10. Fubez

    the 'top' players do not make anywhere near 7 tokens per day lol and it's only this 'exclusive' group that is full of you admins who are questionable at times who are killing the server. you have not introduced any new content or even run events in the longest time. To brush this topic off like it is absurd is quite disheartening. it is NOT metagaming to have a friendly skirmish with someone and there is no means for you to say it is. if you are in discord with said person then yes I see how it could be, but if you use the ingame direct voice coms to set up such an arrangement there is no means of metagaming and thus not against any rule of the server.
  11. Fubez

    how is it metagaming to kill your friend? when there is 2 people online and you face off in friendly skirmishes? also it is not listed that it is against any rules to run friendly skirmishes. My current argument is that your player base population is not high enough to earn tokens in the current system. also a large part of your current player base like to do missions when it is quiet... when acertain number log in they split up and do pvp. there is no lack of pvp in the server and it would not decrease if Tokens for AI kills were introduced. Also it would benefit strict pvpers as when pvp is on there is a stalemate situation when you can go for 30 minutes without finding anyone because everyone is hiding in buildings trying to spot each other with uavs. it would give people motivation to out and do missions when there is a higher number of people online to take the risk of being found. Can I ask why are you so against the idea? It would do nothing but benefit the current player base aswell as possibly giving more players motivation to stay on the server. I have heard talks of a lot of players planning to leave for other servers because a certain exclusive group that plays on the server in which I will not name names. but it will cause this exclusive group to do nothing but play with themselves and watch the server die more than it is already. I appreciate your input on this matter invictiis but I would like to hear James's opinion on the matter.
  13. Fubez

    Tokens are not hard to get. If you want to farm tokens then just pair up with a friend and kill each other over and over. This is a way for other players that like doing missions to get some high end gear. If you are worried about it being to easy then make it 1 token per 100 AI kills. Highest amount of kills I have seen anyone get in a sitting these days if 30-40 and that is only 1 person. the server population which caps at like 25 at peak hour does not cater for the current token system so I am not sure why all of you admins and mods are fighting it? Have the current 1 token per 10 player kills but add 1 token per 100 AI kills which is quite difficult to achieve, and some dedicated players would get maybe 2-3 tokens per night of hard mission farming.
  14. Fubez

    What’s the difference of 5 people farming money as a group early mornings compared to getting a little bonus for mass AI killing? People can pair off on Indy and farm tokens with each other. But there is a player base That like to do missions and with the current server pop which reaches about 25 people max at peak hour there is hardly opportunity to get enough tokens to get anything of value. Eg extra veichle storage. It’s not like the old days where there was groups of 10-15 holding Rogan and you could rack up 90-100 kills in a sitting.
  15. Fubez

    I think that tokens should be awarded for AI kills along with player kills. However the number of AI kills needed for a token should be higher of course. lets say 10 player kills for 1 token then make it 50 AI kills per token