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  1. LachlanM

    Im glad that you have seen that the server is PVP orientated. You guys are going in the right Direction. Some pointers/Suggestions: - Weekly Events, (Competition's (PVP Wise) Winner all loot) - Gang Wars Daily/Weekly/Monthly (Winner Gets SpecialLoot/IDK) @Connor., Speaking on behalf of the community. Thanks for everything youve done for straya and continue to do! We all hope you get better and put your health before straya! Good luck my friend, hope to see you in the future.
  2. LachlanM

    Welcome to the community! I hope to see you in game
  3. LachlanM

    Did you know, that to this day? The titanic's pool is still filled with water! Mindblown I know.
  4. LachlanM

    sometimes hit a
  5. LachlanM

    Cya Jewbacca, best support 2018 <3
  6. LachlanM


    Bye Frank :) Hope to see you again!
  7. LachlanM

    Name: Lachlan Callsign: Old - Z54B, New - Z54B Player ID (If Blacklisted): Not Blacklisted. Date of Disciplinary Action: 06.02.2018 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Demotion Who were you Disciplined by: Bow Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Unauthorised Flying, Wrong Uniform, Gun inside locker. Why the appeal should be accepted: I was authorized to fly the hellcat by a DEPUTY COMMISSIONER. They stated that they would not place the flying incident on me until I was talked to with the deputy commissioner. I was walking around at 11:00 pm with a ghillie suit on out the front of PD at the couples of houses, I was given the ghillie suit by an SRT member, when no other units needed me, They had no spots for me. I find that the Demotion is extremely unfair, I understand I may have gone wrong with the ghillie suit, but a demotion because I have the wrong uniform on... About the gun, I never once pulled that gun, nor have ammo with it. I believe Rule 3.12 saves my ass on that issue. Any other information: I was given the Ghillie suit by a High-ranking SRT.
  8. LachlanM

    I didnt want to be rude, I didnt understand who he was. I apologise for the slang I use.
  9. LachlanM

    tf mate, i asked who he was because i didnt know who he was? settle down....
  10. LachlanM

    No dis but who are you?
  11. LachlanM

    Your editing skills = +1, but need a creative intro, right now its poop. #JewyForVideoProduction
  12. LachlanM

    Thanks for your help with the community, you can never be replaced and will always have a place in strayagaming's community. Goodbye mate <3 #PlackInGameForExcel.
  13. LachlanM

    Yes, I agree a rule like that or something different does need to take place. I can't really judge on it though as the only time I'm in Syd is on cop, other times I'm out in the world on rebel. Other people will still find a way to kill cops, whether cops knocking down/tazing, thats another issue to be brought up though.
  14. LachlanM

    Not letting people declare on cops inside of city limits would create a so-called "shit-fest". A lot of arguing/complaining would be created, saying "there allowed to dec/kill us, but we cant dec and kill them, its totally unfair". In my opinion, what others have said in the post is quite true. Cops sometimes don't roleplay too, they just do it for the money. They refuse fake id's, just so they can get your bounty that they have meta-gamed before you have even been taken into PD. I do agree I prefer to see the roleplay side of cops vs civs, but when it comes to rebel on rebel, hey anything goes! Cops vs Civs inside of city limits are meant to be roleplay, not a cop being decced on every 30 seconds so that civs can get their cop guns and just get so-called "Frags", I could be mistaken but last time I checked this was a roleplay server, if you ask me and a lot of people would agree, Sydney is no longer a roleplay zone. and something needs to be done about it. @Lotza Lotza I feel like you being the Altis Life manager need to take a hard look at this post and decide on what needs to change otherwise the Altis life player base will drop and NOT recover.
  15. LachlanM

    Any sort and most sorts of GLITCHING do results in punishments, before posting something read the sentence over. is GLITCHING punishable...