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  1. Hazey

    so whose gonna make it? my assumption would be devs, devs who could instead of making this, make new content for altis life
  2. Hazey

    no one gives a shit about exile, there are 100's out there, dont waste dev time make a exile server, first add NEW content to altis life, oh and I stress NEW content cause only altis life content in the last 1 year has been changed content, sure you changed the ui and shit and made things work and look nicer but theres no new content, so stop fking around with exile servers and make a server your community is based around better
  3. so essentially your suggesting that instead of killing all the cops and then loading the hemtt full of gold, you load the hemtt full of gold and then kill all the cops. The only difference I see here is that you end up leaving 200 to 300 gold bars in the fed vault, if u want rebels to get less gold from the fed why not just decrease gold bars??