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  1. Kurtiz

    Hi, Old player, wondering if the Altis Life Server has become inactive? And if so, Why? Chur
  2. Kurtiz

    We need to land this missile in the ocean
  3. Kurtiz

    Only taken 8 months to be set up. Efficiency at it's finest aye @McCain
  4. Kurtiz

    Pumpkin Eater
  5. Kurtiz

    lol that's crack up
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  7. Kurtiz

    Link plz
  8. Kurtiz

  9. Kurtiz

    Okay all I am going to say AGAIN, is that there are people working on re-working the Judicial System, and anyone with any ideas should comment/quote this post that I can see them. Lets just leave it at this and if you do have Legal System Experience then please Contact me as I would be interested in talking with you. THIS PROCESS WILL NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT! YOU NEED TO REMAIN PATIENT The more these posts keep coming up we need to waste more time replying to these posts rather than working on the Laws. AGAIN IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM, PLEASE QUOTE THIS POST SO I SEE IT OR PM ME!!!! End.......
  10. Kurtiz

    All I can say is that @Lotza and @Pezza are working on reworking the Judicial System so that People will actually use it and it will be an effective source of Role-Play. It will take time to sort it out, there is a large amount of work to do. This WILL NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT. Trust me, be patient, it is also very good to see that people are wanting the system to be rebuilt as it shows that people want to use the system.
  11. Kurtiz

    As some people may be aware I have been rather Inactive over the last like 2-3 weeks. Well basically the shot sweet answer is I just cbf playing the server right now when everything to me is boring. So I'm taking a break and playing other games, and I will occasionally be on the TS either in my channel or in the Music Bot channel but yea. If ya need me best be quick when I'm on, I only stay on the TS for like 20 min max, maybe more if I feel adventurous. I will be remaining in active until ya see me on for more than 10 min for like 3 days in a row. P.s - Plz dont demote me on Cop or Medic. Thanks But yea, if ya need to talk or anything just poke me when I am on or Add me on steam, http://steamcommunity.com/id/kurtiznz Cheers
  12. Yea, tbh I would be more active if this was active as it is something I would be keen on working my way up the 'ranks'. Just everything right now is Stale and so boring for me. I want to do something new on the server and in the community
  13. Kurtiz

    When you donated: 1/01/2018Server: Altis LifeUsername: KurtizPlayerID: 76561198163643426If AL what tier is the breakdown (eg. $30 = tier 3 for 1 month or tier 1 for 3 months): Tier 1 for 1 Month Processed - Connor
  14. Kurtiz

  15. Kurtiz

    Yea sounds good, and seems bout right tbh, but it does get to a point where u could be Power Gaming. Just imo I would just keep that in mind. The video is heavily edited and I ain't gonna go into what I think too much, but yea, we need to train Pub's asap. But sometimes the best way for them to learn is to just do and watch the senior officer.