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  1. FarmerJoe

    Look mate I'm gonna have to stop you right there. If me n the boys find you pickin apples there's gonna be some real trouble headed your way. Peaches are the only fruit that should be picked on the island. Apples are solely for the peasants and cock-smokers of straya. Come on down to John n Joe's Peach Farm n we can teach ya the bloody ways of the peach mate. Just remember, if we catch you with an apple, you're a bloody dead man.
  2. FarmerJoe

    *looks on Darkside*
  3. FarmerJoe

    Does anyone know if there is going to be any roleplaying events for civi's anytime soon ? The last one I saw was the unofficial "car dealership" myself and Farmer John did ages ago. For being a roleplay server, it seems it's had a severe drop in RP the past months.
  4. FarmerJoe

    I highly disagree with many of the complaints about little roleplay. Myself and the Farmers Union gang find roleplay scenarios every session without fail. Yes we kill civi's BUT there's ALWAYS roleplay involved (eg getting them up to the farm, getting them to "deliver" weaponry to other members, etc.). Yes we are Sydney rats, but that's because it's the only place we can get legitimate, entertaining roleplay. Rebels always seem to play the same game of robbing, simon says, or hostage scenarios. These get excruciatingly boring after the 10th time. Sydney has many new players and many more opportunities to engage in humorous yet legitimate roleplay. For people trying to say there isn't roleplay... you're trying hard enough.
  5. FarmerJoe

    Alright so I've posted this in the past but my post request got denied as usual. With the new update in full swing, I still find it ridiculous that there is still absolutely nothing to do in jail. If you're replying with "well don't do rebel things," what else is there to do in the server, like honestly. Other than pick peaches, of which I've done for multiple hours, the majority of things to do on the map are rebel/illegal things. I've been sent to prison for 30 minutes and there's nothing to do but sit afk. And may I remind some people that not all of us are rich, so chopper's or prison escapes aren't an option. There's no logical reasons that I can see to not add something in to counter this issue. If you're asking us to sit and jail and "roleplay" for half an hour, I think you need to re-think your strategies... Anyone agree with this? What do you think that they could add that would be entertaining and viable? I was thinking something like mining that could also give you (reduced) money. At least it would stop the monotony of prison. Lets try and make some idea's that could give admins options for future updates.
  6. FarmerJoe

    If you play civ, you know that SRT is possibly the most boring experience of the server. You are told to "stay indoors" and "not roam the streets." What exactly do you want us to do then ? Sit in the market AFK ? Now I'm all for roleplay and love the server for it, but when SRT is called, it generally goes on for a solid 30 minutes which is preposterous. So you admins and cops expect us civis to sit indoors either by ourselves, or in a group, and roleplay for 30 minutes... It quite literally kills the server as can be seen from last nights session. When I joined there were over 100 civs online, SRT got called and the number dropped to under 75. And don't go replying saying "you're the reason it get's called." It's not our fault the cops are useless at patrolling and can't control the civilians (whom which can't purchase extreme weaponry and gear like you.) So there is no excuse for you having a disadvantage. Sure call in SRT every now and then, but it doesn't take 30 minutes to control a few civilians. Admins, give proper virtual training to cops. And cops grow a pair of balls, it's not that hard to deal with a few rooks when you have top tier armour, sniper rifles, and armoured vehicles. I remain, Farmer Joe PS Peaches at John & Joe's Farm are now 50% off. Come in quick as this is for a limited time only.