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  1. I3loodDevil

    If they don't see you from behind its funny how quickly they turn around and shoot you in the face lol ?
  2. I3loodDevil

    Hmm yeah there are a lot of trolls on Altis Invade & Annex that run you over or hit you with there jet at a low altitude but apart from that it seems good. I donated and I love the perks you get with Area 51, is there any way of maybe adding more skins perks to it not just for Nato but for other uniforms too since most nato are pilot or gillie suit.. Just wondering? Everything looks great, just need more moderation in the game so we can deal with trolls and idiots that cause issues within the community
  3. I3loodDevil

    I noticed those bots pop you hard as soon as you turn the corner or lean around the corner hard, pop,pop, pop....dead... seems like the bots enjoy knocking you down a peg when you kill half the people around them...???
  4. I3loodDevil

    True all good I'll leave this post where it is. /Close thread
  5. I3loodDevil

    Sorry Yeah just more classes cause there is 70 slots on the server, its a bit hard to get more medic's or pilots etc on the server at one time, if there were to be more slots then more chances of revive, airstrikes, pilots ect and that. Just a friendly suggestion other then that the server is great to be on. Thanks Josh Dark (I3loodDevil)
  6. I3loodDevil

    Could I possibly put in we need more classes and Teams if we have a chance and trying our classes out. Thats all the server is really nice and awesome guys to chat, admin are fair and easy going.