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    Hi @Fusionable, thanks for taking the time to reply. I totally agree with your point about implementing the player suggestions first, and then determining exactly what we need to wipe. What are your thoughts in regards to my comment about resetting the APD & APS? In my opinion, the APS has gone incredibly stale, and those who I've talked to have complained bitterly about the promotion system. Players who play consistently with good role-play are stuck in low positions while those who are in the senior ranks play inconsistently and usually just hop on to make some money or troll us contractors... The APD is better managed, kudos to @Augnov and his cabinet for that, but I do find that there are many people in the mid-level ranks (Senior Constable - Sergent) who are only there for the 'frags' and the money. When I hand rebels/items into the cops, I often find the pubslots are the best role-players, and actually respond to authorization requests. What are your thoughts? Am I right or am I seeing a non-existent problem? @Fusionable
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    My only concern with this is that while Cops/Medics get to keep their rank and access to gear, contractors and rebels are going to have to work from the ground up. Look how long it took cops to attain their rank, it is the same for how we accrued our money/items. You take away our resources and their implodes contractors, and possibly rebels. As I see it, there are two better options: 1. A complete wipe that includes removing APD and APS ranks. 2. Keep APD & APS ranks, and bank balance. Completely wiping would destroy some of the small, and large groups who actually contribute to the role-play on the server. If we are going to go down the wipe everything route, then it should be wipe everything.
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    My whole life just flashed before my eyes, I gave it 2 stars
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    I was click baited...
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    I would call my planet "Earth 2.0" or "OMG, maybe we should have listened to the climate scientists". ?