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    1. zed

      uhhhhhh yikes
    2. So if you allow some people to bypass the limit and not others that's targetting? is it not? why even have a ping limit at all?
    3. This ping decrease was a bad move. It was made due to sheer resentment for a certain group of players who no longer play the server. My recommendation is to up the ping limit so that players like Jack and Maverick (who are both great guys and we wouldn't want them to leave) can stay and have a good time with no worries about kicks due to connection.
    4. zed

      Sorry boss I'm banned. Got no clips @Daywalker
    5. zed

      Damn bro you should probably kick that guys ass bro @Home
    6. zed

      If everything is ready to go why not just add them in? Don't see a point in waiting for anything, there are already gangs on the server to claim them.
    7. zed

      The server has been getting better content wise but the player count doesn't reflect that.
    8. zed

      Get rid of bank. It's too rebel sided
    9. zed

      So basically I decided to edit and upload a little frag montage for you guys to watch and hopefully enjoy. After I finished uploading the video I noticed that the quality is not the greatest and I have decided to change my record and render settings so hopefully my next video will be a little bit better. Like I said for my previous video, feel free to either comment or PM me any recommendations you may have about how I can improve and also like + subscribe for more. Thanks.
    10. zed

      True that brother, thanks for the idea.
    11. zed

      Declaring on rebels within 2km's of an active bank? Sounds like GD to me.
    12. zed

      Lowkey mitch saved straya's pop. But aight
    13. zed

      Hey, I have already sent this to a few of you guys and have received some positive feedback so I thought why not chuck it on the forums. This video isn't intended to 'bully' any specific person or group of people but instead was made just as an experiment to gain some experience in regards to video editing. Obviously it isn't a great video as I don't have much experience in regards to video editing but I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could give me some feedback (good or bad) in regards to what you are about to watch. Feel free to message me on teamspeak or on the forums if you have any feedback you would like to share with me. Thanks a lot for watching and I hope you enjoy!
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