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  1. zed

    Ingame Name - dez Hours on Arma3 - 2200 Age - 58 Short description on your play style - I like roleplaying as an eski. I'm almost 60 so I comb my hair with a shammy. Love a good root. Solid worker. My mates call me fanny cause im a massive ****.
  2. zed

    I reckon we just remove cop, make the server wasteland with declarations
  3. zed

    If I had it I would big man, soz
  4. zed

    Accidentally clicking my bookmark for this site was the best mistake I ever made. 3 @Zarco 3 @Rhys Beckett 3 @Big Kev 3 @Chadd 3 @tonic 3 @Dizzy 3 @Jesse Wasabi 3 @Connor McGregor 3 @luke_ 3 @JARH_ 3 @FarmerGeorge98 3 @Kat. 3 @Corey. 3 @Milkdud 3 @Uncle Toby 3 @Chris Shaw and his mums big tits 3 @AustrianTrapLord 3 @Truma 3 @bouda118 3 my nword BOB 3 @Truthy 3 @Brendon 3 @Henny 3 @Goatlicious 3 @Jewbacca 3 da guys
  5. zed

    IGN: zed Hours: 2200 Age: 18
  6. zed

    @Turbanator Orrrrrrrr.... you can stick to I&A and we can stick to AL? No disrespect to you, I don't know you but the fact that you decided to come into an AL discussion and poach some players has reinforced my initial decision to stay as far away from I&A as possible. We are trying to better our community, try not to get in the way of that please.
  7. zed

    You're still trying to compare Straya to other servers. It's not worth it, it's better to just build upon what Straya is already known for. We had a good system and a lot of pop back in the day and that was for a reason. Straya AL is not a strict roleplay server with custom addons, it's a place for people to come on and have some fun. Those people who want a strict roleplay server can go find one. Also, "shooty shooty" is what makes AL fun and nobody can ever or will ever change that. That is the reason why people play video games after all am I right? to have fun, and potentially do things that they wouldn't be able to in real life. Everyone can go and pick some apples or talk to people in real life. However, not everybody can go and join a rebel gang and drive in armoured vehicles looking for people to rob and shoot at. It's exciting and it's what draws people to altis life. I guess what I'm really trying to say is, people are diverse. No two people want the same thing and no two server is exactly the same. Straya should stop trying to copy the style of any other server and instead build their own. If I am being completely honest, we already had our own unique identity and presence in the arma 3 community pre wipe but for some reason people wanted the server to become more like olympus and the server started to die. Both rebels and cops (from what I can see) agree that the idea to try and 'become another server' was a bad one and it would be best to revert to how things used to be. You're right, eventually arma 3 will die out and slowly but surely it is happening. However, I'm sure I speak for most people when I say that the best possible outcome would be for staff to revert things to the way they were and let the server die out in peace as StrayaGaming Altis Life, not Olympus.
  8. zed

    Agreed, and changing the meta to encourage players who aren't in gangs to join one will help with that.
  9. zed

    I agree that it's up to the player to play the game how they want to play it, but altis life has a competitive aspect. It is a PVP based RPG after all, therefore everybody wants to be the best. This means that many players, often the dedicated ones (ie rebels and cops) are willing to sacrifice their time to make as much money as they can in order to buy the best gear possible. The thing I don't understand is the idea that it has to be a sacrifice for those dedicated players, why can't the meta change back to what it used to be in order to make earning money fun again.
  10. zed

    Learn to read monkey man ?
  11. zed

    My point is that it isn't worth doing anything different because the most profitable thing to do is Gems, but doing gems is boring. I'm suggesting that instead of doing something boring for cash, the meta should change so that people are having fun whilst earning cash. Also, thanks for the link I wasn't quite sure what an RPG was
  12. zed

    That's much appreciated. Perhaps the higher ups should look to recruit some more AL players for the community team. I'm pretty sure that AL is SG's highest earning server and (maybe not anymore) highest pop server as well.