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    1. This is the first Community Zeus event for Straya I&A - with the idea being to reduce the workload on our tireless admins like @webbie ,@Noskire and @Fitz running some epic missions at the moment - and putting in a lot of time and effort to keep this community running and entertained. Server Start Time: 12.00pm AEDT Mission Start Time: 12.30pm AEDT Location: StrayaGaming I and A Event Server (search "straya" to find the server, which will be active 30 minutes before the operation commences). Password: straya Situation: CSAT have landed a significant quantity of combat supplies, troops and vehicles in the port of Tuvanaka. It is assessed that they are planning for a major offensive against Georgetown and the NATO Airbase. The main NATO Force is tied up in the remainder of the Horizon Islands, and as such Task Force Straya is tasked with neutralising the key assets in the area before they have a chance to strike. Mission: Task Force Straya is to land and achieve the following objectives: 1. Destroy the Supply Cache in Tuvanaka 2. Destroy enemy IFV’s under repair at the vehicle range 3. Destroy grounded fighter aircraft at the airfield 4. Clear the radar installation in the centre of the island 5. Kill the Logistics Commander (Colonel Mahadi) Execution This operation will be conducted in a free-reign manner. Personnel are free to attack the objectives individually if they wish. However, group management will be as per standard I&A, therefore grouping up and teamwork is highly encouraged. Intentionally interfering with other teams’ plans will not be tolerated. On completion of the mission, return to the FOB for further tasks around Tanoa Control Measures: Helicopter CAS will be available – and will operate in accordance with I&A ROE, in that they must be called in on a target. CAS is NOT permitted to engage objectives to complete them. Logistics: Dress: NATO Equipment only Equipment: Individual preference Weapons: Individual preference Medical: Standard Arma 3 revive system (It’s slow, so make sure you stay alive and look out for your mates) Transport: 1. Mk V SOCs will be available to land personnel 2. UH-60 Black Hawks will be available to land personnel 3. Helicopter CAS will be available in the form of an AH-64 Apache – available to the dedicated pilot slot. Mods: 1. RHS USAF is required 2. JSRS Soundmod and Blastcore are optional Command and Signals Individual preference. It is encouraged to group together and complete objectives that way – however there will be no set chain of command or overall commander Timing: Group on the I&A Events Server this Sunday 17 March at 12pm AEDT/2pm NZDT for a 1230pm AEDT/2:30pm NZDT start time. Late entries are acceptable - just tie in with a group or grab your two machine guns and rambo it in. Feel free to message me at any time on discord or in the forums for more info. May the Force be with you all.
    2. Guardian

      Ladies and Gentlemen, For those of you who haven't seen this in the main forums! THE OBJECTIVE: Following the epic clash between the three pillars of Straya Gaming in Operation Velvet Thunder, a sequel has been planned to include more bloodshed, greater stakes and the most prized thing of all: REDEMPTION Each 15-man unit from Invade and Annex, Altis Life and Wasteland will begin the event with control of one town/zone. Your goal is to seize the other two zones without losing your own. If after an hour has passed no single team has secured all three zones, the team with the largest number of player-kills will take the title. TASKS: Secure all three zones Eliminate any opposing forces CONTROL MEASURES: Teams: To represent a server, you must play most frequently on that server (as in Velvet Thunder). Vehicles: You will be given a set arsenal of vehicles available for use. These vehicles will respawn after 60 seconds. Weapons: No limitations have been applied (may change). You may use whatever weapon/launcher/explosive you wish. Equipment: Thermal equipment has been restricted; including sights, thermal capable NVG and launcher sights. Respawns: No limitations have been applied. You have unlimited respawns. Game Mechanics: Stamina has been disabled. 3rd person is disabled. (May change) TEAM COMPOSITION: Team Commanders will be chosen by each server's staff team, who will select members for their team. If you are interested in being a Team Commander, please contact @Guardian ASAP. All players who wish to participate should send an expression of interest to @Guardian or @Asnee, who will direct you accordingly to a team. 15 members per team (may be increased to 20 if required) WHEN, WHERE & MISC: The event will take place on Sunday the 24th at 7PM AEDT. If you are participating, please ensure you are in TeamSpeak (ts.straya.life) by 6:30PM AEDT. Server Commanders and participating players are encouraged but not required to join our new events discord for easy communication and planning leading up to the event. A detailed mission brief of the zone locations and available vehicles will be made public closer to the event date. PRIZES: Prizes will be available for the winning team, top kills, and most strategic play. Prizes are as follows: Winning Team: Event Winner TeamSpeak tag Most Kills: $20 Steam Voucher Most Strategic Play: $20 Steam Voucher I'm the team leader for this, so if anyone is wanting to join our I&A Team and support the cause of earning our redemption through Wasteland and Altis Life's blood - message me through the forums or in discord (guardian#4314) Don't reply to this with Expressions of interest, MESSAGE ME. I'll add you to the channel so we can plan our winning strategy. Hope to see you there. Any questions - fire away!
    3. Guardian

      I'm on the fence on this one... Changes could be made to improve it, but there may be behind the scenes reasons as to why not. I agree with some of the points, but not others. What I don't agree with: 1. Unlimited Spawns (Once you take a HEMTT Medical there, they very rarely run out after that - so all it takes is a Pilot/Land Logistics System to keep it effectively unlimited atm) 2. Having a helo spawn on the pad (I think that it's unnecessary given the main base's location and flight time - this is from the grunt perspective tho) I do however agree that: 1. A teleport to FOB option would be beneficial from base. Means that it would be used for, and could then cut pilots flight time if that was an issue. 2. A more diverse range of vehicles might not be the worst thing. So long as they still required resupply by HEMTT Box/Huron Crate to use. Indifferent: 1. AI around base, I don't really have an opinion - if it reduces any kind of performance then probably not. But meh 2. Praetorian, Meh. I'm not affected by this change enough to have an opinion
    4. Guardian

      Post Activity Review: Operation Iron Ryder Conducted: 03 Feb 2019 Reviewed: 04 Feb 2019 Location: Tanoan South-Eastern Island, focused around Harcourt and Lijnhaven. Objectives: Seize two enemy T140 5K Angara tanks, and two Zamak Repair trucks Commentary: Reconnaissance forces stepped off at H-Hour - 30 Minutes, consisting of an amphibious recon team inserting south of Lijnhaven. They inserted without incident and began reporting to the combatant commanders on enemy dispositions. At H-Hour, a large convoy departed the NATO Airbase consisting of a mechanised unit (Callsign Rhino), and two motorised infantry units (Cheetah and Wolf). This convoy crossed the bridge into Harcourt and encountered moderate but effective resistance - with Callsign Rhino being rendered combat ineffective. The decision was made for Cheetah and Bravo to continue to advance with elements of Rhino, while a small observer team was left in Harcourt. A roadblock along the planned route resulted in the alternate route being used. C/S Wolf continued to advance South West and held enemy reinforcements in Lijnhaven. C/S Cheetah split from command and advanced through the forest onto the target hangars - which, while against the commander's plan, was mostly effective with heavy casualties. The tanks were secured and departed immediately, but were hindered by mines placed along the northern road out of Lijnhaven. One Zamak Repair trucks were destroyed by enemy mines and infantry along the road - meaning only the tanks could be extracted from the island. One of the target tanks was destroyed by an incident at a local repair station en-route. Outcome: 1 / 2 Target Tanks Secured 1 / 2 Target Repair Trucks Secured Mission deemed partial success, although ultimate mission was not met. Fix: Zeus: Nil Tactical: 1. Ensure that you follow your squad leader's direction (They're working hard too). If you feel you have a better idea, present it to them or maintain comms while you do your own thing. Ultimately these missions are intended to be fun and communicative so both hardcore tacticians and Rambo's are in the right - just remember to compromise for each other. 2. Utilise UAV to build an even more detailed enemy picture. Sustain: Zeus: 1. Dedicated Server 2. Enemy set up prior, including reactionary forces. 3. Paratroop/Quick Reaction Force is a realistic response. Although most likely delivered by direct landing/vehicle - paratroopers are ****en cool and a sustain IMO Tactical: 1 . Detailed reconaissance conducted 2. Adaptability to enemy road blockage. Improve: Zeus: Nil Tactical: 1. Look into alternate entry points to the island. The bridge was one of several - and could have gone very wrong without contingency. Recommend amphibious or airborne insertions to support these ops in future as necessary. The use of the bridge for the return was inevitable. End of Report Solid work. May the Force be with you.
    5. Guardian

      I imagine I'm about to be torn apart for this, but I also want people to keep in mind that it's very easy to look at things in hindsight - and to tear apart how everyone else has done it because you have the perfect solution. Some good work was done by several people, and in the end a few of us made mistakes (Myself most certainly included) which aligned to result in a critical mission failure. Our Zeus' did well given the circumstances and they've been hung enough and issues raised in this forum have already been raised and agreed upon in our after action reports within Teamspeak. As the overall commander - I would like to acknowledge my failings for a lot of the decisions I made based on information I had at the time. In hindsight I would change them, but there are decisions which at the time I firmly believed were the right call and I stand by their execution and at times, subsequent failure. The Recon Team: Admittedly, my field of expertise is not reconnaissance nor sniping nor overwatch - in reality or game. I admittedly made a token decision on where to place the recon team which ultimately resulted in their immediate demise and limited usefulness throughout. The plan for visibility on the south side of town was for Demon to observe the south side and report. There will never be a perfect OP that will not be scouted by the enemy. I should have taken this more into account. I would like to acknowledge the hard work of @BigRed and @decibel_spl in persisting with my failed recon plan. The Transport: I had made prior arrangements to transport each callsign into the AO - initially this was for a Blackfish to insert Demon to near their AO to prevent the long drive. However with a lack of qualified pilots for this on the day, the decision to drive was made to get the mission moving. In future, I need to peg down pilots with experience earlier and ensure they know they will have a pivotal role - and include them in the planning. The Loitering Helo: This decision was made based more on real-life scenarios rather than in-game ones. The overall plan involved Demon setting up a cordon and Angel then immediately deploying into the town to achieve surprise, violence of action, and simultaneity. However when one was delayed, the other was too. And when the latter was then delayed I had to further delay the former. While realistically, this may have been a feasible course of action (Not necessarily the best one), I didn't factor in the in-game effects of boring somewhat impatient (and rightly so) players. Zeus Co-ord: In future, I think it would be better for the commander to liaise with Zeus so that they can both war-game accordingly. In these scenarios the NATO Commander gives up their gameplay to coordinate squad leaders; and as such them knowing what Zeus is about to do isn't the worst thing in the world. It's how the squad leaders react which identifies where the magic happens. I should have made contact with Zeus in this instance. As stated I take the majority of the responsibility for the failure of this operation. @Farqman I did have several General Garrison moments, and several moments in the aftermath where I was kicking myself for my decisions. But as stated, I made them with the information available and as I stated above. The important thing is that we learn - and don't hang our Zeus, Squad Leaders and other teammates for some epic work that they put in, to the point where they're afraid to try and lead because of the backlash they've faced or seen others face. This doesn't mean don't give criticism - but make sure it's constructive. This is not in reference to any particular post or reply - but just something to keep in mind in the future. If I lead you again, I will make these improvements in the future. Kia Kaha, And May the Force be with you.
    6. Guardian

      I've just got a couple: Let us know thoughts and I can adjust as necessary because my imagination can often get the better of me. Operation Iron Ryder MISSION OBJECTIVE: CSAT are attempting to break the deadlock in the conflict for control of Altis and Stratis. A new platoon of enhanced T-140 Angara K5 tanks have been discreetly inserted through the port in Kavala/Pyrgos/Research Facility (depending on server AO loc). They’re being stored in a warehouse nearby, alongside their support vehicles – waiting until we are weak to strike. Task Force Straya is to secure at least two of these tanks, and one repair Tempest and return it to the NATO Airbase for extraction and research. Other targets of opportunity may be seized. SQUAD SETUP: This operation will comprise of: 2 x Light Infantry Squads 1-2 x NATO Tanks 1-2 x NATO Helicopters for insertion CAS\FSG STATUS: CAS will not be allowed to engage the facility itself during the securing of the tanks, however can provide support for the return journey to the NATO Airbase WEAPONS\UNIFORM: NATO Issue Uniform/Headgear. Weapons are at individual preference. NOTES: The key is to secure the tanks, without destroying them. Speed and Violence of Action is key, otherwise the tanks may be crewed and used against us. Operation Mako MISSION OBJECTIVE: CSAT Naval Forces have moved two destroyers into the bay north of Altis in order to interfere with our air and naval operations. These destroyers are mirrored off the USS Liberty – they need to be recaptured to clear the airspace, and to see how far advanced the CSAT reverse engineering of our ships is. Task Force Straya is to clear these ships of all hostiles and return to the NATO Base. SQUAD SETUP: This operation will comprise of: 2 x Dive Squads transported in SDVs CAS\FSG STATUS: CAS cannot engage the destroy targets WEAPONS\UNIFORM: Diving Equipment SDARs are to be brought, as enemy divers are assessed to be protecting the undersides of the vessels. Additional weapons may be brought if space allows in backpacks. Operation Chariot II MISSION OBJECTIVE: CSAT have used a set of civilian trawlers to land a large cache of supplies at Lijnhaven/Any Port. Due to the significant enemy force, including AA, sited along all land approaches to the port – this assault will have to be amphibious. You are to destroy the following targets: 1. Supply Cache 2. Transport Vehicle Park 3. CSAT Logistics Commander CSAT will likely counterattack swiftly, so as soon as you are done fall back to the boats and withdraw. SQUAD SETUP: This operation will comprise of: 2 x Infantry Squads CAS\FSG STATUS: CAS cannot engage the destroy targets, however it can be used to slow down the counterattacking CSAT forces. WEAPONS\UNIFORM: NATO Issue Uniform/Headgear. Weapons are at individual preference.
    7. Guardian

      I can write up a scenario for it in the very least and I'll forward it to one of the admins
    8. Guardian

      There is no requirement to wear a specific type of uniform outside of NATO/CTRG issue equipment. Soldiers are free to wear all NATO issued uniform, however CSAT, AAF and Syndikat equipment will not be accepted. This is to minimise casualties to friendly forces in such a high risk area of operations.
    9. Guardian

      Yes. I'll aim to grip up all the squad commanders an hour prior to the operation so we can discuss tactics - I'll call the shots overall, but I also don't have the intention of standing on your throats with how you conduct the mission within your squad. Players/Soldiers: It'd be ideal to have everyone there as early as possible to make it easier on the commanders and Zeus. Make sure you've got your arsenal set. Squad Commanders: I'd like to have the squad commanders in Teamspeak at 1pm NZDT on Sunday if that's doable. @Zombine45 @decibel_spl @SwordsterPM Me if not and I can do a briefing that suits your time frame to discuss it. Good point - The command callsign will be 'Hades' and I will brief insertion points to the squad commanders. Squad sizes will have to be determined on the day - but I can handle that as it happens. Sadly, no plan survives H-Hour but we'll get through it. I'll be on the server tonight and tomorrow night if anyone remotely interested wants to hit me up and discuss or put ideas forward. Cheers, Ladies and Gents and I'll see you on the field. May the Force be with you.
    10. Guardian

      While for the most part I agree with the sentiment of getting stuck into Achmed #412 from the CSAT Army at close range, I've often found that infantry need an increased AT ability than MAAWS or RPG-42 can provide - especially when CAS is unavailable for periods of time due to a number of circumstances. For example, if a tank is creating several new orifices in our bodies without consent, we can't get a lase on it and hold it. So having a wire/laser guided AT capacity on the ground is key. But I would support a limit on the scopes - then again I'm a little old fashioned and a man of principle
    11. Guardian

      I'd definitely support that if it happened! Even if it was prime time, because Tanoa isn't doing too badly at the moment.
    12. Guardian

      Would definitely support a Malden Monday event. Some solid variety going downrange
    13. Guardian

      I thought the mission was pretty well done from the objective aspect, and how most people worked together. The consutructive feedback I'd give for future missions would be to assign people to distinct squads - and have an admin be loud and do it because there were a couple people trying to outdo Noskire and OrionSync which made it confusing for some people. And also lightning everyone else who tried to go near it from outside the event because we had the Side Squad(TM) try and compete with us and get pissy when the event participants didn't do what they wanted. Small points - and they're not related necessarily to how the event was run. But the mission was well done, and Orion and Noskire did well. So thanks for all the effort you put in and let me know if you need help planning the next one. Cheers, Gentlemen
    14. Guardian

      I'll have you know that the BERET is also in service with NATO, and I look ****ing dashing
    15. Guardian

      Getting clotheslined by a tank once probably equates to 1000+ civilians....
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