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    1. Phalanx

      Would definitely support a Malden Monday event. Some solid variety going downrange
    2. Phalanx

      I thought the mission was pretty well done from the objective aspect, and how most people worked together. The consutructive feedback I'd give for future missions would be to assign people to distinct squads - and have an admin be loud and do it because there were a couple people trying to outdo Noskire and OrionSync which made it confusing for some people. And also lightning everyone else who tried to go near it from outside the event because we had the Side Squad(TM) try and compete with us and get pissy when the event participants didn't do what they wanted. Small points - and they're not related necessarily to how the event was run. But the mission was well done, and Orion and Noskire did well. So thanks for all the effort you put in and let me know if you need help planning the next one. Cheers, Gentlemen
    3. Phalanx

      I'll have you know that the BERET is also in service with NATO, and I look ****ing dashing
    4. Phalanx

      Getting clotheslined by a tank once probably equates to 1000+ civilians....
    5. Phalanx

      So what you're saying is you want Taco to be a medic again? Let's just avoid a prisoner kill leader board and it'll be fine
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