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    I finally have an opportunity to use my 12 navids
  2. Dominic

    i love strayagaming altis life and play it all the time this is just what I thought
  3. I have noticed the fact that because of the 10000 reward when cops impound vehicles or the fact they don't need zip ties nor decent reason to restrain people has turned the police force into a group of "well dressed criminals that can get away with whatever". Recently a cop asked me for $100000 or he arrests me and I go back after walking somewhere out of the market and my vehicle has already been impounded. Others have been arrested for "breaking roleplay" and peeing in public spaces. Only because the cops want to make money out of the job and not help people. Nowadays if you join cops you get an instant bad rep because you just can't help but be a dick when you're allowed to. I think there should be a rule for bounty's that civs can get paid to decrease the attraction of being a cop. Giving the cops prison sentences for abusing their powers would help a lot to make cops a less hated faction.