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    1. Cya Connor, You have done well and I hope you have a great future.
    2. Jamiec

      Group Name:Soup And Crackers Group's Founder(s):Bunnings Group's members:Bunnings, Rusky Roleplay backstory of the group: We are here to destroy police and defend civilians against larger gangs. What we can expect to see from you on Altis: Lots of kills and fun times
    3. Jamiec

      +1 needs changing especially weapons one.. its just a different air drop... but every 3 hours.
    4. Jamiec

      Name:Jamie/wayno Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted):76561197994799108 Date of Disciplinary Action:13/02/2018 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you:Permanently blacklisted Who were you Disciplined by:Nclem/Augnov Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Played on cop to gain knowledge of houses which he then went on civ to rob. Why the appeal should be accepted: I am trying to rid myself of my old ways and follow the rules, I agree what I did was wrong and it should of been punishable, however I think a 9 month blacklist is quite sufficient as I have learnt from my mistakes and would like to be able to access the whole range of server features. Any other information:I hope to be apart of the police force again. ...............................................................
    5. Jamiec

      I think we should all be given the same weapons to make it a fair fight. not just the big boys running round with t4+ but +1 for trying to bring back players
    6. Jamiec

      Not an issue mate, I feel you deserve it then if you held it
    7. Jamiec

      Can we even contest if no1 holds it yet? Im happy too but we will lose as we are only slowly growing Should b all g tho bro 4 vs 15
    8. Jamiec

      Roleplay Reason for the War: Claim  Gang Base being Contested (If Applicable): 3 Proposed Conditions [Weapons & Vehicles] (If Applicable):N/A Declaring Gang:SAC Gang Leaders:Endgame, Rusky Gang Members:Dat, Ubebiym Dates and Times of Availability: Most nights Gang Declared On:N/A Gang Leaders:N/A
    9. Jamiec

      Aw Sydney
    10. Jamiec

      Agreed go to my suggestion thread and agree with it!
    11. Jamiec

      I'd like to see a Syd Bank return!
    12. Jamiec

      Sorry to hear you go mate, I wish you all the best.
    13. Jamiec

      I love t I love your ideas mate, keep them coming
    14. Jamiec

      ahahaahah perfect
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