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    1. Truthy

      https://streamable.com/asrdr This is what medics need The hero we needed but didn't deserve @AustrianTrapLord
    2. Truthy

    3. Truthy

      @Dizzy wake up at 3am to buy ix skins??
    4. Truthy

      Just do a purge I just wanna bring a mk200 in sydney and shoot every retard I see
    5. Truthy

      Your gang is a bunch of syd rats that went to cartels
    6. Truthy

    7. Truthy

      Why am I hard right now
    8. Truthy


    9. Truthy


    10. Truthy


    11. Truthy

      Can't we all just get along?
    12. Truthy

    13. Truthy

      Nothing but respect for this man
    14. Truthy

    15. Truthy

      Click Heads
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