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    1. Ashes

      I want to say thank you to everyone who help me get to where i got today, I am sad to tell you that i am leaving this community/server. It has been a long journey this last year, working my way up the server from being in Polair then moving to GD I have made many memories and friends during this time which i will not forget. I would like to point out that i left as a good mate of mine is no longer with us, he tough me how to play/survive on Altis Life and his death has stained the experience and overall joy of the server. I have known him for three and a half year and he was tragic victim of suicide. If Anyone is struggling with depression and are feeling alone PLEASE seek help , reach out to someone and if someone reaches out to you who is struggling please listen and help. If you are thinking of suicide or experiencing a personal Crisis help is available. No one needs to face their problems alone. 13 11 14 is the number for Lifeline Australia or contact 1800 55 1800 (24 hours, Ages 5-25) Kids Helpline.
    2. Ashes

      I don't know how such a large change would effect the community however i don't think it would be a welcomed one, however the only time i think a change like this could be made would be 2 weeks before a wipe.
    3. Ashes

      I hope you stick around and play once in a while, GOOD LUCK ON YOUR ADVENTURES
    4. Ashes

      Remember, efficiency is just clever laziness
    5. now i know how to deactivate it
    6. Ashes

      i know BodyBoarder is my competitor for Inspector but he is active and happy to help other officer when they need assistance. I would happily recommend BodyBoarder for Inspector
    7. Ashes

      Im currently on Leave but would like to add to what i have done since i have placed the application because it has been 4 months since i have been senior sergeant and have transitioned into the role i have been more dedicated to training and activity. since wipe i have been more involved in trying to improve and develop the APD, with me being involved in the creation of the new induction. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vS93XzR9X8_7AHlPBw07RZQM3pUWCqU_l4qvMaC5y823kpZz-nC8aSmNP4_ndSDQuyn8KRlRpXjPeq0/pub?start=false&loop=true&delayms=60000&slide=id.p I have also worked with other training which will soon receive changes including constable, senior constable and sergeant trainings, with this i have put a large amount of effort and time and have worked with other officers of the APD demonstrating my ability to work in groups. I have also asked and pushed for change with other officers by redesigning my friends and i induction document, with the changing the original google document and changed it to a google slide document.
    8. Ashes

      The sky is the limit.
    9. Ashes

      Should be Detectives & Ash
    10. Ashes

    11. Ashes

      Det. Zac - "Snior Sergeant Ash" Except for only spelling my rank wrong, Zac is a great senior constable and takes CO 100% of the time when i ask if anyone wants CO, he has also improved being a CO during large ops (Banks & Hostage Negotiations), He went from letting GD do what they fell what was right to commanding and constantly giving orders and people things to do. Overall Zac progressed a large amount in the short time he was senior constable and he will make a great SGT and i would love to see where he goes in the future.
    12. Ashes

      I prefer Brisbane life, way better than Sydney life were every person you see will try to rdm you, in Brisbane can now actually trust to be next to other civilians
    13. Ashes

      He is one of a few senior constables who constantly take co when asked and does a good job at commanding.
    14. Ashes

      He is one of a few senior constables who constantly take co when asked and does a good job at commanding.
    15. Ashes

      Sending people for shorter sentences was the only way i could think of combating people constantly be broken out of prison as when we camp someone jail when someone with a high bounty is on they log off so their friends can get them out a later time, also in other circumstances we try to have 1 officer in the prison constantly talking to the person in jail with the person eventually pulling his plug and getting back on half an hour later saying his internet crashed and instantly gets broken out of prison. The reasons i sent your friend for shorter years was because it was the 3 time we had him in prison and the second time he logged off as we were camping prison waiting for him to be broken out. The first time we sent him to prison we did not camp it, the other two times AoW, SO, SF and other gangs showed up to combat us. I have been told to not send people to jail for shorter sentences unless they roleplay into a shorter sentence , so i will stop however can u tell me another tactic to prevent the person from logging out after we send them to jail and make them serve their jail sentence instead of breaking out when we are not logged in. @Jo_ ^
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