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  1. Zarco

    The gang is alive straya is dead
  2. Zarco

  3. Zarco

    I&a popping
  4. Zarco

    Sorry you've been kicked for inactivity and for being a shit mod. You cannot apply again for 3 months. Cheers
  5. Zarco

    Medics are shit. They all 12 year old boys chatting up a 12 year old girl medic is market place. When 12 medics online and no one rev ing
  6. Zarco

    Accepted. Pls come and see me on teamspeak for discord link & tags. You will be on a two week probation where you must be active and do the applicable training in alt f4ing
  7. Zarco

    yes i gave him my referal, he said he would spawn us gear and money
  8. Zarco

    Must be the same protocol when you use old or fabricated evidence to make a warrant, there is no oversight on APD. They are basically a tyrannical government. No wonder the benevolent rebels are trying to take over. People are just sick of the arbitrary arrests, executions, no regards for their own rules they are essentially strayas death squad not to mention their civilian contractors responsible at least for the robbery and execution of lowly miners and hemp farmers.
  9. Zarco

    which protocol is that?
  10. Zarco

    weak, you're a det you can house raid why use bolt cutters.
  11. Zarco

    Should be a royal commision into the APD
  12. Zarco

    ^^^ i will help desk you just saying
  13. Zarco

    Start disrespecting another mans family. cool move bro
  14. yeah i would like to report this william guy for handing out cop gear and flying without a license. thanks blacklist that guy. GG
  15. Zarco

    actually unban slaze he is toxic and to be fair he didn't kill anyone in the RDM.