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    1. Zarco

      Should be a royal commision into the APD
    2. Zarco

      Must be the same protocol when you use old or fabricated evidence to make a warrant, there is no oversight on APD. They are basically a tyrannical government. No wonder the benevolent rebels are trying to take over. People are just sick of the arbitrary arrests, executions, no regards for their own rules they are essentially strayas death squad not to mention their civilian contractors responsible at least for the robbery and execution of lowly miners and hemp farmers.
    3. Zarco

      which protocol is that?
    4. Zarco

      weak, you're a det you can house raid why use bolt cutters.
    5. Zarco

      ^^^ i will help desk you just saying
    6. Zarco

      Start disrespecting another mans family. cool move bro
    7. yeah i would like to report this william guy for handing out cop gear and flying without a license. thanks blacklist that guy. GG
    8. Zarco

      @Corey. can i have a voluntary black list from cop? Like a self exclusion for addicted gamblers. thanks
    9. Zarco

      actually unban slaze he is toxic and to be fair he didn't kill anyone in the RDM.
    10. Zarco

      weird flex, doesn't seem like a sorry attitude at all. FYS
    11. Zarco

      still going on about it? i said cya days ago. but sure keep bringing it up.
    12. Zarco

      let the kid back. it's a game for ****s sake
    13. Zarco

      rebel gear in sydney quick cops KOS
    14. Zarco

      imagine raiding someones house who divided up 40 mil among his cop mates. shame @Big Kev shame @FarmerGeorge98 dog act. guess 1 year playing together for nothing. cya
    15. Zarco

      well your bf chad took you up. RIP enjoy the team gents. many times i suggested holski and was always shot down.
    16. Zarco

      funny you looking out for uncle toby @Holski.when toby, kmart and the rest of the team was slagging you off every time i suggested you for ride along.
    17. Zarco

      yep. want me to release my china breaking protocol montage?
    18. Zarco

      home gd marksman, jot gd bot
    19. so happen several times daily. you go into i menu, adjust things and mags just disappear, these things are hard to make and not something you always can notice when it happens. So very costly.
    20. Zarco

      broken server, even bugs have bugs
    21. Zarco

      shut up jot, you use 150 round mag on GD att
    22. Zarco

      imagine not even discussing this problem
    23. Zarco

      i know, i make joke back asshole. never forgive the shady anal take down.
    24. Zarco

      all is great irl, thanks. i will donate some more m320's to the server soon.
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