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    1. Rackers

      Money doesn't really matter when you have zeus
    2. Rackers

      Change of rule structure, so you dont get banned every 5 mins
    3. Rackers

      Better pop than AL
    4. Rackers

      give us crafting
    5. Rackers

    6. Rackers

    7. Rackers

      Got banned by him for screenshot as evidence
    8. Rackers

    9. Rackers

      Ingame Name - Rackers Hours on Arma3 - 2100 Age - 14 Short description on your playstyle - I snipe, can play CQC, but I am way better at sniping and I callout for teammates while sniping. I am a long range sniper, I sit about 1.8 - 2.4km out and rain hell
    10. Rackers

      Understandable have a nice day
    11. Rackers

      IGN: rackers Hours: 2086  Age: 15
    12. Rackers

      Would be excited to play but uhhh
    13. Rackers

      hmm yes corruption
    14. Rackers

      well maybe you should unban me, jk, take you time
    15. Rackers

      Can i get unblacklisted and zarco gets blacklisted
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