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    1. Rackers

      Ck bouta get gamered
    2. Rackers

      Understandable have a nice day
    3. Rackers

      IGN: rackers Hours: 2086  Age: 15
    4. Rackers

      Would be excited to play but uhhh
    5. Rackers

      hmm yes corruption
    6. Rackers

      well maybe you should unban me, jk, take you time
    7. Rackers

      Can i get unblacklisted and zarco gets blacklisted
    8. Rackers

      getting the backstab
    9. Rackers

    10. Rackers

      So as you all know, I made a bad decision to mass rdm in Sydney WITH rebel gear, which was pretty stupid, so I just wanted to say that for whom it affected or who I killed, I apologize, and same to the support team who had to deal with the helpdesk sydney rdm, But I do regret my actions towards straya because I have played for so long, I feel I could try again in a differ manner mass RDMing. It was pretty stupid but my I'm aiming to be better than my immature squeaky boy, so I hope that the people that I affected forgive me, and that I can come back in a better mood and attitude @James32
    11. Rackers

      Hi my name is Home I dont need a template because Im a gamer I will turn on map markers for you
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