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    1. JdawgZ

      feds fixed now
    2. JdawgZ

      haha great pics!
    3. JdawgZ

      Hey Smiddy, Blood diamonds do not need processing, instead you take them direct to the illegal dealer at the north most point of the map and sell them to the illegal dealer (30 civs must be online for the illegal dealer to open). Hope this helps!
    4. JdawgZ

      Just wanted to wish all the community a happy holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Diwali, Chinese New Year and or what ever you may be celebrating) Been a crazy year but man has it been fun! Cheers!
    5. JdawgZ

      awesome work :)
    6. JdawgZ

      that video actually hit me right in the feels
    7. JdawgZ

      Just a suggestion and feel free to shoot it down - but now we are back in Sydney, it would be cool have the prison relocated back to its pre-wipe location. Further improvements would be: - An ATM outside for reformed criminals who serve their sentence to get money out to use the bus - if they dont get money out from inside prison before their timer is up, they are teleported outside and have no way of getting back. - Add Correctional facility to police bus stop to allow for police to get to the correctional facility faster to prevent break outs of jail (a few of us have tried doing prison guard RP and its been alot of fun ensuring that the prison is kept safe etc). - prison riot - if 4+ people are in jail, then they can trigger a prison riot - if the timer expires before police respond with non lethal force to break up the riot (e.g. 5 min timer etc) then all prisoners are teleported outside jail and broken out (instead of waiting out their 20-40 min sentences etc) - give medics the ability to walk into prison to revive downed convicts (instead of re-spawning and restarting their prison sentence) just another idea for the backlog of things
    8. JdawgZ

      yesssss oil rig would be sick! we need more water based stuff! give us a proper reason to get out the rebreathers/dive suits/sdars/SDV's/boats and or combat landings on the rig phat +1 on this! water combat (on top or submerged), boat tactics, more helis and long range advantages would be awesome - plus it gives the medics search and rescue division a reason to pull out the water gear and get some awesome water rescues going! every one wins!
    9. JdawgZ

      I like it, lots of new tactics and things to try - but I would love another bank for some variety/mix things up every now and again
    10. JdawgZ

      this doesnt explain anything lol - if anything it only raises more questions
    11. JdawgZ

      nooooo striders were terrible! there was no combat, only competitions on who could dismount first or who could win the gamble on a dsync... it got so boring! now we actually have to chase each other, use tactics and set up proper ambushes etc (And besides, the only decent amoured vehicle most cops get is a Hunter, which is slower in speed than a rebel ifrit)
    12. JdawgZ

      yea i agree - personally id wait for a medic to revive me over respawning (then i can i go back to a deal dealer or if needed drive out to a gun store and buy a new gun then rejoin the fun) im certain the medics would love an opportunity to revive people who dont just ALT F4 after 30 seconds - incentives for all lol
    13. You know, technically there is nothing stopping us going back to Sydney on our own right? The Hospital and PD still have their item shops (albeit PD doesnt have a vehicle spawn but we can figure that out lol), the general store is still there as well as the old car garage for Civ. Theres no spawn point, but I see this as an ample opportunity for people to create air taxi business! imagine this, you go to Air Field, melb sky diving or brisbane air garage and pay $1000 per seat to get on some ones huron or other heli and they fly you into Sydney and drop you off. So if you get killed you have to work to get back. business Ideas i see: - air taxis (i.e. pilots who can fly people in and out or can be chartered to do gun store runs with paying passengers) - fuel truckers (to drive around and refuel the helis etc) - licensed pistol sellers (they buy guns and for your convenience sell them closers to sydney lol, or you can get them cheaper by going to gun store yourself) - somebody find snagman and bring him back to straya AL We would need to self regulate it as there is no safe zones so it doesnt completely turn into another purge, but at the same time we can go back to the city we loved so much XD This is in the discussion page cause its not a server suggestion as what ever is happening in the background will come to light eventually, but for those who cannot wait... actually Roleplay (wait does Roleplay mean?) and lets do it ourselves! Medics can resume duties in Sydney, Cops can patrol, Civs can gather and have a laugh again - sheesh why not aye?
    14. JdawgZ

      Also you didnt sent Augnov any evidence you sent him the medair exam form then had a hissy fit.
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