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    2. JdawgZ

      so you say that on 14th sep... didnt make it a full month kid before trying to come back lol
    3. JdawgZ

      yea the second teller bomb thing isnt a bad idea
    4. JdawgZ

      by that logic tho: if he truly dead tho, medic cant revive him cause he is a dead corpse? if he get revived, he shouldnt be allowed to pick up his guns or grab his vehicle cause he wont remember they are his? so, for a medics purpose to be valid, reviving means that the person did not die, they were saved and kept their existing life and can grab his stuff back. i still suggest that a medic revivng some one that removes them from the battle (e.g. teleport revived person to hospital or to rebel/cartel with their gear minus what they dropped etc) is better, then cops cant touch them - same for cops, if revived they are teleported to hospital or PD. Then medics can run in and out of combat revivng and rebels wont hesitate to request for a medic. then you just need to make sure the medics value their own lives and dont get themselves killed... e.g. a rule update to something like "medics killed by crossfire within 2km of a bank will not be considered RDM" - doesnt mean people should target the medics as there is no value in killing them, but if they get in the way and caught in crossfire then thats the medics problem not the rebel/cops
    5. JdawgZ

      yea i can appreciate and respect that for rebels, when a rebel wins a bank i always respawn cause the last 2x times i was revived i got taken hostage haha. I guess that's originally why i was thinking if a rebel or a cop is revived by a medic and it respawned with their gear at a hospital in a safe zone (like in GTA) where they cannot be touched, it would be better cause then they are out of the way of the dec, they are alive hopefully faster cause medics will want them revives and wouldnt have any reason not to revive some one in a combat area. (gives them a tactical element too i guess). and would be interesting watching them race through a battle field (being a distraction etc). Could even put a medic outpost in cartel 2 so if you get revived at OG you go back to cartel to grab a new gun and race back? back in the day when i was a medic, there was heaps of gang on gang decs around weed and heroin, i use to love flying in and reviving dead rebels and having banter Or setting up a medic outpost that turned into a massive rebel battle ground lol. I miss those days.... Feels like most medic interactions are from cop vs rebel fights now
    6. JdawgZ

      you think i enjoy getting killed at banks and having to sit and wait for the combat to end before i either respawn or get revived? no, but thats the penalty of getting killed. Cops go through the same stuff just as much as rebels do. But I'm not the one here demanding they get rid of medics, which has developed its own community of people that really enjoy the game, add its own dynamic and can help with the server pop cause theres usually a few of them on. Maybe you should get some "knowledge of the server before you say stuff like that." im sure none of the medics reading this are feeling all that great getting slammed on. People leave the server because there is no mission or purpose to the server any more. If you werent at a cap point or a bank theres nothing else youd be doing. Gems are OP and make money to easily and the drug fields/illegal dealer are pretty much always empty. the small gangs get shat on or have no idea how to get big, the big gangs keep merging and rebranding instead of fighting each other. Its boring.
    7. JdawgZ

      if we just keep coming back over and over fighting, the only winner is the ones with the bigger bank accounts who can afford more guns and vehicles. becomes boring as shit and just another thing for people to whinge about. you should have 1 life, 1 opportunity to win the combat, you get killed then your out. Either take the respawn timer as penalty for dying or wait for a medic. Coming back over and over outside of the capture points on a robbery is just dumb
    8. JdawgZ

      this isnt koth....
    9. JdawgZ

      points 1, 2 and 3 are all together - as in you do all 3 to make the idea work.
    10. JdawgZ

      update the server for the following: (note: all 3 points are together and not separate) 1. - medics can revive you even if you dont request for medic. 2. - medics revive respawns you with your gear your wearing (minus what you dropped) back to the nearest hospital. This removes the issue of combat reviving where most you dumb ****s just rejoin a dec after you have died. Leaves your gun and inventory items on the ground like normal but your body and everythign you are wearing is saved. 3.- if the medic is in an ambulance van, you respawn to the van rather than the hospital. This removes you from the dec, keeps most of your gear and or if the ambulance van (or maybe the medic mohawk heli as well?) you respawn by the vehicle. the only reason the medic wont revive you near gunshots is because in the past to many people would whinge and moan that medics were combat reviving. rebels would go to HD and cops would just arrest the medics. so yea makes sense they arent gonna risk themselves on you..
    11. JdawgZ

      @Snowy can i have some money
    12. JdawgZ

      I miss you too Truma! we were the best constables in Sydney
    13. JdawgZ

      I miss Altis Life Stats.... seeing who the richest **** on the server is.... seeing who has a bounty and thus how cool they are... seeing if farmer george was still the most killed player on the server... Bring back Altis Life Stats....
    14. JdawgZ

      awesome work man, this will be really helpful for new players! keep it up
    15. JdawgZ

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