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    2. luke_

      Most likely a unpopular idea but one I could see working. Striders would be okay as a cheaper alternative to ifrits considering that ifrits without the doors opening and better than striders.
    3. luke_

      Shame it has to come to a end. Miss the joint feds all those months ago.
    4. luke_

      It's mitch what do you expect. Protocols don't apply to him so he does whatever he wants and pulls out whatever he wants. He did it when he was deputy and he will prob keep doing it in the future.
    5. luke_

      im not saying they should be removed. Im saying they need to be in a place where they are used for big banks, feds and what not. Instead of where they are right now where if I was at a cap point fighting rebels I need to hit them 3 often 4 times with mk1 to kill them, while a rebel needs to hit me twice most of the time with mk1. This is pretty obviously a big advantage. Im saying that csats should be at a price point that makes them used at banks and feds like level 5s do so rebels can deal with the high cop numbers but not used in fights at cap points and such where most of the time rebels have the numbers and are fight cops with equal weapons. As for RPGs and IEDs give me some recent examples. If you don't want to be ghost hawked don't drive ifrits into sydney pretty simple.
    6. luke_

      yeah I saw a few of you do and it's nice not to be fighting tanks but it's a minority that use tac vests, a great number of your gang and other rebels still do. @Nuu Rushean
    7. luke_

      You guys tend to hit banks with 8-10 people vs 10-20 cops. Everyone of your players will have csat level 4 while most cops won't even get a level 4 vest while a even smaller group of people get to take level 5s and be on even footing with a rebel. The majority of cops will have level 2-3 vest and a mx to fight against rebels with effectively level 5 armour and at the minimum a mk1 and quite often bigger guns. This isn't also just about banks while the select few of us who can pull level 5 vests are limited to when we can use them (see protocol 3.11) you guys take your level 5 armour loadouts to every fight. Cops have limitations in place to keep things fair you guys don't and because you can't give rebels protocols you need to give them a financial limitation to keep things fair. Finally for a gang that complains to members of SRT whenever they use level 5 vests that they are op. It seems pretty hypocritical to say that csats are fair and level 5s are not.
    8. luke_

      Csat uniforms (hex fatigues and pilot coveralls) should be in gang bases for like 75-100k each which is the same price a level 5 vest, which is the only thing that comes close to a csat kit in terms of protection. This would be great as it would stop everyone being tanky in normal fights and just limit them to important situations. Most other successful AL servers have done stuff to limit the impact of csats by making them expensive or simply not letting you wear vests with them. A change like this would give rebels incentives to get gang bases as for bigger events they would be able to still be many steps ahead of cops armour wise but would leave normal fights with other rebels or cops a cleaner less tanky affair unless they want to pay for the considerable amount of extra protection that csats offer. Also put csat wetsuits in gang base.
    9. luke_

      Also I think it depends on where they are hit on their head.
    10. luke_

      We tested it a while back, if someone's on full hp they can take 1 headshot from a mk1 with any pilot helmet.
    11. luke_

      We need to land this missile in the ocean"
    12. luke_

      No if you remove city limits all the combat will be in Sydney which just makes for shit combat, there's banks and cap points for a reason if you want to fight with rebel gear use them.
    13. luke_

      The sky is the limit
    14. luke_

      It would be more fun if there were multiple banks because right now it's the same bank over and over again with no change.
    15. luke_

      Have a 2v2 strider fight tournament give everyone mk1s. Would be easy to run for mods and a bit of a throwback for everyone who played before the wipe.
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