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  1. luke_

  2. luke_

    denied try ck
  3. luke_

    +1 was gang rank 4 in football gang.
  4. luke_

    Remove the rules that stop other gangs from 3rd partying banks. Will give the server more combat and more gangs.
  5. luke_

    looking for people who can shoot
  6. luke_

    yea but nobody with anything worthwhile does it
  7. luke_

    Instead of encouraging roleplay for roleplay's sake there should be ways to roleplay that will assist the combat side of the server. Being able to take medics hostage and force them to combat revive at a fed or have police sell equipment to rebels. This gives people who normally wouldn't roleplay an incentive to roleplay.
  8. luke_

    People want more combat not more roleplay, thats been pretty clear for a long time.
  9. luke_

    No city limits makes it easy for rebels to get fights. So there will be more rebels
  10. luke_

    remove city limits if you want more roleplay in sydney
  11. luke_

    //Denied// please reapply in 3 months
  12. luke_

    Reduce the teller time on R&D please. The second teller alone takes 20 minutes. Banks should force cops to push to stop rebels getting away but all R&D does is encourage them to roach for 40 minutes which is zzz. Also make it so the second teller getting hit is like the fed bomb blowing so cops can't get more people on half an hour after the banks started.
  13. The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.