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  1. Loxtonjoel

    Even if there was that many cops on its likely some are out on operations (capture points, house raids etc) and not in Sydney (probably a max of 8-10 cops in Sydney
  2. Loxtonjoel

    Would be nice to see something new in there. Also nice work on this post, everything looks awesome!
  3. Loxtonjoel

    Lads, Couple days ago iamjack made the suggestion of a dispatch type role (along with a couple others within the patrol) that would be tasked with taking verbal dispatchs from distressed civilians etc. COs could choose to active it or not, and poke them if someone joins the channel in teamspeak to notify them that they need assistance. In game another button could be added to the tablet for the 000 helpline that would open teamspeak for the user, additional if you fellas feel it necessary a button for police to push to say that its active. Cheers Loxton
  4. Loxtonjoel

    Only reason I feel the first rule is there is because if the police and a gang are in dec both are on equal playing fields, its pretty annoying if your the cop yarning to a CIV and old mate in a gang who you deced on 4 minutes and 59 seconds ago domes you cause you can't use their gang tags. Only fix to this would be to use uniforms but this could be abused easily aswell. Whole point of SYD city limits is that 6.5, heavy armor vests etc are illegal to give cops an advantage to controls CIVs inside city limits. Don't like it try out the capture points or banks where GD and SRT will be bringing 6.5s etc to fight you.
  5. Loxtonjoel

    Ingame Name - Loxton Hours on Arma3 - 750? Age - 18 Short description on your play style - Cancerous SYD roleplayer who runs a shit laptop with 9fps gameplay ?
  6. Loxtonjoel

    Could save the hassle of adding a new charge and use the "Obstruction of justice" charge which is pretty general anyways. Think its only $10k ticket however so it won't cover the drone (from what I remember the price to be) & as lenny said there about a 1 in 50 chance of catching the person when its full pop. Anyways this is off topic but I liked the post and agree that some rules definitely need some tweaking. ?
  7. Loxtonjoel

    Ever been on GD and "The authorities can conform that the bank of Brisbane is currently being robbed, this is considered an act of terrorism and any citizen found near the bank may meet declared lethal force." or been dealing with a naughty civilian in Sydney who you've been chancing for 30 minutes to finally catch.. "The authorities can conform that the bank of AGL is currently being robbed, this is considered an act of terrorism and any citizen found near the bank may meet declared lethal force." Then finally get back to general duties to control Sydney starting to re-gear up and "The authorities can conform that the Federal Reserve is currently being robbed, this is considered an act of terrorism and any citizen found near the bank may meet declared lethal force." First of all I do understand this is a 'combat ordinated server' and it gives rebels quote "something to do" but to explain it simply its a right pain in the ass. I do understand its good fun for some officers but like situations like last night where there was only 3 GD officers on to 10 divisional officers it feels as if this simple server mechanic is becoming more and more broken. Back when I was on the force back in 2018 it was lessor of an issue due to there being a reduced amount of major robberies (think 3-4 at the most) so each one had a separate cooldown which reduced the amount of robberies happening back to back or close to each other. I think other GD officers would agree with me in saying its actually nice to do GD and have a fat yarn to a few civies while rocking round SYD limits, instead of going into robberies where IX is just robbing the bank to bait cops instead of actually robbing the bank to rob the bank ?. I propose that all Major Robberies have the same cooldown of at least 15-30 minutes, while federal reserve takes a longer cooldown for the higher reward. This wouldn't really be the end of the world for rebels, as it could actually cause some interesting roleplay such as 'protecting other banks' from other rebel gangs to rob the one they want to. The roleplay reason for this could that due to a recent robbery bank all banks of altis have been closed to reconsider security. Would love your guys opinions on this. Loxton
  8. Loxtonjoel

    But that would require an update ?
  9. Loxtonjoel

    So whats the definition of 'soon' ? Jokes aside got to be something in the pipeline that we can look forward too.
  10. Loxtonjoel

    Nar bro ?
  11. I popped in a while back just to check up on what was happening round the place and felt pretty saddened by the numbers, although as discussed above it has been gradually dropping for a couple years. While searching round life servers I got the feel that they aren't quite as 'polished' as Straya with menus being slow and looking bundy as shit ahah. However this is well and truely besides the discussion I'd love to take a minute to thank the developers for the hard work for making the mission file in the first place. Reading over a few suggestions a few people suggested changing the map to Tanona, I'd personally love a change of scenery and I'm sure a few other members would too. Another suggestion is for CIV jobs, I'd personally love to fuel delivery missions and mechanics / bounty hunters (as suggested above) Cheers you lot, Loxton
  12. Spawning an illegal box truck heading to syd spawns on top of sign, processes to blow player up. Proof can be PM'ed
  13. Loxtonjoel

    Est. 2019 Loxton Real Estate uphold high standards, for buyers and employees alike. We uphold trust, devotion and finally convince. Need a house sold quick to make some easy coin? Contact me below! Discord: Loxton#3968 Houses currently on the market Fantastic views, close to town, private! Contact Loxton (via discord) to arrange a private viewing. $2,500,000 In red is the property boundary Includes: Fantastic views of the Sydney Coastline Close to town, a quick 3 minute commute with little traffic Quiet and private Flat and easy landing spot outside the front of the house Large house with lots of opportunity
  14. Loxtonjoel

    Enjoyed the video purely because it was reliable ?
  15. Loxtonjoel