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    1. Spawning an illegal box truck heading to syd spawns on top of sign, processes to blow player up. Proof can be PM'ed
    2. Loxtonjoel

      Est. 2019 Loxton Real Estate uphold high standards, for buyers and employees alike. We uphold trust, devotion and finally convince. Need a house sold quick to make some easy coin? Contact me below! Discord: Loxton#3968 Houses currently on the market Fantastic views, close to town, private! Contact Loxton (via discord) to arrange a private viewing. $2,500,000 In red is the property boundary Includes: Fantastic views of the Sydney Coastline Close to town, a quick 3 minute commute with little traffic Quiet and private Flat and easy landing spot outside the front of the house Large house with lots of opportunity
    3. Loxtonjoel

      Enjoyed the video purely because it was reliable
    4. Loxtonjoel

    5. Loxtonjoel

      What? StrayaGaming has a teamspeak if that's what your asking ( ts.straya.life )
    6. Loxtonjoel

      Ads (altis delivery service) bugs

      BUG 1: Deposit Prices So I have completed a few jobs for ADS and have seen the deposit prices go up and up again, do not know if this is a feature or a bug. Example my current deposit to take a mission is $180,000 which is ridiculous as the highest paying mission is $147,036 from Sofia Cargo yard to SYD Port. A normal trucking company would lower the deposit needed for those drivers who have made successful deliverers before. BUG 2: Restraints in Vehicle Untested from rebel perspective, only experienced from driver(mission takers) side While on a trucking mission before, rebels decided to take me hostage and did not have pliers to unrestrain me. All was good but they were unable to pull me out of the vehicle to unrestrain me after they had placed me in the vehicle. I have not tested this from the rebel side and would imagine its not possible but they did seem new so they may have not known how to pull me out?
    7. Loxtonjoel

      I find this update incredibly helpful for all three sides within the server! All recently requested suggestions have been added by the looks of it. Great work!
    8. Loxtonjoel

      Problem is people need ID to confirm it's not some terrorist walking into PD I mean if you wanna do that when I'm on maybe we could have at least 1 person awarded it
    9. Loxtonjoel

      Just gonna chuck my personal opinion in even though its not really relevant to the topic. I personally hopped on Anzus a while ago, for an hour or so, checking everything out, yes they do have some good ideas but everything is clunky and not well made, full FPS drops when you enter the ATM stuff like that. Props to @Connor. for the well made mission file and assets within it because it definitely shows how much efforts been put in. If it is true that he's stolen mission files then that should be plain embarrassment to himself, you profiting off other peoples work which you didn't have the decency to pay for in the first place. I honestly hope I don't see you on Straya Frank and personally think you should think about yourself, change a bit because the person you were before, or still are now is one that shouldn't be associated to arma 3 RP.
    10. Loxtonjoel

      While driving back through Sydney to deliver to the port, I felt a touch of nostalgia and in turn felt it was necessary to make this post. Not everyone is going to agree with this post and that's just how the world works. While my time on the server has been limited (almost 6 months) I feel that most of the memories I have made were in Sydney, lining up on the wall when you were a pub-slot, the cancerous but quality RP SYD bridge, and all the people I met. I understand why head-administration did it, it must have caused complete and utter chaos in help desk and everyone needed a change, I just don't think I was ready for such a large change. I have been playing the new update for a while and although its nice to have a fresh new location to patrol and and new sights to see I still miss the old locations just as much. The same RP has staled out in Brisbane & Melbourne, compared to Sydney where you knew everyone would be. As I also come on during the mornings (NZST) I see alot of pub-cops and myself patrolling together, and since there isn't a city limits buffer its straight into gun welding rebels who are far better combat ready compared to fresh, green pub-cops (although some are very good a tazer rifle is completely useless compared to a 6.5 etc). I feel Sydney is completely useless now, I haven't seen many people there at all and one of the main reasons you would go there is because of deliveries. I feel this is a complete waste of quite a useful part of the map. By moving people around the map its caused the server to lose 1/4 of it again. Although I did feel the 'rebel' narrative was an amazing idea and executed very well with broken buildings, graffiti in Sydney etc it lacked involving the players, the whole thing could have been run a whole lot differently. I feel a different city that wasn't Sydney should have been chosen aswell, it seems weird to leave the largest city on the map completely useless. I do understand that higher-ups want opinions on the new map, and suggestions to keep it fresh. I just felt this post was necessary to get it off my mind and my opinion to be known, its up to you how you take it. Thank you Loxton
    11. Loxtonjoel

      *Sydney bridge
    12. Loxtonjoel

      Or just last night when there was 86 CIVS on and 20-22 cops
    13. Hey Guys This is my guide for you people who do not have ready access to a proper microphone. A lot's not as good as a proper microphone it can still do the job really well. Positives The plus side of it is that it makes roleplay and general gameplay a hell of a lot easier than. ZERO cost whatsoever Very short lag Available to both IOS (Android) and OS (Apple) Negatives The negative side is that you need to either pick up your phone to talk or have it close to your mouth all of the time. Guide to getting it working Click this to go the companies website. It has a more in-depth guide on the website if you have any trouble either consult that or myself. Sometimes it can be a little temperamental so give it a few tries.
    14. Loxtonjoel

      Skyfise already got there before me I'll link this thread to the DCOs and heres a link to the medic discord if you need it https://discord.gg/yeGQy2
    15. Loxtonjoel

      Not really. You have to make a little money to survive but it's not like its critical for anything unless you wanna play the rebel side. You can still have a bluty great yarn to people at Sydney market, I have met plenty of friendly people there