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  1. Snowy

    Someones Mad
  2. Snowy

    Like to thank everyone that helped/funded tonights Light the torches protest. THIS IS ONLY THE START. #NEWRULEISBS #FTHEPIGS Also cops its wasnt Clout 9
  3. Snowy

    Most of the none black weapons have been sold.
  4. Snowy

    Sick of logging into 3 accounts every 3 months so im selling one of the accounts stuff offer a price for each item and happy to do bundle deals. https://youtu.be/nGca9Q0_rZ4
  5. Snowy

    LOL the funny thing is i have more money then the guys that pay me XD
  6. Snowy

    Bro I can flex me having no life yeah. Woo tbh it's been amazing cos people don't know who has money so they don't ask.
  7. Snowy

    Where did I say rob, I just said to get it off him they could ask nicely, and maybe he will give it over who knows.
  8. Snowy

    20mil to who ever gets this hat off @JdawgZ and gives it to me. It has to come with video proof
  9. Snowy

    "AREA 51"
  10. Snowy

    Treasure King approves
  11. Snowy

    You guys running advanced ace, wind and shit and is it 1st person? But zues ?? using a debug is 10 times better and having the mission all laid out before you start. This is just my experience with 1000s of hours mission making.
  12. Snowy

    @FusionableSorry for such a late reply i have had many things get in the way of life the past weeks. First of all thanks for the reply, i have many people contact me about moving forward with the Idea of PMCs. But i agree its something that need to needs to be planed and thought out. "i do not think a community opinion is necessary in this case" your community is everything if they don't want a PMC group there's no point starting one as it wont be well received. Im not gonna get into the hate etc i said i little to much in my post. i would like to move forward with a PMC group that can get a contract of some sort and its something i will would love to talk to the APD heads about.
  13. Snowy

    Contracting.... where do i start. Its something that many people dont like, which can be understandable in some cases. Pre wipe SIS had a really good contract going cleaning up streets, banks, etc. Some contractors abused the power and didn't abide to the contract. I know SIS wasn't always perfect but i feel we did a lot of good. I cant list much of what we did since there maybe some triggered person out there who doesn't know how the cops got his house Loc. Im wondering what are players thoughts on contractors making a return as i have some of the SIS OGs wanting to make a come back. I know some admins didn't like the way we work like being to secret but hey we are called Secret Intelligence Service for a reason, We work in the shadows, the information that SIS knew could cause a lot of shit. Now the topic of cops just being salty to us and not working this us because "We have more power", at any point the Cops could tell us to take a hike and we have to leave i wonder who as the power. Im not looking to start any shit with admins or other players. SIS as a group was stuffed around a lot after the wipe. I just want players thoughts on SIS making a come back.
  14. Snowy

    ONI Team Snowy (AKA THE TREASURE KING) TBC Sun Mister A Sambu Kenny Subs: Oldmate, Gunwelda, TBC
  15. Snowy

    To Straya Gaming Admins Some of you may have heard that SIS is slowly leaning towards jumping server since an offer that is too good to refuse has come along. I love Straya you don’t spend hours writing docs and shit for something you don’t like playing but atm Straya gaming has lost its vibes. It's sad to see a good server fall and it all cos people can't move their ass. I have been egging SIS members to stay and play but they don't like Robbing/killing cops. They didn't join for that I went for a 30-man crew to 3 is a matter of 4 weeks. I know SF feel the same and probs will be making the switch. The only group I know that's staying is AOW. Below is some of the reasons why SIS is looking at other options. 1: Cops can't get a contract. which is fine I understand why. But I have been asked by a lot of other higher cops for help at banks and shit but had to decline due to no contract. Just cos 1 head cop can't swallow his pride. (from what I’m told only rumours) It's not Aug he's been amazing with us. 2: I have been fed BS since the wipe, this will happen, this will get it done blah blah. I know shit takes time but it's shit that I'm promised by admins saying you will have this by a date. Not one thing has been delivered to date. Again, I know it's not a full-time job for people but what is it 5 6 weeks from wipe. JUST TELL people the truth don’t lead people on. 3: Server has lost its vibe don't know why it's just something. I know you guys are working on it. 4: I know you guys know but there’s no RP place. I know Sydney was cancer at times but there was always someone to talk to etc, now I spend my time flying around looking for people just to do some RP with. 5: I love the new layout. A lot more for rebels and people who are rich. But the new people that just come on and **** around eg Mr chow great lad. Rebels just shit on them in seconds. With Sydney the city grounds were big no big roller could shit on them. 6: New players making money. As I’m the richest person (odd flex but okay “mark”) I’m always getting asked for money I’m not a bank. Players can’t make money without getting shit on by rebels. On the old wipe copperfield and trader was in city limits making it harder for rebels to make there way in and rob the poor people. Hardly anything is safe to do but salt which gives you shit all. The only good thing was treasure wrecks which were op as shown by the one and only Snowy. (For what im told they got nerfed cos of me). Drug dealer is camped by police almost 24/7 because the cops are poor trying to get money. The weekly pay is bad as well and the Medic pay is even worse no wonder there are no medics on. Gems needed to be nerfed but now there bullshit people still need to be able to get them. i spent (after the latest patch) about 30 mins mining got about 2 procs. 7: Gang bases and contractor bases. Need to be added. EG people that have a contact with the APD should get their own base instead of sharing contractor base (something like rebel base, with higher tier weapons and gear than contractor base). To buy weapons eg. I remember buying weapons off AOW cos they felt sorry for us at bank fighting them with spars when they had zafs. I think buying high tier weapons shouldn’t be a thing at gang bases. It should only be able a copy and paste of rebel. They should just be a place to regroup and spawn in/pull out cars. 8: Cop fights with hunters. I have been told hunters are NOT allowed on GD but time and time again we see hunters on GD they make the combat boring like striders. Third person is enough but people with moving cover is the worst. 9: Bring back the LRPS and crafting or something else to do for player that like that. I always enjoyed crafting and getting the items needed to make weapons. 10: For what I know there may have been one or two events. I know fusionable has been starting to run move events and some are interested but they have come in 4 weeks too late. 11: The rules, ALL rules need to be on paper Eg house raiding what happens with the decs, 15 limits on gangs AOW tells me its 15 people doing that same thing so really the whole server could be AOW. I have been to help a lot of times to ask on the rules. Like common ones that should be on the website but are instead in lotza’s head. 12: Admins, I’m not going to put names in this part but some admins and just biased to cop. I had a problem where a cop stuffed up and I was just pushed aside. I had to go to another support member which fixed the issue. 13: Things to do, there's nothing but kill cops and rob people. That’s not AL. 14: People that speak up about the server are getting banned or silenced. I have owned and ran 5 dayz servers/been admin of many gaming servers over my years opening and closing them as the population went up and down and I’m pretty sure banning/silencing people that speak up is not how you do it. Let people have some freedom. People need to harden up. I get called names everyday and if you can’t take it don’t be a admin or hey welcome to the real world. Yes, somethings aren’t nice but hey if every guy that called me something when SIS was a thing you guys would have to ban half the server. [SIS] Snowy Director of SIS