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    1. iamjack

      somewhere of the altis life map, you can even find a rusted tank wreckage =D
    2. iamjack

      Original Punishment : 2 Week Suspension until 10/3 - Appeal Accepted - Updated Punishment : Suspension lifted on 8/3 : 1200 PM , Sydney Probation 2 Week until 21/3 Hatchback sport access suspended during Probation You may use TR using TR guideline and remain in TR.
    3. iamjack

      //Appeal Accepted\\ Your blacklist status appeal have been accepted by iamjack Your blacklist will be lifted immediately, however if anything goes wrong within the blacklisted period, you penalty will be increased dramatically. Your will also receive addition induction training , 5 extra JP hours before whitelisting , and extra 7 days of prob period after whitelisting. Once again, Trolling on cop in EMS is not allowed, if you are facing cop which is trolling at you , there are ways to deal with him without getting yourself into trouble. also, if you are having a bad day, don't play EMS. it is not the best place to hang around if you have a bad day.
    4. iamjack

      // Pending \\
    5. iamjack

      "We need to land this missile in the ocean"
    6. iamjack

    7. This is iamjack, and i am a oversea player played in this server almost everyday in past 8 months. so it have been 3 weeks since the server Ping Limited dropped to 400 , is the ping limitation change trial over ? is it going to be permanent? as a oversea player, i am connecting to Strayagaming server from somewhere non - Aus /Nz location. i am already on 1Gbp Optical fiber from Hong Kong, the best oversea connection ISP . i doubt if there is anything else i can do. but coz of the physical property of light and network routing i am getting around 200-250 ping constantly connected from HK. I know, it is still within the 400 server limit, but sometime , sudden lag spike is inevitable, and 1 packet loss , 1 bad spike is all it take to bring the ping up above 400 for may be 1 second, and 1 bad ping is all it take for the filter to get us kicked from server. it could be in the middle of flying a helicopter....could be in the middle of drug run... could be in the middle of Bank.... anyway it is getting a but annoying that oversea player have to been kicked once every 1 - 2 hours. is it possible for the ping filter to kick people with bad ping after like 3 ping check, ping with 3 min interval to establish the player ping condition before auto kicking? otherwise, more and more player from oversea just going to leave the server becoz of this. may be it is just me and myself, all just my 2cent, but if any of you are suffering the same problem, i urge you to come out ans speak it out.
    8. iamjack

      Thank you for everything you done to APD and the server, Aug
    9. iamjack

      Police uav glitch

      G'day admin and mod this is iamjack, today i have been logged on police while i am still on holiday. because i am using my tablet to play arma, there is little thing i can do, so i decided to pull out some UAV to help GD from sky. i have no problem opening the UAV terminal as well as renting UAV from Heli Shop. i Rented 2 UAV and sent them to 2 different places using waypoint and set the att to 200m. after the UAV reached the location i was set. i try to gain control of UAV by clicking UAV driver control. and then shit happen, i got perma banned by the anti-cheat for hacking. i have been using this tablet playing arma for all my holiday time so it is not something new, and i have no idea why the glitch happened. i have no video of what have happened, but i have the SS of the ban message. i have reported this to mitch and bodyboarder in helpdesk and i am providing all info that i know hopefully the bug can be identity. thanks you support team. iamjack
    10. iamjack

      there is still a while before it officially open, that's what i heard from the office.
    11. iamjack

      hmmm ?
    12. iamjack

      - An ATM outside for reformed criminals who serve their sentence to get money out to use the bus - if they dont get money out from inside prison before their timer is up, they are teleported outside and have no way of getting back. +1 - Add Correctional facility to police bus stop to allow for police to get to the correctional facility faster to prevent break outs of jail (a few of us have tried doing prison guard RP and its been alot of fun ensuring that the prison is kept safe etc). +1 if not directly to the facility at least a nearby police camp so we can react on that. - prison riot - if 4+ people are in jail, then they can trigger a prison riot - if the timer expires before police respond with non lethal force to break up the riot (e.g. 5 min timer etc) then all prisoners are teleported outside jail and broken out (instead of waiting out their 20-40 min sentences etc) + time should be reduce if there are more and more prisioners, like 4P-5min , 5p - 4m45 , 6p - 4m30 etc... - give medics the ability to walk into prison to revive downed convicts (instead of re-spawning and restarting their prison sentence) + 1 and a medical room for medic roleplay checkup for prisoner.
    13. iamjack

      can we add some robbery mission on a oil rig? so people can robb money from it and require both side to use sea and air unit for that. also possible airdrop which land on ocean? i have feeling that the oecan of altis have been wasted and no one enter coz nothing to do overthere
    14. whatssss up =D

      1. Joshua_
      2. iamjack


        how thing going Joshuaaa , haven't played with you for longggg long time mate =D

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