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    1. iamjack

    2. iamjack

      kat is feeding the stryagaming staff killing reward to public =|
    3. iamjack

      we are thinking of trying to make medic revive like a soft respwan. so if you press the respwan button, you will respwan like what it does right now , a hard respwan , you losing more gear and taking up more time or penalty and if you are revived by medic in a combat situation , it will allow you to tp back to base and lose lesser item and you can get back on your feet quicker... but yeah, it is just the brainstorming phase....welcome for input
    4. iamjack

      for the rev in combat we are trying to make that happen, but cop always in the way and saying there is no way to stop newly revived player from joining the battle so always getting No back to us and when we request for medical restrain or someway fpr medic to stop layer re-enter the battle field, we get No from the server saying medic is going to abuse it or medic don't even need it. so yeah....the whole point of having combat medic in the first place is to allow medic get closer to the combat field, revive people and extract them out of battlefield but with rebel keep saying i don't want to go to hospital and i want to fight and police saying i don't want someone come back to battlefield, it is not going anywhere far...
    5. iamjack

      and also, not every medic know how to fly a heli or have the medair qualification and Junior paramedics can't even leave city limit, so that's may be why you seeing some medic never leave syd but of coz i can't deny some of the medic just want to chill in syd rather than going out and rev people after a long day
    6. iamjack

      ok... i am back without getting myself arrested in real life once again. so there is a one good point have been pointed out , which is arrested / hostage taken after revive. as a medic, i have been against this idea since it came up.... this shit just make everybody who lose a gunfight force to respwan according to NLR, when someone die and get revived by medic, he should forget whatever happened and do not join the last combat and other bystander should forget about him as well. but the people who killed the player, the cop or rebel or civ, can somehow magically still remember that player who have been already killed and arrest/hostage taken or even redec on him is just doesn't make sense from the point of medic at all. i think the original point of this idea is to to keep the bounty claiming ability from cop, Cop can arrest the revived player process them and jail them in order to claim their bounty on their head which just don't make any sense and break all the possibility of revive. i mean a normal player with 70IQ or more knowing a cop is near by waiting would just respwan rather then revive and taken to PD. and because of the cop keep arresting the dead, the rebel start taking cop hostage as well. that's one of the major reason why people , the cop and the rebel won't even brother to wait the revive and straight up respwan because they can afford the cheap price of their gear. i have been explaining this to the cop, when you kill a criminal, you have executed the death sentence to that player, any further jail sentence would be a joke and the ability of recapture player is just breaking RP and the role of medic. may be the server should make the bounty claiming at the point where the person got shot down, rather than the point where that person respawn, so we can end some non-sense waiting and stop taking people after revival.
    7. iamjack

      Hey @Liam Sarcich , Great work on the tutorial by the way, i found a guide section on the altis life section, https://strayagaming.com/forum/1005-guides/ are you considering to repost it in the guide section?
    8. iamjack

      Hey Lenny, last time you send us a message, that message have been dealt with, not sure if there is anyone get back to you at the end. but yeah, just to let you know.
    9. iamjack

      i mean if you guys are complaining medics are not getting out of Sydney and revive people i guess you guys should have a harder time finding medic couple months back where i am not the cheif of medic and the division of medic are still active at that time, all the medic are binded by their division and more than half of the medic were not allow to flyout if they weren't medair division. oh well, i guess no one really care about the stuff that have been done along so far. all i just wanted to point out is, there is alot have been done by the current command team, and even more on its way need to be done, it is not easy but we are getting into that step by step.
    10. iamjack

      one of our commander is seeking to be part of development team hopefully it can help them a hand. i mean, in this server , there is alot of stuff need to be improve and medic always the last, so yeah.
    11. iamjack

      anyway, since we are all here i would like to introduce our medic complain system if you feel like that particular are not doing his work properly feel free to truck it in , with details and evidence https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2qgSHnMNSScqtzh-VNFjOQXiv75i7zRbXnvHoAeGNuWKItA/viewform at the same time, if you somehow feeling the medic need to be recommended , here is the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdzDiDRsVLtK4ENf7V-9OHLpltx9LQqYobp3Qn7VnICDEPXlw/viewform all i want to say is , you think this medic is wrong, doesn't really mean he is 100% wrong, he might be doing it according to the book but we will certainly look into it and if the medic is indeed making a mistake, we will certainly have a chat with that particular medic and seek out why. if you are here trying to improve medic, no problem, bring it on and i have no intention of dodging it , but it is just trolling, sorry i don't have time for that. if a medic broken medic protocol , he will be punished accordingly , if a medic broken server rules, no problem, i can deal with that as well.
    12. iamjack

      i do agree there is work need to be done on the medic request system there is just no way for the medic to tell the victim we are coming or not. it just pissing people off for both medic and the one awaiting to be revive. and the revive time extension block respawn timer is one of the reason why people don't press request in the first place.
    13. iamjack

      lol, come on weaver =D
    14. iamjack

      not sure, did you F6 and send that medic a message and ask why?
    15. iamjack

      u say this yet you bring up an example of someone in sydney being dead and not pressing the button. that just proves my point, medics wont even bother to come if you're dead outside of sydney. Fairly sure there would've been more than one person dead on the map. ahh, so i saw someone didn't press request botton for 15 min inside sydney that's automatically proven that there is no medic bother getting outside of the Sydney , and i am not reviving the other person who are dead on the other part of map. with such conclusion that's just 200IQ reasoning logic sense. anyway, it is up to you not requesting medic and thinking there is no medic in the field.
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