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  1. iamjack

    MOD is not allowed on community server so there is no hope for mods unless we change it from community to modded server list the server 2 will be modded server and mod will be added for server 2.
  2. iamjack

    Strayagaming Rust #3 Server Beside Server 1 and 2, we also have a 10 slot experimental Server #3 where we test our plugin and setting. Server #3 have been wiped and i am going to do a small experiment on it. it is going to be a solo only server with 1000 map size. a harbor , lighthouse , small oil and large oil on it only 10 slot server , if you are interested, here is the IP
  3. iamjack

    Strayagaming Rust #2 Server The IP of the server: The server current IP for #2 : We have also setup a DNS for #2 server, player can also connect to our server using : rust2.straya.life:28015 in F1 console The Wipe The wipe is happening on 16th of July 2020 Because it is the first wipe even, it is going to be a map and BP wipe Like Server #1 I haven't decided the date next wipe due to the next force wipe is happening on 7th of August. which mean i have to either end the wipe on 30th July or extent it to 7th August this is a matter that i haven't decided just yet. Max populations the max pop of the server 2 have changed from 50 to 100 and we might increasing depend on the server popularity The Hapis map the Map would be the Old Vanilla Hapis map (Map Size 4096) with no reduction on upkeep, there will be no group limit on the server as well Facepunch have already said they are going to take away KOTH map from map list and Hapis is very likely to be the next one in the line so we don't know how many wipe more we can host hapis for , but we will try our best for one of the most classic map on rust http://playrust.io/map/?HapisIsland_4096_1
  4. iamjack

    Sorry guys, i can't stand with the discord 2000 words limitation Therefore from now on, the server wipe news will be posted on Forum instead. Strayagaming Rust #1 Server There won't be alot of changes happening this wipe, Same Trio rules , 50% upkeep , 2 weeks wipe, Vanilla server setting. The IP of the server: Our server have been changed a couple of times due to server migration The server current IP for #1 : We have also setup a DNS for #1 server, player can also connect to our server using : rust.straya.life:28015 in F1 console The Wipe The wipe is happening on 16th of July 2020, AEDT / Sydney time 4PM it is a Map wipe , BP from first wipe will remain untouch. I haven't decided the date next wipe due to the next force wipe is happening on 7th of August. which mean i have to either end the wipe on 30th July or extent it to 7th August this is a matter that i haven't decided just yet. Max populations the max pop of the server 1 have changed from 100 to originally designed max pop 150 unless there is a major fluctuation in player intake, or other important reason otherwise the pop will stay at this level for a while. The next wipe map: As always, it is going to be a Map size 3500 Procedural Map and the Map Seed will be 2331 https://just-wiped.net/rust-maps/procedural-map-3500-2331 http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_3500_2331 The Map is currently Running on our #3 Development server - until wipe day on 16th of July
  5. iamjack

  6. iamjack

    ======Server Info ====== AU/NZ|Strayagaming.com #1|05/06|Solo/Duo/Trio|50%UpKeep| IP : <> 100 slots - Fortnightly Vanilla Trio Server with reduced upkeep. === Server #1 Wipe News === the next wipe is going to happen on 5th of June Friday Sydney time Morning 4AM It is a BP wipe + force wipe, Both BP and MAP will be Wiped. The Upkeep will be reduced to 50% of normal Rate. We are going to use the same map from last wipe due to popularity Map Size : 3500 Map Seed : 107720262 https://just-wiped.net/rust-maps/procedural-map-3500-107720262 The Wipe after Next Wipe will be a 2 Weeks Wipe until 18th of June - 3nd of July, Only Map Wipe. ======= Server #1 Rules ===== 1. General Rules 1.1 Please read and follow our Community Guidelines - https://strayagaming.com/topic/16076-community-guidelines/ 1.2 Use common sense when playing and reading the rules. 1.3 Any form of hacking, aimbot, duping, exploiting or cheating is prohibited. 1.4 Spamming in chat channel and noise spamming in voice is not allowed. 2. Solo/Duo/Trio Rust Server Rules 2.1 Maximum of 3 players in one team at all time, No share TC , Turrets and code lock with players outside the team . 2.2 Your team is allowed to swap 2 members during the wipe, however you will need to notify staffs and other players in the follow link channel. https://discordapp.com/channels/283614023335804928/714861310587961454/ and deauthorize every single TC, Turrets and undo all the code lock, also player who left your team is not allowed to come back during the wipe. 2.3 You can only compound building and bases owned by your own team, no alliance village is allowed. 2.4 You can make pact and not KOS with bases near you, but you can't play with each other, no roaming , raiding , defending together. if you need help from rust staff, please visit the link below and click the envelop icon https://discordapp.com/channels/283614023335804928/629305137856249856/
  7. iamjack

    Name: iamjack Callsign: [K01W] Assignment: CIU Training Completed By: recent one i think it is done by ash as well Previous training : Inducted by .diz on 27/07/2018 Senior Constable Training done by Ash on 25/09/2018 Senior Detective Training done by MBolt5 on 03/11/2018 List all Recruit Inductions you have done: Flyspray have been inducted by iamjack on 14/5/2020 Grant Clyde inducted by iamjack 5/5/2020 Simon Presbury inducted by iamjack on 2020-04-18 Joseph_PC inducted by iamjack 1/5/2020 .Sean inducted by iamjack 11/02/2019 'Kruzzy' induction completed by iamjack 1/12/2018 Mr Chen inducted by iamjack 25/11/2018 Flynn was partially inducted by iamjack up to processing on 11/11/2018 "Xeon" inducted by iamjack 5/11/2018 "Greenery" inducted by iamjack 5/11/2018 Jerry Eichenvok done by iamjack 17/10/18 , tagged by slientkiller Nathan inducted by iamjack 8/10/2018, Ryan inducted by iamjack 8/10/2018 , 8/9 Jayden inducted by iamjack 26/09/2018 Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I was a experienced STG, I have been promoted senior constable and STG in Brisbane department & detective back in 2018, i have been doing my cop duty actively and never left the cop force, i was overloaded with detective work when i took over medic COM position while working hard trying to bring medic force alive and i quited detective and back to GD as a STG. i have been doing GD STG work for months with 0 discipline record back in cop and server. The reason i got demoted back to sen con is because i return back to detective when detective desperately need some new member and i don't have the heavy workload like what i have when i just got my COM position. The demotion was require when you join a division , which is unfair because i didn't got my Stg from GD but within division....anyway it wasn't a disciplinary demotion. But yeah my past service as Stg and my activities on server should proof that i am a a good stg material. i know i know , i am not very keen on being CO due to language and communication, but however i have been actively taking drone position which is a position supporting CO at GD and major robbery, i will still take CO when there is no officer available , and the drone proven information always help GD and Robbery since they can get real time and most up to date information where CO can't provide. I never hide my disadvantage , i am not pro as being CO, but it shouldn't be the barrier for my promotion since i have other advantages and which should out weighted my disadvantage. Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Ash @RustedRobot @AaronB @RiseAvATAR @AceWinchester @FarmerGeorge98 @deadpool21 @Jot @Holski. Application in the past with positive comments and recommandation toward me.
  8. iamjack

    //Accepted\\ Welcome back to the APS
  9. iamjack

    of coz if they took the drone down on first shot or the drone operator can't identify the shooter, there is no song can be sang i am talking about when the shooter can be identify and perhaps we have been keep trying to shoot the drone but missed. it is just people just decided to shoot polair, if polair pilot can't ID the shooter, nothing can be done, however if the shooter have been ID, they can be arrested for shooting at cop and charged for attempted murder of police officer it is not about the cost for the drone , mainly for the time it take to redeploy a new one =( the drone is slower than a hunter truck and i don't understand how people purposely shooting the drone getting untouched. but yeah , don't get me wrong, i like this post too =D
  10. iamjack

    its ok , people don't use it anyway, i am one of the very few freak still use it anyway
  11. iamjack

    people are going to shoot them anyway =| if we are suggesting lockpicking cop car = dec, i don't see why shoot drone = dec make no sense
  12. iamjack

    same for the problems above, just don't play cop, problem solved x2 ohhh, forgot you can't play anyway, got blacklisted , my bad =(
  13. iamjack

    shooting a drones deployed by the cop / aka maliciously damaged the property of APD means you are starting a dec with cop =| and cop can return fire to whoever shooting at drones and possible comp the drone owner the cost for redeploy a new UAV and put criminal charges if the shooter have been capture alive.
  14. iamjack

    Well, bust my buffers!