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  1. AustrianTrapLord

    Trappers Trap Smegma Sniffer AustrianTrapLord TrapLord SnagMan
  2. AustrianTrapLord

    i mean pre wipe was great if you were in the best gangs like aci and aow but the bad ones like omega just meant you got slapped and had to send pics to suzzi
  3. AustrianTrapLord

    maybe if people stopped massrdming and getting themselves banned ffs smfh
  4. AustrianTrapLord

    @James32 remember that time you kept dropping connection from ts ?
  5. AustrianTrapLord

    @James32 say 1 more word
  6. AustrianTrapLord

    @Tonic Donator youre actually a donator bro chill out
  7. AustrianTrapLord

    @Chris Shaw ak's 4 lyfe brother
  8. AustrianTrapLord

    alright bring all of the -suburb you live in- boys
  9. AustrianTrapLord

    @Chris Shaw shut up **** ill actually bash you irl
  10. AustrianTrapLord

    this guy is senior staff ?im actually leaving the community unless he resigns right fricking now
  11. AustrianTrapLord

    pretty cool man
  12. AustrianTrapLord

    cbf making anymore so this is last gg
  13. AustrianTrapLord

    @Daywalkerreally well said mate
  14. AustrianTrapLord

  15. AustrianTrapLord

    Imagine bming people trying to better the server