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    1. AustrianTrapLord

      @Daywalkerreally well said mate
    2. AustrianTrapLord

    3. AustrianTrapLord

      Imagine bming people trying to better the server
    4. AustrianTrapLord

      wtf im actually crying pls no @Jewbacca
    5. AustrianTrapLord

      Your Name: AustrianTrapLord Your Age: 18 Your Steam64 ID: 76561198029311988 Have you ever been banned from a StrayaGaming Service? Yes a few bans in Altis Life a while ago. Why do you want to be a Magistrate in the Altis Life Judicial Government? [50 words min] My reasoning behind seeking to join the judicial system, specifically the magistrate side of things is simple, this is as it is the only faction that I have not yet experienced on Altis life, having numerous hours being a civ Sydney troll, rebel and playing as a cop. I feel like many in the server would agree that even though I currently play as a rebel I am unbiased in discussions between cops and rebels as I have played on both sides, this is something that I believe is essential in the role of a magistrate. Tell us a bit about yourself: 18, at Uni, do regular things not too much special tbh. Role Play back story: An ex police officer that saw the struggle for the civilians of Altis seeking to create fairness within the courtroom, seeing many bias judges that take the side of those with the most money and thus most expensive representation. You acknowledge that anything you make for the Judicial Government becomes property for StrayaGaming. You also acknowledge that your application my be denied at any stage for any reason.: Y
    6. AustrianTrapLord

      why dont we 200iq have both new and old fed with one in the form of an actual fed and the other a different type of robbery thats been suggested
    7. AustrianTrapLord

      me me make new frag nontage
    8. AustrianTrapLord

      Hello Hello
    9. AustrianTrapLord

    10. AustrianTrapLord

    11. AustrianTrapLord

      Hello gamers this is my third addition to my frag videos, only really make these when im bothered so enjoy friends.
    12. AustrianTrapLord

      are we just going back to the old server or
    13. AustrianTrapLord

    14. AustrianTrapLord

      wtf this is straight flame
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