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    1. Chris Shaw

      sad to see you go, always was a champ and handled cases without bias
    2. Chris Shaw

      im actually shaking
    3. Chris Shaw

      Here's my opinion ^ not enough cops on to sustain both stations and divisions effectively. This seems like a nice concept, however this will definitely effect how divisions operate outside of city limits when they are able to. GD officers could be out dealing with the little rebels we're barely being able to fight on ops nowadays. I personally believe it's a granted privilege as a divisions officer to have priority of fighting rebels outside of city limits. Also, it could possibly cause unnecessary changes such as a new minimum number of units required in BOTH stations for divisions to head out on ops. Eg; Currently it's 6 whitelisted officers and 1 Sergeant's presence to conduct ops. If both stations are utilised frequently, it will immediately half the cop population if put to trial. however in the situation where there are 14 cops on, 5 of them want to go on ops, however 5 of them gone would reduce the population down to 9 GD officers. It won't be possible to run two stations with those little numbers. The way I see it now, is that when there is an excessive number of cops (X), the stations do get utilised. however as you pointed out, this is a monthly occurrence. no point changing it really. Another thing is, this somewhat resembles Global Operations which just consisted of GD officers having majority of the map covered, overwhelming civilians conducting illegal activities as well as big rebel gangs. The cop to civ ratio is not the best as it is. I believe this would be another thing to complain about the cop/civ ratio, how cops are now overpowering the entire civilian population due to such coverage. Splitting stations is fine in certain circumstances, eg; civilians overpowering Sydney -> armoured patrols -> switching stations. cops flooding Sydney (15+, etc), no activity whatsoever within Sydney Summary; Brisbane being the main city all over again. Cops everywhere, rebels hated it and dropped activity. Feel free to critique
    4. Chris Shaw

      now this is exactly the kind of rebel gang we need to overtake the lame ones such as AoW, IX and OF, these men are the future of the rebels
    5. Chris Shaw

      -1, would kill whatever little action we already see with cops and the more advanced tier rebels outside of banks/feds.
    6. Chris Shaw

      HAHAHA rip tonic
    7. Chris Shaw

      we're on our way right now bro, gonna egg u up
    8. Chris Shaw

      aslright meet me at the station right now
    9. Chris Shaw

      i always loved u boys thanks for the challenging banks and feds u guys always gave us, goodluck to all of u who are currently embarking on life outside of straya too
    10. Chris Shaw

      holy shit 200iq
    11. Chris Shaw

      regardless u stated that in a way its unfair cuz cops can 1 tap you out, u have no reason to complain because apparently we cant tap you guys out??
    12. Chris Shaw

      then why are you complaining that you get tapped out your ifrit you die instantly as ur argument to cops using pilot helmets?
    13. Chris Shaw

      "if", plus aren't cops too shit to shoot people out of ifrits? same applies to cops who use ifrits too, i often get tapped out my ifrit from the side.
    14. Chris Shaw

      imagine playing arma in first person lol
    15. Chris Shaw

      make it like b4 wipe where srt and inspectors+ had access to it
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