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  1. Chris Shaw

    hey man there's some tips on the forums to get you started on the server, hope it helps!
  2. Chris Shaw

    hi dredal
  3. Chris Shaw

    as the best arma player there ever was i reckon u should just pray to god an arma 4 comes out sometime soon cuz arma 3 pretty dead after thousands of hours, same shit different fart
  4. My mate just started streaming on twitch, would appreciate it if you guys could come watch and follow him He streams a variety of games
  5. Chris Shaw

    missin the oiz
  6. Chris Shaw

    hahahaha ahahahahahahahaha ahahahah hahahaahahaa ahahah
  7. Chris Shaw

    a true soraya nasha man +1
  8. Chris Shaw

    without failure i was a top fragger on rubio 24/7 always above @luke_ and @AustrianTrapLord
  9. Chris Shaw

    bruh why the server so dead always 20 people each time i look
  10. Chris Shaw

    ok [ACI-G] Luke
  11. Chris Shaw

    I&A is for old people!!! ?
  12. Chris Shaw

    kevin ****in rodgers..
  13. Chris Shaw

    @Kat.crafting is horrid, give them the option to buy gasmasks, plus we only used teargas most of the time to clear towers due to rebels holding towers as a meta and not so much nowadays. tear gas is meant to be used to control riots realistically
  14. Chris Shaw

    really posting dumbshit nowadays huh