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    1. Chris Shaw

      now this is exactly the kind of rebel gang we need to overtake the lame ones such as AoW, IX and OF, these men are the future of the rebels
    2. Chris Shaw

      -1, would kill whatever little action we already see with cops and the more advanced tier rebels outside of banks/feds.
    3. Chris Shaw

      HAHAHA rip tonic
    4. Chris Shaw

      we're on our way right now bro, gonna egg u up
    5. Chris Shaw

      aslright meet me at the station right now
    6. Chris Shaw

      i always loved u boys thanks for the challenging banks and feds u guys always gave us, goodluck to all of u who are currently embarking on life outside of straya too
    7. Chris Shaw

      holy shit 200iq
    8. Chris Shaw

      regardless u stated that in a way its unfair cuz cops can 1 tap you out, u have no reason to complain because apparently we cant tap you guys out??
    9. Chris Shaw

      then why are you complaining that you get tapped out your ifrit you die instantly as ur argument to cops using pilot helmets?
    10. Chris Shaw

      "if", plus aren't cops too shit to shoot people out of ifrits? same applies to cops who use ifrits too, i often get tapped out my ifrit from the side.
    11. Chris Shaw

      imagine playing arma in first person lol
    12. Chris Shaw

      make it like b4 wipe where srt and inspectors+ had access to it
    13. Chris Shaw

      you guys are all talking shit but when u compare this "roleplay" server to darksides combat roleplay server, the differences are very clear... this includes population and fun.
    14. Chris Shaw

      im gonna miss those latenight watch2gethers
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