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    1. Chris Shaw

      without failure i was a top fragger on rubio 24/7 always above @luke_ and @AustrianTrapLord
    2. Chris Shaw

      bruh why the server so dead always 20 people each time i look
    3. Chris Shaw

      ok [ACI-G] Luke
    4. Chris Shaw

      I&A is for old people!!!
    5. Chris Shaw

      kevin ****in rodgers..
    6. Chris Shaw

      @Kat.crafting is horrid, give them the option to buy gasmasks, plus we only used teargas most of the time to clear towers due to rebels holding towers as a meta and not so much nowadays. tear gas is meant to be used to control riots realistically
    7. Chris Shaw

      really posting dumbshit nowadays huh
    8. Chris Shaw

      sad to see you go, always was a champ and handled cases without bias
    9. Chris Shaw

      im actually shaking
    10. Chris Shaw

      now this is exactly the kind of rebel gang we need to overtake the lame ones such as AoW, IX and OF, these men are the future of the rebels
    11. Chris Shaw

      -1, would kill whatever little action we already see with cops and the more advanced tier rebels outside of banks/feds.
    12. Chris Shaw

      HAHAHA rip tonic
    13. Chris Shaw

      we're on our way right now bro, gonna egg u up
    14. Chris Shaw

      aslright meet me at the station right now
    15. Chris Shaw

      i always loved u boys thanks for the challenging banks and feds u guys always gave us, goodluck to all of u who are currently embarking on life outside of straya too
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