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    1. Ptarmigann

      I was thinking just adding those weapons and wares and whatnot to I&A, just extra stuff to play around with. Also while we're at it Contact content will be in I&A or nah?
    2. Ptarmigann

      Just curious.
    3. Ptarmigann

      Oooohhhhh yes, that smiley face is something I never thought I needed in my life. Thanks for the nice work on this one.
    4. Ptarmigann

      Any ETA for a bobcat skin? Anything flashy is nice.
    5. Ptarmigann

      Rip, I kinda wanted a heavier alternative to Rhino. Since I can’t use the guns that effectively due to hardware limitations and nobody would lase targets for me.
    6. Is it intentional that stuff like the Scorcher are not spawnable? Or are they rewards & Ironside vehicles like the Rhino.
    7. Ptarmigann

      Class started for us kiddies, so you'll see a drastic reduction in players during non-peak hours.
    8. Ptarmigann

      Yeah, Bergen under a ghillie is what I rock mostly now, it’s been working out quite nicely ever since the change of gear happened.
    9. Ptarmigann

      Nobody can quite destroy the entirety of AI enemies in the AO like you described though, and even after the change everyone is an absolute unit by normal Arma standards, just not quite as before. Nobody at any given point could run out of cover guns blazing like Rambo and cut down squads worth of infantry, that’s not what I meant. It’s more of knowing that you and your mates as a squad can take a real beating before going down. That doesn’t mean tactical play is out the window, even though everyone’s a tough nut to crack overextending can still get you killed easily. It’s just less of “oh I took two shots to my shower now I’m dead” kind of thing. I don’t know about you, but generally I pick up enemies through thermal and tend to stick to my team, so friendly fire never really happened. Occasionally there are some guys at base yelling at me for wearing CSAT because I’d get shot at, but it has never happened as far as I know of. Don’t cut out the other half of the point mate. I have played without carrying backup rockets and it felt pretty damn great, the really large backpacks now gave me too much space to stuff ammo and grenades, first aid into, effectively doubling my mags and supply. But when that armour showed up it annihilated everyone. I play through the entire day as well, from early in the morning to about 3am into the next day. And I have never met more than two AT specialists around and ready to nail something with their launcher. Usually there are like 5-6 of them from what I can see on the server roster but when I run into most of them, they aren’t actually carrying any rockets. Some of them even deliberately refuse to carry AP/AT shells and waste HE on scattered infantry. I’ve said at the beginning that I carry an excessive amount of heavy ordinance and doing so has severely hindered my ability to perform well at normal things, like carrying ammo for my gun to slaughter infantry or any grenades and first aid. Maybe next time I find out that sniper’s AP rounds do great damage to armour and can abandon this setup completely, but as it stands now it’s what I’ll have to pack so others can go in and have their share of fun.
    10. Ptarmigann

      I was always carrying an additional mag or two (for my LMG) along with maybe some mags for my pistol when I run CSAT gear, have no idea what's up with that but I know that my carrying went down when I switched to NATO gear. Ballistic protection on CSAT gear is fairly high and gave me the ability to take an additional shot before going down, but it mostly came from the vests that made people into walking tanks. The AOs are indeed harder now because CSAT gear got removed, actually gets people to stick together a bit more. I've never really had a problem with the difficulty of the gamemode, just that it no longer gives me the feeling of being a force to be reckoned with for some reason. This I'm fine with, seeing everyone run around with railguns is a bit absurd. But restricting stuff like normal assault & marksman rifles for autorifleman while still letting most other classes use rifles with grenade launchers (aren't they suppose to be grenadier only?) just seems quite odd. And I think some of the longer guns are restricted on a few classes too? Not quite sure on that one since I don't play a lot of classes. I've heard about people turning off markers that show friendlies and people in your platoon shooting CSAT guys as well, but it has only ever been spoken and nobody that I knew of wearing CSAT gear was involved in any friendly fire incidents. This I never really understood why as people should be able to tell that guys in CSAT gear are friendly because they're moving with friendlies/have a blue polygon along with a tag that tells you they're friendly when you move your aim over them. Dunno what's up with guys that call people wearing CSAT idiots either. I've seen and heard people ranting in voice chat and side chat about the restrictions and removal of CSAT gear for quite a few days after the change. It has mostly quiet down now but whenever the topic is brought up people just start talking about how they can no longer carry enough stuff and things along those lines.
    11. Ptarmigann

      This here is exactly what I mean, people loved flexibility while having great fashion to go with it. Now everyone has to rock full ghillie to hide the hideously large backpack so they can still carry enough rounds for their favourite weapons into combat. Doing this essentially created a meta that everyone wants to go with to enjoy the server like they did before.
    12. Ptarmigann

      It can easily be done before because CSAT gear had a lot of everything and really helped fill out the role of AT even if you're not an AT specialist yourself. But now CSAT gears are removed you can still carry about 6 rockets but with roughly 3 crates of ammo rather than 6-7, meaning that you would run out really quickly half way into the fighting. I&A has always been about the power fantasy and being a one man army as you go up against a whole platoon with your squad, trying to force it into a milsim by removing the ability to carry enough firepower to even realistically provide enough support is just trying to contradict what this gamemode started out as. I've been talking to a lot of people these few days and almost everyone thought that the change is really just uncalled for. Coupled with the new weapon restrictions it really doesn't achieve anything but give people more mixed feelings. Switching class is... I dunno, not really a viable option? Your squad and everyone around you will get rolled by that one armour as you take your time to respawn, get a launcher and fly back to the AO. Unlike medics nobody really want to fill the AT roles because of the aforementioned issue where you must carry rockets, especially now that we're not only carrying less but also have to take more damage from CSAT gear removal. Moving the MAAW to AT only does not give me the incentives to play AT either, this change just felt like a strange step in a direction that caters only to a very small amount of players (people that actually come to the forum and ask for these kind of things while people that enjoy the gamemode would only give minor feedbacks like tweaks and QoL improvements).
    13. Ptarmigann

      Here's a thing I've noticed from my time playing: there are usually only two AT specialists present at almost any given moment, and other roles choose to simply to not carry rockets. So in the unfortunate event that one or both of them would go down/run out of rockets (which happens rather frequently especially in base defense) there would be nobody to take out armour and we would simply be wiped out. Not to mention that enemies can parachute armour and other vehicles directly into the AO/near the base that will ruin any perfect setup without an AT to take it down.
    14. Ptarmigann

      It's rather strange that stuff like the MX SW, CAR and the SPAR are available for all classes, essentially giving everyone access to decent LMGs. And now with the removal of CSAT gear that often boast high carrying values as well as good ballistic protection, it's often hard to carry enough ammo for MMGs (the two from the Marksman DLC) into battle without having to get an RTB very frequently. This has also led to an influx of ghillie suit users, since it has decent carrying value as well as ballistic protection and hides the massive backpacks you have to use in order to carry a viable amount of ammunition into battle. Just a side note that I do carry a launcher and at least 6-7 rockets (excluding the one in the tube) into battle, so I'm not sure if people that choose to not carry anti-armour weapons have the same issue.
    15. Ptarmigann

      Was thinking that I'd do a meme setup and carry like 50 boxes of .338 into battle, or just fire rockets 24/7. It's not suppose to be practical or anything, just some messing around, maybe set up behind some HQ sandbags and hold off one side just by myself with all the stuff I can carry during a defense situation.
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