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    Thanks for the comments above Ash. In green are my comments for the below We really appreciate community input, and are testing / adjusting the server values etc as time goes on. With the difference of rates being less than official, you might as well play official servers as its an easier build-up, fewer restrictions on PVP & less Admin abuse. Remove the offline raid protection, leave it as increased damage from turrets and decreased structure damage if someone is offline Intent is to remove the implementation of this once players have had a little bit of an opportunity to establish. Enable dinos to carry enemy players This should already be implemented. I will confirm this for the next restart. Confirmed!! Allow people to change gama This is a widely abused mechanic, and will not be changed at this time. Increase rates so it’s respective to an actual unofficial server, eg: 4x XP, taming breeding and gathering. (Might as well play official servers as it’s lower rates than Small Tribes & Apocolypse)  Currently, the rates are increased above the standard server rates. We will continue to review the rates, and adjust them accordingly to provide the best balance between a relaxed environment and a bit of a challenge. Make restart have a wild dino wipe to increase server performance and reset the dino spawns Issue with Wild Dino Wipes is they have a tendency to wipe rafts as well (this is a known glitch). We will conduct a bit of testing to see if this can be implemented. Allow Bases to be discussed in Discord or wherever the rule limits location being shared "Do not reveal tribe base locations over global chat or discord" - This rule is designed to protect players from someone posting their base location in the open, public discords, or within the global chat in game. This does not prohibit te sharing of this information within a tribe, or privately. Reduce mating intervals so it matches with unofficial servers Will will look at the mating intervals, and adjust them appropriately. Stuff to consider for the future: Strayagaming had the most populated Crystal isle server for 8 hours and during that time it went low as 3 people on the server, Crystal isle for unofficial is one of the least popular map The map selection is something we are constantly monitoring. The appeal of an unofficial server is that it’s easier to build up, much more relaxed and there is a quick admin response time, so why is there official rates & Drops. Per your observation above, the SG server has boosted rates, and we will take into consideration changes to rates. Change the server name to match other popular servers as most people will not join if it's not outlined eg “Strayagaming Boosted Rates Crystal Isles PVP” Absolutely! This will be looked shortly. There we go! Much closer aligned to other servers! 70% of people who play unofficial play Ragnarok Indeed! That's a lot of competing servers....
  2. !!Congratulations!! @Lenny & @Mr Chu on wnning the Ark: Survival Evolved giveaway! Contact me Axilla Hallux#9002 on discord to arrange your key! (Or, if you already own the game.. feel free to nominate a player of your choice!) Less than 24 hours till your survival adventure begins!
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