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    1. Noskire

      A pop-up Zeus mission will run on our event server after the servers restart tonight at 1800 AEDT. You will require the RHS: USAF mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843577117 to participate. The mod is about 1.3 gig. The event server will open at 1800 AEDT and the event will will kick off 30 minutes after that. The password for the event server is "straya".
    2. Noskire

    3. Noskire

      Operation Dawn's Break

      MISSION OBJECTIVE: CSAT have inadvertently created a window of opening for attack on their rustic airfield based in Selakano. Our Intel reports show a large exchange of internal assets will be taking place, with a significant number of forces departing the airfield, exposing it for a brief period of time. NATO peacekeeping authorities have also reported inhumane treatment of the locals in the area around Selakano and have requested aid to be sent to the people. Taskforce Straya has been tasked to restore order to the town of Selakano, and facilitate aid relief to be brought in via air-drop from USS Freedom. From there, they must move in and capture the nearby airfield and capture or destroy all CSAT assets. DEPLOYMENT: USS Freedom has limited helo lifts available, along with with gunship support and RIB's. SQUAD SETUP: Helo Support 2 x Assault Squads 1 x Recon Squad WEAPONS\UNIFORM: Standard NATO fatigues, weaponry of choice. IMPORTANT NOTE: The civilian population of Selakano is very fragile at this time and any unrest could cause an uproar among the people. There are to be NO civilian casualties during the course of this mission. The event will run on our event server - search "straya", and password is straya. The additional mod is required RHS:USAF https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843577117&searchtext=RHS+USAF
    4. Sunday 3rd March Server Start Time: 12.00pm AEDT Mission Start Time: 12.30pm AEDT Location: StrayaGaming I and A Event Server (search "straya" to find the server, which will be active 30 minutes before the operation commences). Password: straya Objectives: An Armoured Platoon was in the process of returning to base after a mission, and was ambushed and all crewman assumed dead. Force Longsword has been tasked with retrieving the Armour and Securing the Area. An advanced convoy of CSAT armoured assets has been spotted by long range UAV moving into the area. Longsword are to move and destroy the convoy with any available assets. Intel shows there may be units moving ahead of the convoy that pose a threat to friendly armour. Airborne units unknown. Alternative objectives may available once the area is secured. The operation will be based on the Tanoa map and have a focus on armoured elements. There is no predetermined structure for squad and individual roles, so it will be up to players to organise themselves prior to attempting the mission objectives. Additionally, the RHS: USAF mod will be required http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/2. It is a download of approximately 1.3 gig. Any questions please contact @Noskire or @webbie. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843577117
    5. Noskire

    6. If you are trying to join Tanoa/Malden or Altis then get kicked after joining then unload the CBA and Achilles mods and try joining again.
    7. Noskire

      Malden Monday

      Arma 3's Malden DLC is the updated version of the Malden terrain from Arma: Cold War Assault called Malden 2035. It is a FREE DLC, and runs every Monday night on the StrayaGaming Tanoa/Malden server. This is an infantry focussed map, and provides a lot of fun for players who like to work in a squad. The island of Malden is small, with a population of around 500. Historically, it was a French territorial possession during the early 1800's, but was then captured by the Russian Imperial Navy after the Napoleonic Wars. It maintains a distinct French influence, despite Russian occupation. In the 1960s Malden became a NATO outpost. Although the nearest major NATO base was in West Germany during 1985, Malden was considered not important enough and was left with only a minor presence. Now CSAT have determined it to be of strategic importance. Mondays: 1700 AEST 1800 AEDT 2000 NZST
    8. Noskire

      Tanoa T-Days

      Join the rumble in the jungle! The 100 km² South Pacific island archipelago of Tanoa is beautiful, but teeming with camouflaged CSAT forces determined to ruin your stay. Stealth and working as a team is the order of the day for this infantry-focussed map. Home to lush tropical vegetation, unique landmarks, a rich history, and imposing man-made feats of modern engineering, Tanoa is built to bolster authentic combat on a massive scale. Tanoa’s varied locations, such as the rainforests, volcano, shanty towns, sugar cane factory, hidden temple and industrial port present all different types of scenarios. Note that this map requires the Arma 3 Apex DLC. 1700 AEST 1800 AEDT 2000 NZST Every Tuesday and Thursday on the StrayaGaming Malden/Tanoa server.
    9. Noskire

      Operation Iron Ryder

      Operation Iron Ryder MISSION OBJECTIVE: We have received intelligence reports that the CSAT 1st Armoured Brigade has recently completed trials on the T140 Angara 5K Main Battle Tank. In their attempt to break the deadlock on Tanoa, they have received a troop of these new tank units to the port of Lijnhaven, and our intel suggests they are storing them in the nearby airfield hangars prior to deploying them in combat. Task Force Straya has been tasked with capturing at least two of these tanks and at least two supporting Tempest repair vehicles, and then extracting them to the NATO/Straya airbase so we can further determine their capabilities. SQUAD SETUP: Commander for the operation is @decibel_spl The operation will comprise of: Callsign Alpha (Mechanised): Squad Lead: @Guardian Squad 2IC: (vacant) Callsign Bravo (Motorised Light Infantry): Squad Lead: @BigRed Squad 2IC: (vacant) Callsign Charlie: (Motorised Light Infantry): Squad Lead: @Swordster Squad 2IC: (vacant) Callsign Delta: (Helo insert/extraction support) Pilot: (vacant) Callsign Echo: (Overwatch) Squad Lead (vacant) * Note that Echo Squad will need to be deployed at least 30 minutes prior to the main deployment. Squad leaders and Commander @decibel_spl are planning the operation in the days leading up to Sunday 3rd February 2019. Volunteers for squads should message squad leads directly, or wait for appointment prior to the commencement of the operation. The mission details are initially as follow, but subject to final briefing and specific operational details from the operation commander and squad leaders. Phase One: Move to and secure the port facility of Lijnhaven. Phase Two: Upon successful securing of the port facility, capture and return two T140k Angara tanks, and two Tempest repair vehicles to the TaskForce Straya base of operations. FURTHER INFORMATION: All personnel participating are to be on the following StrayaGaming pop-up server at 11am AEDT. IP Port 2322 Password: straya The operation is scheduled to start at 12pm AEDT. WEAPONS\UNIFORM: NATO Issue Uniform/Headgear. Weapons are at individual preference. NOTES: The objective is to secure the tanks, without destroying them. Speed and execution of action is key, otherwise the tanks may be crewed and used against us. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Big thumbs-up to @Guardian for the mission synopsis. @OrionSync for the banners. @Fitz for arranging the pop-up server.
    10. Noskire

      Agreed @webbie @Guardian you have put forward some good mission scenarios. Anyone keen to to be mission commander for next Sunday?
    11. Noskire

      Combat fatigues will be determined by squad leaders, with instructions from @Guardian as necessary. @Noskire has been seconded by NATO to escort a TV crew to assist in the filming of the successful release of Major General Jason Atwood.
    12. Noskire

      Thanks @Swordster, you have been assigned command of Angel squad. All command roles have now been filled. @Guardian, will you be holding a command briefing before the operation starts?
    13. Operation Resolute Justice Briefing: One of our GhostHawks moving from a NATO airbase has been engaged by a concealed anti-air battery. The craft was carrying Major General Jason Atwood, NATO Chief-Of-Staff for NATO Mediterranean Command. The aircraft was forced down in the vicinity of the town of Oreokastro. We have lost all communications with the crew, and the other two helicopters were not able to mount a successful rescue at the time. NATO, with the assistance of Task Force Straya, will be deployed to the area in order to secure the extraction of the Major-General stranded on the ground. Mission: Task Force Straya is to secure the crash site on Sun 27 Jan 2019 and execute the safe extraction of Major-General Atwood. The mission will be executed as follows: Intent: Three squads will be deployed, with assorted assets, under the command of @Guardian, callsign Hades. Callsign Phantom will establish an observation post over the town of Oreokastro and provide the Operation Commander with detailed reconnaissance of CSAT forces in the area. They may be required to engage HVTs as required. Callsign Demon will establish a cordon on the two roads leading into the town, as these are the assessed enemy approach routes with light armour and infantry. They will prevent any CSAT forces from interfering with Callsign Angel. Callsign Angel will move into the AO, secure the crash site and survivors and establish an LZ with which to extract the survivor(s). Admin/Logistics: Dress/Equipment: As this is a Nato-sponsored mission, all participants will be required to wear the standard-issue Nato beret. Weapons: Each squad, other than Phantom, should include 1 x Missile Specialist AT and 1 x Machine Gunner. Ammunition: Individual preference Transport: Callsign Demon will travel by vehicle (Hunter MRAP, Marshall) Callsign Angel will travel by helicopter (Ghost Hawk) Callsign Phantom will travel by light helicopter and move in on foot Medical: As per I&A Standard practise. Treat survivors at the site and return all personnel to NATO on mission completion. Command/Signals Overall Commander is: Guardian The Commander's callsign will be Hades. Phantom Commander is: Decibel_SPL Angel Commander is: Swordster Demon Commander is: Zombine45 Once you’re assigned your squad, tune to the appropriate channel on Altis server. All Commanders should be in the Teamspeak I&A Infantry channel. No-one else is to use this channel.
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