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  1. AidenJ

    Guys I tried to dress in I&A but ended up dressing up with an RPG, Machine gun, pistol while wearing a pilot suit with a boonie hat with nightvision goggles and a big backpack as a sniper what shall i do
  2. AidenJ

    @Unit_3397you bet
  3. AidenJ

    If I wanted it to look like looking through sun glasses I would put sunglasses on
  4. AidenJ

  5. AidenJ

    I have photos from that too
  6. AidenJ

    So I had a discussion with @mushypancakeyesterday regarding the upcoming destroyer and the new things. We could have the destroyer serve as an offshore FOB or some other base?
  7. AidenJ

  8. AidenJ

    You guys got some good stories hue
  9. AidenJ

    We know you have a meth lab down there brid
  10. AidenJ

    DId you delete my comment brid, that’s bad. No hiding anything that could lead to your further arrest
  11. AidenJ

    Wel one time I had to deliver SGT.Livid to an AO he was the only one in the hellcat and I avoided 3 missiles and tig fire, he died as we touched down so I had to take him back to base. it was fun
  12. I get on 3:11 PM AWST