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    I feel like now's a good time to come up with a solution to this poll, we're going 50/50 for both sides. Honestly I can say I have little faith for Straya if if doesn't improve something soon.
  2. spr  Tucky

    You miss the point, if law enforcement have access to tanks and higher powered equipment, which I might add varies tremendously in a wide range for the Arma 3 arsenal, in what right mind would you want to waltz into Sydney or any other nearby city with your expensive high powered explosive equipment and lose it to a tank, it's like having 5 stars on GTA except you DON'T get any military assets. I feel as though staff need to witness this first hand before they can make any judgement because this is the first decent idea Straya has had on improving it's likability in a while. I'm sure Red and other staff could come up with a few side missions for SASR and civs to roleplay on, weapon crate airdrops was just a starting idea. Broaden your minds.
  3. spr  Tucky

    In what way would this increase player reports? This isn't about military role-play it's about huge cartel growth outside of the drug trade, it's essentially just arms dealing for rebels which walk around in full rebel armor and high powered rifles anyway. Imagine a drug shipment, except the crate has 5 Navids in it or maybe a few rocket launches. Most pvp for military assets would be fighting cartel over these sorts of things, rather than running around Sydney blowing shit up. Remember, cops have tanks, we only have guns. I think a balanced rule would be law enforcement have to if they have access to tanks, take up all 3 vehicle slots with players (if able to), as to prevent switching back and forth from driver to gunner positions.
  4. spr  Tucky

    Life and Wasteland are honestly just going to get the smackdown. Like seriously I&A literally train in killing LOL it would be like those the Spartans verse Persians all over again...