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    1. BManZ07

      Thanks for all the great times Lachlan, it was great having you help with all the projects i had, you will be missed.
    2. Thanks for your post and the feedback you have provided!! I would firstly like to point out that a few weeks before the wipe was announced, i heard countless people in Sydney complaining that the server was boring and that Sydney was just a place to be RDMed and lacked RP. Though it had a social aspect to it, majority of the situations revolved around people leaving safe zone and dying. Im not sure what part of that attracts people to want it back... but thats just my opinion. Moreover, as Sydney was the main city and nearly everything revolved around Sydney, there was little exploration of the rest of the map and many players would not have experienced out of Sydney situations. Post wipe, as you may have seen, has been filled with players all over the map exploring new ways to make money and play. Though Brisbane may lack the same environment that Sydney had, i believe that we can still introduce new elements and ideas to the server that will restore the social and RP aspect that many of you yearn for. As has been previously mentioned, a good idea for this is new jobs, so if you have any ideas in mind feel free to message myself or any other community team member with your ideas and we will try to help make your idea a reality. As for rule changes and ideas, everyone in the community has the ability to voice their opinion and provide suggestions. Straya staff work very hard to work with the community to try and resolve or implement any suggestions. So if you wish for an addition or change to be made, it simply requires a post on the forums or a message to staff. Ultimately, the ongoing complaints about not having Sydney is not helping, constantly viewing the server negatively due to the removal of Sydney spawn location will not help. Instead i implore you to think of other alternatives to improve the server, send in suggestions, speak to community team (we are always here to talk). If you still have questions/concerns, please feel free to message me Cheers
    3. BManZ07

      I will try and integrate some sort of ranking system to find/make the teams to allow for a nicer environment
    4. BManZ07

      hmmmm, don't think so, i get enough hackers on normal MM servers, give me a break
    5. BManZ07

      Hopefully in the next few weeks, but if you guys want something this weekend (like 1v1 or 2v2), i can arrange that.
    6. BManZ07

      Just give me a deagle and see ya l8r
    7. BManZ07

      Hi all, I’m sure many of you have heard of or have played Counter Strike:Global offensive. As a fun way to interact with new and different members of the community and explore a different competitive scene, we are seeking the interest in players to partake in a fun StrayaGaming CS:GO tournament. Nothing too serious, just a good time to have a laugh and play a great game. The teams are of 5, try to arrange your team to have some people you may not have played with or interacted with, and come up with an interesting team name, it will be a simple BO1 elimination bracket. More details to be announced. Enjoy
    8. BManZ07

      Pumpkin Eater
    9. Its a pretty nice drawing. Good attention to detail!
    10. BManZ07

      Quality vid! Good to have a laugh
    11. BManZ07

      Spawn glitch

      I believe that when i spawned in at Sydney there was an afk spawner that could have been blocking the spawn area. Or it was just a once off glitch. Here is a video of what happened (sorry bout quality):
    12. BManZ07

      "My wallet is like an onion, opening it makes me cry."
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