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  1. Havoxa

    ive misssed it
  2. Havoxa

    What a community
  3. Havoxa

    I thought that is what you were doing with all the Help desk visits you make on a daily basis. I heard just before i left staff that they were going to make a "Skepta issues" wait channel for Help desk. But what would i know your the "God" and everything
  4. Havoxa

    Gents, As some of you are aware I have recently stood down from not only my staff dutys but I have also signed from Inspector of the APD. This is purely because I no longer support the direction the server is going. I won't be mentioning any situations because at the end of the day that's not what this is about. As of right now I barely play Altis life let alone ARMA 3. I have moved on to other Life rp servers and have become staff over there. Now I would like to thank a few people so bare with me here. @Critters I wouldn't of gotten as far as I did thought-out my time on the server. @JdawgZ One of the most down to earth people I know And no challenge was to hard for you. @bodyboarder2528 for always being the devil's advocate that I needed during my time in staff. @Red for the commitment you have for not only Altis life but the whole of straya gaming. And ofcourse all of you for the amazing people inhave met and the interesting times that I've had along the way. All the best to each and every one of you. Havoxa signing out
  5. Alot needs to change. I have gotten sick of the server as of late and it is hard to compare to other avenues of roleplay servers with Darkside and even fiveM taking alot of attention away from Arma 3. I think we need a new set of eyes dedicated to changing the server. and a development team who can get up dates and fixes out regularly. Not saying that it is an easy job but it needs to change if we want more the a peak of 11 people which happen today (18/05/19). Just food for thought.
  6. Havoxa

    We need vests
  7. Havoxa

    It's a +1 from me
  8. Havoxa

    you will be missed baby
  9. Havoxa

    I mean this man has a point
  10. Havoxa

    No you didn't. You were to busy driving the helicopters
  11. Havoxa

    Havoxas Heroes. 102034-havoxa/
  12. Havoxa

    Now i am curious. Did you just wake up this morning and be like "What Sydney needs is Tanks" Or " Guys lets put Mortars in castle and rain roleplay into the server that way. I mean i live in Melbourne IRL and i must admit i have seen a overwhelming lack of main battle tanks lately and the weather report hasn't mentioned a chance of mortar shells in quite along time. I understand the point you are getting across but as @Kat. said its a LIFE server. That is why people play on the server not for D-Day in Syd.
  13. Havoxa

    You mean Zarco right?
  14. Havoxa

    Thank you very much Aug your dedication towards the APD was legendary and you will be never forgotten. Hav
  15. Havoxa

    Fusion, Words cannot describe the work you put in for the server. The sheer willpower that you possessed was admiring and inspiring with a hint of smartarse. you will be missed, Not only from me be all the people you effected in straya. See you on the front-lines again soon my old friend Hav