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    1. Havoxa

      Now i am curious. Did you just wake up this morning and be like "What Sydney needs is Tanks" Or " Guys lets put Mortars in castle and rain roleplay into the server that way. I mean i live in Melbourne IRL and i must admit i have seen a overwhelming lack of main battle tanks lately and the weather report hasn't mentioned a chance of mortar shells in quite along time. I understand the point you are getting across but as @Kat. said its a LIFE server. That is why people play on the server not for D-Day in Syd.
    2. Havoxa

      You mean Zarco right?
    3. Havoxa

      Thank you very much Aug your dedication towards the APD was legendary and you will be never forgotten. Hav
    4. Havoxa

      Fusion, Words cannot describe the work you put in for the server. The sheer willpower that you possessed was admiring and inspiring with a hint of smartarse. you will be missed, Not only from me be all the people you effected in straya. See you on the front-lines again soon my old friend Hav
    5. Havoxa

      Ill be sure to look
    6. Name: Havoxa Callsign: [S01E] Havoxa Training Completed By: Jdawgz Why do you deserve a promotion? I feel like ever since i have been motivated to be as active as i am now i have gained a lot of new skills suited for Inspector.I have become more understanding of the officers that serve in the APD [Above and below me in the COC] i also feel that my people skills have improved when dealing with disciplines of officers that have been difficult in GD. I would like to be promoted to Inspector to be able to serve the community and the APD in a command position to better the APD and bring new ideas to the command team. The other important reason is that during my requests for recommendations for this promotion it become clear to me that i am well respected and have been empowered by the men and women of the APD to apply for this role which is an honour and also quite humbling. Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Zac. @Jarrod cake @Kmart and Coles @silentkiller @Virtual_Seahorse @Bill Props @bodyboarder2528 @Dando @Critters @Mbolt5 @Dredal @[email protected] @Asnee @Fegget @Joseph_PC @Omiua @Chris Shaw @AceWinchester @Michael Phelps @RadScorpion @LM'@Icytundra @JohnyV @Harry
    7. Havoxa

      Body Is a dedicated member of the APD and i would love to see him move up into command. He is a great asset and i enjoy working with him regularly.
    8. Havoxa

      //Pending @[LF] KerryPlease join the Judicial Government Lobby in teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and speak to me regarding your application.
    9. Havoxa

      //Denied @Papa BlessPlease join the Judicial Government Lobby in teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and speak to me regarding your application.
    10. Havoxa

      //Pending @Papa BlessPlease join the Judicial Government Lobby in teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and speak to me regarding your application.
    11. Havoxa

      //Denied @Tino1113 Your application has been denied due to not approaching myself within 7 days. Please apply if your circumstances change.
    12. Havoxa

      Zorgain, It's ok man we all cried during the vid. Your secret is safe with us
    13. Havoxa

      I saw your breakdown in side chat. @Jewbacca look what youve done
    14. Havoxa

      Jewy, I wish i met you sooner mate.The time we did spend together was 100 percent some of the funniest times i have had on this server. I will miss you and the "hate" that Mitch had for you All the best HelpdeskHavoxa ;D
    15. Havoxa

      Yes @Jay there is
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